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B Basic Needs
BD Food
B Basic Needs
BD Food
BD-1500 Community Wide Food Storage Facilities
BD-1800 Emergency Food
BD-1800.1000 Brown Bag Food Programs
BD-1800.1500 Commodity Supplemental Food Program
BD-1800.1900 Food Lines
BD-1800.2000 Food Pantries
BD-1800.2000-620 Occasional Emergency Food Assistance
BD-1800.2000-640 Ongoing Emergency Food Assistance
BD-1800.2250 Food Vouchers
BD-1800.2500 Government Surplus Food Distribution Sites
BD-1800.8000 Sack Lunches/Dinners
BD-1800.8200 Specialty Food Providers
BD-1800.8200-150 Dehydrated Food
BD-1800.8200-170 Dietary Supplements
BD-1800.8200-200 Food Supplements
BD-1800.8200-250 Formula/Baby Food
BD-1800.8200-255 Fresh Food
BD-1800.8200-300 Gluten Free Food
BD-1800.8200-320 Halal Food
BD-1800.8200-380 Kosher Food
BD-1800.8200-400 Liquid Nutrition Supplements
BD-1800.8200-500 Meals Ready to Eat
BD-1800.8200-600 No Cook Food
BD-1800.8200-650 Organic Food
BD-1800.8200-780 Special Diet Food
BD-1800.8200-800 Specialty Ethnic Foods
BD-1800.8200-900 Vegetarian Food
BD-1850 Emergency Food Clearinghouses
BD-1875 Food Collection and Storage
BD-1875.1500 Community Wide Food Storage Facilities
BD-1875.2000 Food Banks/Food Distribution Warehouses
BD-1875.2200 Food Gleaning Programs
BD-1875.2700 Food Rescue Programs
BD-2000 Food Banks/Food Distribution Warehouses
BD-2200 Food Gleaning Programs
BD-2400 Food Outlets
BD-2400.1500 Community Supported Agriculture
BD-2400.2000 Farm Trails
BD-2400.2250 Farmers Markets
BD-2400.2500 Food Cooperatives
BD-2400.2590 Grocery Delivery
BD-2400.2600 Grocery Stores
BD-2400.4900 Markets/Restaurants Accepting EBT Cards
BD-2400.5000 Mini Markets
BD-2400.5050 Mobile Markets
BD-2400.7000 Rent A Tree
BD-2400.9000 U-Pick Programs
BD-2400.9400 Wholesale Grocery Distributors
BD-2600 Food Production
BD-2600.0100 Agricultural Establishments
BD-2600.0100-020 Aquaculture Establishments
BD-2600.0100-070 Beekeeping Establishments
BD-2600.0100-150 Crop Farms/Orchards
BD-2600.0100-190 Dairy Farms
BD-2600.0100-250 Game Bird Farms
BD-2600.0100-265 Greenhouses/Nurseries
BD-2600.0100-410 Livestock Ranches
BD-2600.0100-620 Organic Farms
BD-2600.0100-670 Poultry Farms
BD-2600.0100-700 Ratite Farms
BD-2600.0100-730 Reptile Farms
BD-2600.0100-950 Wineries
BD-2600.0100-970 Worm Farms
BD-2600.0300 Food Production Economics
BD-2600.0300-030 Agricultural Financing
BD-2600.0300-060 Agricultural Marketing Information
BD-2600.0300-090 Agricultural Stabilization/Conservation
BD-2600.0300-110 Aquaculture/Commercial Fishing Financing
BD-2600.0300-115 Aquaculture/Commercial Fishing Information
BD-2600.0300-130 Crop Disaster Financial Aid Programs
BD-2600.0300-150 Crop Insurance
BD-2600.0300-170 Dairy Indemnity Programs
BD-2600.0300-200 Farmers Cooperative Purchasing/Marketing Programs
BD-2600.0300-400 Livestock Indemnity Programs
BD-2600.0500 Food Production Support Services
BD-2600.0500-010 Agricultural Aviation Services
BD-2600.0500-020 Agricultural Pest/Disease Control Assistance
BD-2600.0500-040 Agricultural Pollution Prevention/Mitigation Assistance
BD-2600.0500-052 Agricultural Soil Testing
BD-2600.0500-060 Agricultural Waste Management
BD-2600.0500-080 Agricultural Water Management
BD-2600.0500-100 Animal Husbandry Programs
BD-2600.0500-140 Aquaculture Support Services
BD-2600.0500-160 Beekeeping Support Services
BD-2600.0500-170 Commercial Fishing Support Services
BD-2600.0500-180 Crop Production Support
BD-2600.0500-250 Farm/Ranch Management Support
BD-2600.0500-300 Fruit and Vegetable Packing/Shipping Services
BD-2600.0500-630 Organic Farming Assistance
BD-2600.0500-650 Pollination Services
BD-2600.0500-700 Poultry Farming Support
BD-2600.0500-750 Ratite Farming Support
BD-2600.0500-780 Storage Facilities for Agricultural Commodities
BD-2600.0500-800 Sustainable Agriculture Programs
BD-2600.0500-900 Viticulture Support Services
BD-2600.0500-950 Worm Farming Support
BD-2600.1500 Community Gardening
BD-2600.3000 Home Gardening Assistance/Supplies
BD-2700 Food Rescue Programs
BD-2900 Grocery Delivery
BD-5000 Meals
BD-5000.0200 After School Meal Programs
BD-5000.1450 Child and Adult Care Food Programs
BD-5000.1470 Community Meals
BD-5000.1500 Congregate Meals/Nutrition Sites
BD-5000.3500 Home Delivered Meals
BD-5000.4500 Low Cost Meals
BD-5000.5000 Meal Vouchers
BD-5000.5100 Milk Programs
BD-5000.8000 School Breakfasts
BD-5000.8200 School Lunches/Snacks
BD-5000.8300 Soup Kitchens
BD-5000.8500 Summer Food Service Programs
BH Housing/Shelter
BH-0500 At Risk/Homeless Housing Related Assistance Programs
BH-0500.3100 Homeless Diversion Programs
BH-0500.3140 Homelessness Prevention Programs
BH-0500.7000 Rapid Re-Housing Programs
BH-1800 Emergency Shelter
BH-1800.1500 Crisis Shelter
BH-1800.1500-050 Crisis Nurseries/Child Care
BH-1800.1500-080 Domestic Violence Motel Vouchers
BH-1800.1500-100 Domestic Violence Shelters
BH-1800.1500-140 Elder Abuse Shelters
BH-1800.1500-200 Family Crisis Shelters
BH-1800.1500-300 Hospital Safe Rooms
BH-1800.1500-308 Human Trafficking Shelters
BH-1800.1500-330 Immigrant/Refugee Shelters
BH-1800.1500-700 Runaway/Youth Shelters
BH-1800.1500-750 Safe Houses
BH-1800.1500-800 Sexual Assault Shelters
BH-1800.1500-850 Temporary Shelters for Wandering Adults
BH-1800.3500 Homeless Drop In Centers
BH-1800.8500 Homeless Shelter
BH-1800.8500-100 Cold Weather Shelters/Warming Centers
BH-1800.8500-150 Community Shelters
BH-1800.8500-170 Day Shelters
BH-1800.8500-180 Environmental Hazards Shelters
BH-1800.8500-300 Homeless Motel Vouchers
BH-1800.8500-330 Homeless Safe Parking Programs
BH-1800.8500-500 Missions
BH-1800.8500-900 Urban Campsites
BH-1800.8500-950 Wet Shelters
BH-1800.8550 Homeless Shelter Pickup Sites
BH-1800.9000 Medical Respite Facilities/Beds for Homeless People
BH-1850 Emergency Shelter Clearinghouses
BH-3000 Home Improvement/Accessibility
BH-3000.1000 Accessible Home Construction
BH-3000.1500 Construction/Home Improvement Cost Estimates
BH-3000.1800 Energy/Water Conservation Improvements
BH-3000.1800-685 Residential Energy/Water Conservation Systems/Devices
BH-3000.1800-700 Residential Energy/Water Conservation Rebates
BH-3000.1800-950 Weatherization Programs
BH-3000.3500 Home Barrier Evaluation/Removal Services
BH-3000.3500-100 Bathroom Modification Services
BH-3000.3500-300 Home Modification Consultation
BH-3000.3500-350 Kitchen Modification Services
BH-3000.3500-700 Ramp Construction Services
BH-3000.3500-750 Residential Lift Equipment
BH-3000.3500-900 Undesignated Home Barrier Removal Services
BH-3000.3520 Home Barrier Removal Grants
BH-3000.3540 Home Barrier Removal Loans
BH-3000.3550 Home Rehabilitation Programs
BH-3000.3550-350 Home Rehabilitation Grants
BH-3000.3550-360 Home Rehabilitation Loans
BH-3000.3550-370 Home Rehabilitation Resource Lists
BH-3000.3550-390 Home Rehabilitation Services
BH-3000.4500 Landscaping Services
BH-3000.4600 Low Cost Building Materials/Supplies
BH-3000.7000 Residential Sound Insulation Programs
BH-3300 Home Insurance
BH-3500 Home Purchase/Construction Financing/Refinancing
BH-3500.3200 Home Construction Loans
BH-3500.3400 Home Purchase/Mortgage Refinance Loans
BH-3500.3400-160 Conventional Home Loans
BH-3500.3400-200 FHA Loans
BH-3500.3400-250 First Time Buyer Home Loans
BH-3500.3400-300 Foreclosure Prevention Loan Modification/Refinancing Programs
BH-3500.3400-450 Low Income Home Loans
BH-3500.3400-800 Special Purpose Home Loans
BH-3500.3400-850 USDA Rural Home Purchase Loan Programs
BH-3500.3400-900 Veteran Home Loans
BH-3500.3500 Housing Down Payment Loans/Grants
BH-3600 Homeowner Associations
BH-3700 Housing Counseling
BH-3700.2800 Home Building Information
BH-3700.3000 Homebuyer/Home Purchase Counseling
BH-3700.3050 Home Seller Counseling
BH-3700.3200 HUD Approved Counseling Agencies
BH-3700.6500 Predatory Lending Awareness Programs
BH-3700.8500 Tenant Readiness Education Programs
BH-3800 Housing Expense Assistance
BH-3800.1500 Condominium Association Fee Payment Assistance
BH-3800.4900 Manufactured/Mobile Home Lot Fee Payment Assistance
BH-3800.5000 Mortgage Payment Assistance
BH-3800.5100 Motel Bill Payment Assistance
BH-3800.6470 Power Line Extension Payment Assistance
BH-3800.6500 Property Tax Payment Assistance
BH-3800.7000 Rent Payment Assistance
BH-3800.7200 Rental Application Fee Payment Assistance
BH-3800.7250 Rental Deposit Assistance
BH-3800.8000 Supportive Housing Expense Assistance
BH-3900 Housing Search and Information
BH-3900.3000 Home Purchase Listings
BH-3900.3050 Home Rental Listings
BH-3900.3050-100 Barrier Free Home Rental Listings
BH-3900.3050-180 Elderly/Disabled Home Rental Listings
BH-3900.3050-250 Government Subsidized Private Rental Housing Listings
BH-3900.3050-440 Low Cost Home Rental Listings
BH-3900.3050-500 Market Rate Rental Housing Listings
BH-3900.3050-750 Section 8/Rental Assistance Program Rental Listings
BH-3900.3100 Housing Search Assistance
BH-3900.4400 Listing Services for Landlords/Property Managers
BH-3900.4500 Lot Lists
BH-3900.7000 Relocation Assistance
BH-3900.7000-750 Relocation Information/Counseling
BH-3900.7000-780 Relocation Services
BH-3900.7500 Roommate/Housemate Matching Assistance
BH-5000 Moving Assistance
BH-5000.3000 House Moving Assistance
BH-5000.3100 Household Goods Storage
BH-5000.5000 Movers
BH-5000.5100 Moving Expense Assistance
BH-5000.6500 Pack and Store Services
BH-5000.8000 Senior Move Managers
BH-6800 Real Estate Appraisals
BH-6820 Real Estate Auctions
BH-6900 Resident Services Coordination Programs
BH-7000 Residential Housing Options
BH-7000.4600 Low Income/Subsidized Rental Housing
BH-7000.4600-150 Congregate Living Facilities
BH-7000.4600-160 Cooperative Rental Housing
BH-7000.4600-450 Low Income/Subsidized Private Rental Housing
BH-7000.4600-500 Manufactured/Mobile Home Parks
BH-7000.4600-600 Public Housing
BH-7000.4600-650 Rooming/Boarding Houses
BH-7000.4600-700 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers
BH-7000.4600-750 Shared Housing Facilities
BH-7000.4600-800 Single Room Occupancy Housing
BH-7000.5100 Market Rate Housing
BH-7000.5100-330 Independent Living Communities/Complexes
BH-7000.5100-450 Market Rate Rental Housing
BH-7000.5100-500 Market Rate Home Purchase
BH-7000.8100 Subsidized Home Acquisition
BH-7000.8100-150 Cohousing Communities
BH-7000.8100-280 Life Lease Housing
BH-7000.8100-300 Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives
BH-7000.8100-400 Low Cost For Sale Homes/Housing Units
BH-7000.8100-520 Mortgage Free Homes
BH-7000.8100-800 Sweat Equity Programs
BH-7000.8100-900 Urban Homesteading
BH-8300 Subsidized Housing Administrative Organizations
BH-8300.3000 Housing Authorities
BH-8300.3200 HUD Management Companies
BH-8400 Supportive Housing
BH-8400.2000 Family Permanent Supportive Housing
BH-8400.3000 Homeless Permanent Supportive Housing
BH-8400.6000 Older Adult/Disability Related Supportive Housing
BH-8400.6000-020 Adult Foster Homes
BH-8400.6000-040 Adult Residential Care Homes
BH-8400.6000-060 Assisted Living Facilities
BH-8400.6000-150 Continuing Care Retirement Communities
BH-8400.6000-180 ECHO Housing
BH-8400.6000-280 Group Residences for Adults With Disabilities
BH-8400.6000-350 Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities
BH-8400.6000-450 Life Care Communities
BH-8400.6000-780 Secured Supportive Housing Units
BH-8400.6000-800 Semi-Independent Living Residences for Adults With Disabilities
BH-8400.6000-820 State Institutions for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities
BH-8400.6000-840 Supported Living Services for Adults With Disabilities
BH-8400.9000 Veteran Homes
BH-8500 Supportive Housing Placement/Referral
BH-8500.7000 Residential Placement Services for People With Disabilities
BH-8500.8000 Senior Housing Information and Referral
BH-8600 Transitional Housing/Shelter
BM Material Goods
BM-0500 Automobiles
BM-1400 Consumer Goods Information
BM-1700 Discount Programs
BM-1700.2500 General Buying Clubs
BM-1700.5000 Merchandise/Services Discount Cards
BM-1750 Emergency Generators
BM-2400 Government Surplus Property Retail Stores
BM-3000 Household Goods
BM-3000.0500 Appliances
BM-3000.0500-030 Air Conditioners
BM-3000.0500-150 Clothes Dryers
BM-3000.0500-200 Fans
BM-3000.0500-220 Freezers
BM-3000.0500-230 Furnaces
BM-3000.0500-250 General Appliance Provision
BM-3000.0500-350 Heaters
BM-3000.0500-700 Refrigerators
BM-3000.0500-760 Small Kitchen Appliances
BM-3000.0500-800 Stoves
BM-3000.0500-900 Vacuum Cleaners
BM-3000.0500-950 Washing Machines
BM-3000.0500-965 Water Filters
BM-3000.0500-970 Water Heaters
BM-3000.1000 Bedding/Linen
BM-3000.1500 Cleaning Products
BM-3000.2000 Furniture
BM-3000.2000-050 Adapted Furniture
BM-3000.2000-100 Baby Furniture
BM-3000.2000-130 Beds
BM-3000.2000-140 Children's Furniture
BM-3000.2000-250 General Furniture Provision
BM-3000.3000 Household Goods Vouchers
BM-3000.4000 Kitchenware
BM-3000.4500 Light Bulbs
BM-3000.5000 Mattresses
BM-4500 Lost and Found
BM-5010 Mending/Alterations Services
BM-5050 Mobile Devices
BM-5050.1500 Cell Phones
BM-5050.1800 Digital Cameras
BM-5050.1900 E-Book Readers
BM-5050.3000 Handheld Game Consoles
BM-5050.6000 Pagers
BM-5050.6200 Personal Digital Assistants
BM-5050.6250 Personal Navigation Devices
BM-5050.6400 Portable Media Players
BM-6000 Office Equipment and Supplies
BM-6000.1500 Computer Distribution Programs
BM-6000.1500-150 Computer Distribution Programs
BM-6000.1500-200 Computer Labs
BM-6000.1550 Copy Machines
BM-6000.2000 Fax Machines
BM-6000.6000 Office Furniture
BM-6000.6500 Office Supplies
BM-6000.8000 Shredders
BM-6000.8500 Typewriters
BM-6500 Personal Goods/Services
BM-6500.1500 Clothing
BM-6500.1500-050 Adapted Clothing
BM-6500.1500-100 Baby Clothing
BM-6500.1500-120 Children's Clothing
BM-6500.1500-130 Clothing Vouchers
BM-6500.1500-140 Costumes
BM-6500.1500-150 Diapers
BM-6500.1500-210 Formal Wear
BM-6500.1500-250 General Clothing Provision
BM-6500.1500-500 Maternity Clothing
BM-6500.1500-600 Nursing Clothing
BM-6500.1500-650 Plus Size Clothing
BM-6500.1500-800 School Clothing
BM-6500.1500-830 Shoes
BM-6500.1500-850 Underwear/Sleepwear
BM-6500.1500-920 Winter Clothing
BM-6500.1500-950 Work Clothing
BM-6500.1550 Clothing Banks
BM-6500.6500 Personal/Grooming Needs
BM-6500.6500-100 Baggage Check Facilities
BM-6500.6500-150 Bathing Facilities
BM-6500.6500-170 Community Voicemail
BM-6500.6500-190 Cosmetics
BM-6500.6500-205 Dry Cleaning Establishments
BM-6500.6500-250 Food Preparation Facilities
BM-6500.6500-300 Hairdressing/Nail Care
BM-6500.6500-450 Laundry Facilities
BM-6500.6500-455 Laundry Products
BM-6500.6500-458 Laundry Vouchers
BM-6500.6500-650 Personal/Grooming Supplies
BM-6500.6500-670 Portable Travel/Storage Containers
BM-6500.6500-700 Public Restrooms
BM-6500.6500-800 Shaving Utensils
BM-6500.6500-830 Telephone Facilities
BM-6500.6500-850 Temporary Mailing Address
BM-7000 Repair Services
BM-7000.0350 Appliance Repair
BM-7000.0500 Automotive Repair
BM-7000.0500-050 Automotive Body Repair/Painting
BM-7000.0500-100 Automotive Systems Repair
BM-7000.0500-900 Vehicle Parts
BM-7000.1000 Bicycle Repair
BM-7000.1500 Computer Repair
BM-7000.2000 Furniture Repair
BM-7000.8000 Shoe Repair
BM-8500 Thrift Shops
BM-9500 Tools/Equipment
BM-9500.0300 Adapted Tools/Equipment
BM-9500.2000 Farm Tools/Equipment
BM-9500.3000 Household Tools/Equipment
BM-9500.4400 Left Handed Tools/Implements
BM-9500.9500 Work Tools/Equipment
BM-9600 Trading Stamp Exchanges
BT Transportation
BT-4500 Local Transportation
BT-4500.4500 Local Automobile Transportation
BT-4500.4500-050 Automobile/Van Rentals
BT-4500.4500-150 Car Sharing Programs
BT-4500.4500-450 Limousine Services
BT-4500.4500-600 Park and Pool Facilities
BT-4500.4500-700 Ride Sharing Programs
BT-4500.4500-750 Shuttle Services
BT-4500.4500-850 Taxi Services
BT-4500.4500-900 Truck Rentals
BT-4500.4600 Local Bicycle Transportation
BT-4500.4700 Local Bus Services
BT-4500.4700-050 Airport Bus Services
BT-4500.4700-500 Local Bus Transit Services
BT-4500.4700-650 Park and Ride Facilities
BT-4500.4700-800 Senior Center Bus Services
BT-4500.4900 Local Rail Services
BT-4500.4950 Local Water Transportation
BT-4500.4950-200 Ferry Services
BT-4500.4950-250 Ferry Terminals
BT-4500.6500 Paratransit Programs
BT-4500.6500-120 Child Transportation Programs
BT-4500.6500-170 Disability Related Transportation
BT-4500.6500-180 Drinking/Drug Impaired Driver Transportation
BT-4500.6500-250 Emergency Transportation for Commuters
BT-4500.6500-280 General Paratransit/Community Ride Programs
BT-4500.6500-310 Homeless Transportation Programs
BT-4500.6500-350 Indigent Transportation
BT-4500.6500-500 Medical Appointments Transportation
BT-4500.6500-800 Senior Ride Programs
BT-4500.6500-830 Transportation for Endangered People
BT-4800 Long Distance Transportation
BT-4800.0500 Air Transportation
BT-4800.0500-020 Air Charter Services
BT-4800.0500-040 Air Freight Services
BT-4800.0500-060 Airlines
BT-4800.0500-080 Airports
BT-4800.0500-250 General Aviation Services
BT-4800.0500-300 Helicopter Transportation
BT-4800.4500 Long Distance Automobile Transportation
BT-4800.4500-850 Travelers Switchboards
BT-4800.4550 Long Distance Bus Services
BT-4800.4550-080 Bus Charter Services
BT-4800.4550-100 Bus Freight Services
BT-4800.4550-120 Bus Terminals
BT-4800.4550-450 Long Distance Bus Passenger Services
BT-4800.7000 Rail Transportation
BT-4800.7000-700 Rail Freight Services
BT-4800.7000-750 Rail Passenger Services
BT-4800.7000-850 Train Stations
BT-4800.8500 Truck Transportation
BT-4800.8500-850 Truck Freight Services
BT-4800.9500 Water Transportation
BT-4800.9500-650 Port Services
BT-4800.9500-800 Shipping Lines
BT-8300 Transportation Expense Assistance
BT-8300.0500 Air Fare
BT-8300.0850 Automobile Insurance Payment Assistance
BT-8300.0870 Automobile Loans
BT-8300.0870-030 Automobile Purchase Loans
BT-8300.0870-060 Automobile Repair Loans
BT-8300.0900 Automobile Payment Assistance
BT-8300.1000 Bus Fare
BT-8300.1000-400 Local Transit Fare
BT-8300.1000-450 Long Distance Bus Fare
BT-8300.2500 Gas Money
BT-8300.3000 Mileage Reimbursements
BT-8300.6600 Pothole Damage Reimbursement Programs
BT-8300.7000 Return to Point of Origin
BT-8300.8500 Taxi Fare
BT-8300.8600 Train Fare
BT-8400 Transportation Organizations
BT-8400.1800 Departments of Transportation/Special Districts
BT-8400.6300 Private Transit Companies
BT-8400.6400 Public Transit Authorities
BT-8400.8500 Transit Customer Service Centers
BT-8400.8550 Transportation Information Clearinghouses/511 Services
BT-8400.8600 Transportation Management Associations
BT-8500 Transportation Passes
BT-8500.1000 Local Transit Passes
BT-8500.1000-180 Discount Transit Passes
BT-8500.1000-200 Free Transit Passes
BT-8500.1000-220 Full Fare Transit Passes
BT-8500.6500 Paratransit Vouchers
BT-8500.8400 Toll Road/Bridge Passes
BT-8500.8500 Transportation Smart Cards
BT-8750 Travelers Assistance
BT-8750.0300 Airport Travelers Assistance Programs
BT-8750.1400 Consulates/Foreign Government Representatives
BT-8750.1500 Customs Assistance
BT-8750.1800 Emergency Road Service
BT-8750.2100 Foreign Visitor Assistance
BT-8750.3300 International Travel Advisories
BT-8750.5000 Mariner Assistance
BT-8750.8500 Tourist Information
BT-8750.8550 Transportation System Orientation Programs
BT-8750.8600 Travel Directions/Trip Planning
BV Utilities
BV-8900 Utility Assistance
BV-8900.1500 Digital Television Converter Boxes/Coupons
BV-8900.1700 Discounted Utility Services
BV-8900.1700-150 Discounted Cable Service
BV-8900.1700-180 Discounted Electric Service
BV-8900.1700-250 Discounted Gas Service
BV-8900.1700-300 Discounted Heating Fuel
BV-8900.1700-330 Discounted Internet Service
BV-8900.1700-840 Discounted Sewer Service
BV-8900.1700-850 Discounted Telephone Service
BV-8900.1700-860 Discounted Trash/Recycling Service
BV-8900.1700-900 Discounted Water Service
BV-8900.4500 Large Print Utility Bills
BV-8900.9120 Utility Bill Payment Plan Negotiation Assistance
BV-8900.9120-120 Cable Bill Payment Plan Negotiation Assistance
BV-8900.9120-190 Electric Bill Payment Plan Negotiation Assistance
BV-8900.9120-250 Gas Bill Payment Plan Negotiation Assistance
BV-8900.9120-300 Fuel Bill Payment Plan Negotiation Assistance
BV-8900.9120-330 Internet Service Bill Payment Plan Negotiation Assistance
BV-8900.9120-850 Telephone Bill Payment Plan Negotiation Assistance
BV-8900.9120-860 Trash/Recycling Bill Payment Plan Negotiation Assistance
BV-8900.9120-900 Water Bill Payment Plan Negotiation Assistance
BV-8900.9125 Utility Bill Payment Plans
BV-8900.9125-600 Percentage of Income Utility Payment Plans
BV-8900.9125-900 Utility Arrearage Payment Plans
BV-8900.9125-920 Utility Budget Billing
BV-8900.9150 Utility Deposit Assistance
BV-8900.9200 Utility Disconnection Notification
BV-8900.9220 Utility Disconnection Protection
BV-8900.9300 Utility Service Payment Assistance
BV-8900.9300-150 Cable Service Payment Assistance
BV-8900.9300-180 Electric Service Payment Assistance
BV-8900.9300-250 Gas Service Payment Assistance
BV-8900.9300-300 Heating Fuel Payment Assistance
BV-8900.9300-330 Internet Service Payment Assistance
BV-8900.9300-800 Sewer Service Payment Assistance
BV-8900.9300-850 Telephone Service Payment Assistance
BV-8900.9300-860 Trash/Recycling Service Payment Assistance
BV-8900.9300-950 Water Service Payment Assistance
BV-8900.9400 Water Pipe Freeze Prevention Credits
BV-8950 Utility Service Connection/Repair
BV-8950.1700 Digital Television Converter Box Installation Programs
BV-8950.1800 Electric Service Connection/Repair
BV-8950.1800-170 Electric Meter Installation
BV-8950.1800-175 Electric Meter Maintenance
BV-8950.1800-180 Electric Service Billing/Collections
BV-8950.1800-185 Electric Service Connection
BV-8950.1800-190 Electric Service Maintenance/Repair
BV-8950.6000 Natural Gas Service Connection/Repair
BV-8950.6000-250 Gas Meter Installation
BV-8950.6000-255 Gas Meter Maintenance
BV-8950.6000-600 Natural Gas Service Billing/Collections
BV-8950.6000-605 Natural Gas Service Connection
BV-8950.6000-610 Natural Gas Service Maintenance/Repair
BV-8950.8500 Telephone Service Connection/Repair
BV-8950.8500-850 Telephone Service Billing/Collections
BV-8950.8500-855 Telephone Service Connection
BV-8950.8500-860 Telephone Service Repair
BV-8950.9500 Water Service Connection/Repair
BV-8950.9500-850 Temporary Water Service Turn Off/On
BV-8950.9500-900 Water Meter Installation
BV-8950.9500-905 Water Meter Maintenance
BV-8950.9500-915 Water Service Billing/Collection Services
BV-8950.9500-920 Water Service Connection
BV-8950.9500-930 Water Service Line Repair
BV-9000 Utility Service Providers
BV-9000.1500 Electric Service Providers
BV-9000.1500-050 Alternative Electric Suppliers
BV-9000.1500-250 Electric Generation Companies
BV-9000.1500-450 Local Electric Utility Companies
BV-9000.6000 Natural Gas Service Providers
BV-9000.6000-050 Alternative Natural Gas Suppliers
BV-9000.6000-450 Local Gas Companies
BV-9000.6500 Propane/Home Heating Oil Suppliers
BV-9000.8750 Telephone Service Providers
BV-9000.8750-400 Local Telephone Companies
BV-9000.8750-450 Long Distance Telephone Companies
BV-9000.9500 Water Service Providers
BV-9000.9500-100 Bulk Water Delivery Services
BV-9000.9500-110 Bulk Water Dispensing Stations
BV-9000.9500-500 Local Water Utilities
BV-9000.9500-950 Water Vending Machines
BV-9000.9600 Wireless Service Providers
D Consumer Services
DD Consumer Assistance and Protection
DD-1200 Consumer Action Information/Support
DD-1200.9000 Unsolicited Advertising Opt Out Assistance
DD-1200.9000-200 Do Not Call Registries
DD-1200.9000-350 Junk Mail/Email Opt Out Assistance
DD-1200.9000-800 Sexually Explicit Mail Forms
DD-1200.9000-900 Unsolicited Credit Offer Opt Out Assistance
DD-1500 Consumer Complaints
DD-1500.0050 Accountant Complaints
DD-1500.0070 Adult Day Program Complaints
DD-1500.0080 Adult Residential Facility Complaints
DD-1500.0100 Advertising Complaints
DD-1500.0150 Airline Complaints
DD-1500.0150-030 Air Passenger Complaints
DD-1500.0150-050 Air Safety Complaints
DD-1500.0200 Airport Complaints
DD-1500.0250 Alarm Company Complaints
DD-1500.0300 Alcoholic Beverages Complaints
DD-1500.0350 Ambulance Complaints
DD-1500.0370 Amusement Park/Carnival Complaints
DD-1500.0400 Antitrust Complaints
DD-1500.0450 Appliance Complaints
DD-1500.0450-020 Appliance Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.0450-040 Appliance Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.0450-060 Appliance Sales Complaints
DD-1500.0500 Architect Complaints
DD-1500.0530 Assistive Technology Product Complaints
DD-1500.0540 Athletic Trainer Complaints
DD-1500.0650 Automobile Complaints
DD-1500.0650-020 Automobile Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.0650-040 Automobile Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.0650-060 Automobile Sales Complaints
DD-1500.0700 Bail Bonds Complaints
DD-1500.0750 Bank/Savings and Loans Complaints
DD-1500.0800 Bar Complaints
DD-1500.0850 Barber Complaints
DD-1500.1050 Boat Complaints
DD-1500.1050-080 Boat Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.1050-100 Boat Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.1050-120 Boat Sales Complaints
DD-1500.1055 Body Artist Complaints
DD-1500.1100 Bottled Water Complaints
DD-1500.1150 Broadcast Interference Complaints
DD-1500.1250 Bus Transportation System Complaints
DD-1500.1300 Carpet/Rug Complaints
DD-1500.1300-120 Carpet Cleaning Complaints
DD-1500.1300-140 Carpet Installation Complaints
DD-1500.1300-160 Carpet Sales Complaints
DD-1500.1310 Catering Truck Complaints
DD-1500.1330 CB Radio Complaints
DD-1500.1330-130 CB Radio Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.1330-150 CB Radio Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.1330-170 CB Radio Sales Complaints
DD-1500.1340 Cell Phone Complaints
DD-1500.1340-130 Cell Phone Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.1340-150 Cell Phone Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.1340-170 Cell Phone Sales Complaints
DD-1500.1350 Cemetery Complaints
DD-1500.1400 Charitable Organization Complaints
DD-1500.1450 Check Seller/Casher Complaints
DD-1500.1500 Child Care Complaints
DD-1500.1540 Children's Residential Facility Complaints
DD-1500.1600 Clothing Complaints
DD-1500.1700 Collection Complaints
DD-1500.1730 Computer Complaints
DD-1500.1730-150 Computer Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.1730-170 Computer Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.1730-190 Computer Sales Complaints
DD-1500.1750 Condominium Complaints
DD-1500.1750-100 Condominium Association Complaints
DD-1500.1750-150 Condominium Conversion Complaints
DD-1500.1780 Consumer Product Safety Complaints
DD-1500.1800 Contest/Sweepstakes/Lottery Complaints
DD-1500.1850 Contractor Complaints
DD-1500.1930 Correctional Facility Complaints
DD-1500.1950 Cosmetics Complaints
DD-1500.2000 Cosmetologist Complaints
DD-1500.2050 Credit Reporting Agency Complaints
DD-1500.2100 Credit Union Complaints
DD-1500.2150 Crime Prevention Apparatus Complaints
DD-1500.2200 Dance Studio Complaints
DD-1500.2250 Debt Consolidation Service Complaints
DD-1500.2350 Dog Guide Complaints
DD-1500.2400 Door to Door Sales Complaints
DD-1500.2500 Driving School Complaints
DD-1500.2600 Drug Complaints
DD-1500.2700 Dry Cleaner Complaints
DD-1500.3000 Electrician Complaints
DD-1500.3100 Embalmer Complaints
DD-1500.3150 Emergency Management Organization Complaints
DD-1500.3200 Employment Agency Complaints
DD-1500.3300 Engineer Complaints
DD-1500.3400 Escrow Company Complaints
DD-1500.3450 Ferry Transportation System Complaints
DD-1500.3500 Finance Company Complaints
DD-1500.3550 Fire Extinguisher Complaints
DD-1500.3575 Firearm Dealer Complaints
DD-1500.3600 Firefighter Complaints
DD-1500.3650 Fireworks Complaints
DD-1500.3680 Fitness Center Complaints
DD-1500.3700 Flammable Fabrics Complaints
DD-1500.3750 Food Complaints
DD-1500.3800 Franchise Industry Complaints
DD-1500.3850 Funeral Director Complaints
DD-1500.3900 Fur Product Complaints
DD-1500.3950 Furniture/Bedding Complaints
DD-1500.4000 Gambling Establishment Complaints
DD-1500.4050 General Consumer Complaints
DD-1500.4100 Geologist/Geophysicist Complaints
DD-1500.4150 Government Complaints/Government Ombudsman Offices
DD-1500.4150-200 Federal Government Complaints/Ombudsman Offices
DD-1500.4150-450 Local Government Complaints/Ombudsman Offices
DD-1500.4150-800 State Government Complaints/Ombudsman Offices
DD-1500.4280 Health Facility Complaints
DD-1500.4280-280 Health Maintenance Organization Complaints
DD-1500.4280-320 Hill Burton Complaints
DD-1500.4280-330 Intermediate Care Facilities for Developmentally Disabled Complaints
DD-1500.4280-360 Hospice Complaints
DD-1500.4280-380 Hospital Complaints
DD-1500.4280-600 Nursing Facility Complaints
DD-1500.4280-650 Outpatient Clinic Complaints
DD-1500.4400 Health Spa Complaints
DD-1500.4450 Highway Complaints
DD-1500.4480 HIPAA Complaints
DD-1500.4530 Home Health Care Complaints
DD-1500.4550 Home Improvement/Repair Complaints
DD-1500.4650 Housing Complaints
DD-1500.4700 Immigration Services Complaints
DD-1500.4750 Insulation Complaints
DD-1500.4800 Insurance Complaints
DD-1500.4800-300 Insurance Adjuster Complaints
DD-1500.4800-350 Insurance Company/Agent Complaints
DD-1500.4820 Internet Service Provider Complaints
DD-1500.4850 Investment Counselor/Firm Complaints
DD-1500.4900 Judge Complaints
DD-1500.5000 Land Surveyor Complaints
DD-1500.5100 Landscape Architect Complaints
DD-1500.5200 Law Enforcement Complaints
DD-1500.5250 Lawyer Complaints
DD-1500.5400 Loan Finder Complaints
DD-1500.5450 Locksmith Complaints
DD-1500.5600 Magazine Complaints
DD-1500.5700 Mail/Internet Order Complaints
DD-1500.5830 Mental Health Facility Complaints
DD-1500.5900 Mobile Home Complaints
DD-1500.5900-480 Mobile Home Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.5900-500 Mobile Home Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.5900-520 Mobile Home Sales Complaints
DD-1500.5950 Modeling Agency Complaints
DD-1500.6000 Mortgage Company Complaints
DD-1500.6050 Motion Picture Complaints
DD-1500.6100 Motorcycle Complaints
DD-1500.6100-480 Motorcycle Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.6100-500 Motorcycle Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.6100-520 Motorcycle Sales Complaints
DD-1500.6150 Moving Company Complaints
DD-1500.6200 Newspaper Complaints
DD-1500.6250 Notary Public Complaints
DD-1500.6750 Off Road Vehicle Complaints
DD-1500.6750-600 Off Road Vehicle Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.6750-650 Off Road Vehicle Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.6750-700 Off Road Vehicle Sales Complaints
DD-1500.6800 Painter Complaints
DD-1500.6840 Paratransit Service Complaints
DD-1500.6900 Pawnbroker Complaints
DD-1500.7000 Pest Control Operator Complaints
DD-1500.7150 Plumber Complaints
DD-1500.7200 Postal Service Complaints
DD-1500.7230 Practitioner Complaints
DD-1500.7230-030 Acupuncturist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-050 Audiologist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-150 Chiropractor Complaints
DD-1500.7230-180 Dentist/Dental Support Personnel Complaints
DD-1500.7230-190 Dietitian/Nutritionist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-195 Doula Complaints
DD-1500.7230-200 Educational Psychologist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-280 Health Aide Complaints
DD-1500.7230-300 Hearing Aid Dispenser Complaints
DD-1500.7230-400 Licensed Professional Counselor Complaints
DD-1500.7230-420 Marriage and Family Therapist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-440 Massage Therapist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-445 Medical Support Personnel Complaints
DD-1500.7230-460 Midwife Complaints
DD-1500.7230-490 Naturopath Complaints
DD-1500.7230-500 Nurse Complaints
DD-1500.7230-520 Occupational Therapist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-540 Optician Complaints
DD-1500.7230-560 Optometrist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-580 Osteopath Complaints
DD-1500.7230-600 Pharmacist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-620 Physical Therapist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-660 Physician/Surgeon Complaints
DD-1500.7230-680 Podiatrist/Foot Care Specialist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-700 Psychiatrist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-720 Psychologist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-750 Radiographer Complaints
DD-1500.7230-760 Respiratory Therapist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-800 Social Worker Complaints
DD-1500.7230-830 Speech and Language Pathologist Complaints
DD-1500.7230-900 Veterinarian Complaints
DD-1500.7250 Private Investigator Complaints
DD-1500.7350 Quackery Complaints
DD-1500.7400 Radio Complaints
DD-1500.7400-680 Radio Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.7400-700 Radio Programming Complaints
DD-1500.7400-720 Radio Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.7400-740 Radio Sales Complaints
DD-1500.7450 Radiotelephone Complaints
DD-1500.7450-680 Radiotelephone Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.7450-700 Radiotelephone Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.7450-720 Radiotelephone Sales Complaints
DD-1500.7500 Rail Transportation System Complaints
DD-1500.7500-700 Rail Passenger/Shipper Complaints
DD-1500.7500-750 Rail Safety Complaints
DD-1500.7600 Realtor Complaints
DD-1500.7700 Recreational Vehicle Complaints
DD-1500.7700-680 Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.7700-700 Recreational Vehicle Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.7700-720 Recreational Vehicle Sales Complaints
DD-1500.7750 Rental Security Deposit Complaints
DD-1500.7775 Repossession Agency Complaints
DD-1500.7800 Restaurant Complaints
DD-1500.7900 Roofing Contractor Complaints
DD-1500.8000 School Complaints
DD-1500.8080 Security Guard/Private Patrol Operator Complaints
DD-1500.8100 Security/Stockbroker Complaints
DD-1500.8150 Service Station Complaints
DD-1500.8155 Sewer System Complaints
DD-1500.8170 Shelter Complaints
DD-1500.8200 Shuttle Service Complaints
DD-1500.8250 Smog Device Complaints
DD-1500.8300 Smoke Alarm Complaints
DD-1500.8500 Solar Energy Devices Complaints
DD-1500.8600 Stereo Complaints
DD-1500.8600-780 Stereo Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.8600-800 Stereo Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.8600-820 Stereo Sales Complaints
DD-1500.8650 Street Vendor Complaints
DD-1500.8670 Substance Abuse Service Provider Complaints
DD-1500.8700 Swimming Pool Complaints
DD-1500.8800 Talent Agency Complaints
DD-1500.8850 Tanning Facility Complaints
DD-1500.9000 Tax Preparer Complaints
DD-1500.9050 Taxi Service Complaints
DD-1500.9150 Teacher Complaints
DD-1500.9250 Telephone Solicitation Complaints
DD-1500.9300 Television Complaints
DD-1500.9300-150 Cable Television Complaints
DD-1500.9300-750 Satellite Television Complaints
DD-1500.9300-800 Television Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.9300-820 Television Programming Complaints
DD-1500.9300-840 Television Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.9300-860 Television Sales Complaints
DD-1500.9350 Textile Complaints
DD-1500.9400 Tire Complaints
DD-1500.9450 Towing Service Complaints
DD-1500.9500 Toy Safety Complaints
DD-1500.9535 Trash/Recycling Service Complaints
DD-1500.9550 Travel Agent Complaints
DD-1500.9650 Utility Service Complaints
DD-1500.9650-200 Electric Service Complaints
DD-1500.9650-250 Gas Service Complaints
DD-1500.9650-300 Heating Fuel Service Complaints
DD-1500.9650-850 Telephone Service Complaints
DD-1500.9650-950 Water Service Complaints
DD-1500.9700 Vending Machine Complaints
DD-1500.9800 Video Equipment Complaints
DD-1500.9800-880 Video Equipment Manufacturer Complaints
DD-1500.9800-900 Video Equipment Repair/Service Complaints
DD-1500.9800-920 Video Equipment Sales Complaints
DD-1500.9850 Warranty Complaints
DD-1500.9900 Wind Energy Complaints
DD-1800 Consumer Education
DD-2100 Consumer Protection Agencies
DD-2100.1000 Better Business Bureaus
DD-2100.2500 Government Consumer Protection Agencies
DD-2100.3300 Industry Consumer Programs
DD-2100.5000 Media Consumer Services
DD-2100.6500 Private/Voluntary Consumer Groups
DF Consumer Regulation
DF-4500 Licensing/Certification/Accreditation
DF-4500.1000 Business Registration/Licensing
DF-4500.1000-100 Business Opportunity Registration
DF-4500.1000-150 Corporation Registration
DF-4500.1000-170 DBA Registration
DF-4500.1000-200 Franchise Registration
DF-4500.1000-400 Limited Liability Company Registration
DF-4500.1000-450 Local Business Licenses/Permits
DF-4500.1000-650 Partnership Registration
DF-4500.1000-800 Sole Proprietorship Registration
DF-4500.1400 Camp Accreditation
DF-4500.1500 Charitable Organization Registration
DF-4500.2000 Facility Licensing
DF-4500.2000-030 Adult Day Program Licensing
DF-4500.2000-100 Adult Residential Facility Licensing
DF-4500.2000-130 Child Care Provider Licensing
DF-4500.2000-150 Children's Group Home Licensing
DF-4500.2000-190 Emergency Shelter Licensing
DF-4500.2000-200 Foster Home Licensing
DF-4500.2000-300 Health Facility Licensing
DF-4500.2000-700 Residential Treatment Facility Licensing
DF-4500.2200 Food Facility Licensing
DF-4500.6300 Occupational/Professional Licensing and Certification
DF-4500.8000 School Accreditation
DF-4500.8000-300 Homeschooling Licensing
DF-4500.8000-600 Postsecondary Institution Accreditation
DF-4500.8000-630 Preschool Accreditation
DF-4500.8000-650 Private School Accreditation
DF-4500.8000-680 Public School Accreditation
DF-4500.9000 Vendor Certification
DF-6500 Peer Review Organizations
DF-6500.4500 Legal Peer Review Organizations
DF-6500.5000 Medical Peer Review Organizations
DF-6500.5100 Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations
DF-7000 Records/Licenses/Permits
DF-7000.0050 Academic Records
DF-7000.0050-200 Foreign Educational Records Evaluations
DF-7000.0050-250 GED Transcripts
DF-7000.0050-330 Inmate Correctional Education Records
DF-7000.0050-800 School Transcripts
DF-7000.0100 Adoption Records
DF-7000.0200 Affidavits of Poverty
DF-7000.0400 Aircraft Pilot Certificates
DF-7000.0500 Amateur Radio Licenses
DF-7000.0540 Amusement Games and Devices Licenses
DF-7000.0600 Annulment Records
DF-7000.0650 Aquatic Farming Permits
DF-7000.0700 Automobile Insurance
DF-7000.1000 Baptism Records
DF-7000.1030 Beach Use Permits
DF-7000.1050 Beekeeping Permits
DF-7000.1100 Beer/Liquor Licenses and Permits
DF-7000.1150 Bicycle Permits
DF-7000.1200 Birth Certificates
DF-7000.1230 Boat Mooring/Beaching Permits
DF-7000.1250 Boat Registration
DF-7000.1270 Building Moving Permits
DF-7000.1300 Burglar Alarm Permits
DF-7000.1375 Campfire Permits
DF-7000.1380 Camping Permits
DF-7000.1390 Charitable Gambling Permits
DF-7000.1400 Charitable Solicitations Permits
DF-7000.1450 Child Custody Orders
DF-7000.1460 Citizenship Records
DF-7000.1470 Concealed Weapons Permits
DF-7000.1500 Copyrights
DF-7000.1550 Court Records
DF-7000.1580 Cross Country Ski Licenses
DF-7000.1700 Death Related Records/Permits
DF-7000.1700-050 Autopsy Records
DF-7000.1700-100 Burial Permits
DF-7000.1700-150 Burial Records
DF-7000.1700-200 Burial Transit Permits
DF-7000.1700-250 Cremation Permits
DF-7000.1700-300 Death Certificates
DF-7000.1700-350 Disinterment Permits
DF-7000.1700-650 Obituary/Death Notices
DF-7000.1780 Dental Records
DF-7000.1800 Divorce Records
DF-7000.1820 Document Deposit/Online Storage Services
DF-7000.1830 Domestic Partner Registries
DF-7000.1835 Domestic Partner Registries
DF-7000.1840 Driver License Testing Sites
DF-7000.1850 Driver Licenses
DF-7000.1850-050 Automobile Driver Licenses
DF-7000.1850-180 Commercial Driver Licenses
DF-7000.1850-200 Driving Instruction Permits
DF-7000.1850-220 Enhanced Driver Licenses
DF-7000.1850-330 International Driving Permits
DF-7000.1850-500 Moped Driver Licenses
DF-7000.1850-530 Motorcycle Driver Licenses
DF-7000.1850-700 Recreational Double Driver Licenses
DF-7000.1850-730 Restricted Driver Licenses
DF-7000.1925 Election Identification Certificates
DF-7000.1950 Energy Conservation Certification
DF-7000.1980 Explosives Storage/Use Permits
DF-7000.2000 Export Licenses
DF-7000.2030 Federal Tax Identification Numbers
DF-7000.2030-200 Employer Identification Numbers
DF-7000.2050 Filming Permits
DF-7000.2120 Fire Hydrant Use Permits
DF-7000.2140 Firearm Dealer Licenses
DF-7000.2150 Firearm Permits
DF-7000.2170 Fireworks Permits
DF-7000.2200 Fishing Licenses
DF-7000.2250 Food Handling Permits
DF-7000.2270 Foreclosure Records
DF-7000.2300 Fossil Permits
DF-7000.2350 Freedom of Information Requests
DF-7000.2500 Garage Sale Permits
DF-7000.2900 Hauling Permits
DF-7000.3000 Hunting Licenses
DF-7000.3300 Identification Cards
DF-7000.3330 Importation Permits for Etiologic Agents
DF-7000.3350 Indian Religious Permits
DF-7000.3400 Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers
DF-7000.3500 Junkyard/Solid Waste Facility Permits
DF-7000.4550 Land Records
DF-7000.4570 Landlord Registries
DF-7000.4590 Law Enforcement Records/Files
DF-7000.4590-020 Active Arrest Warrants
DF-7000.4590-030 Affidavits of Factual Innocence
DF-7000.4590-100 Criminal History Records
DF-7000.4590-150 Driving/Accident Records
DF-7000.4590-200 FBI Files
DF-7000.4590-250 Fingerprints
DF-7000.4590-550 911 Tapes
DF-7000.4590-600 Police Clearances
DF-7000.4590-700 Police Reports
DF-7000.4650 Livestock Brands
DF-7000.4950 Marriage Certificates
DF-7000.5000 Marriage Licenses
DF-7000.5040 Matricula Consular Cards
DF-7000.5080 Media Credentials
DF-7000.5100 Medical Records
DF-7000.5200 Military Records
DF-7000.5500 Motor Vehicle Registration
DF-7000.5500-200 Full Cost Motor Vehicle Registration
DF-7000.5500-650 Personalized License Plates
DF-7000.5500-700 Reduced Cost Motor Vehicle Registration
DF-7000.6000 Notary Signature Registration/Validation
DF-7000.6460 Open Burning Permits
DF-7000.6480 Organic Certification
DF-7000.6500 Parade/Street Event Permits
DF-7000.6550 Parking Permits
DF-7000.6550-170 Disability Parking Permits
DF-7000.6550-180 Parking Meter Rentals
DF-7000.6550-650 Residential Parking Permits
DF-7000.6590 Passport Cards
DF-7000.6600 Passport Photos
DF-7000.6650 Passports
DF-7000.6700 Patents
DF-7000.6710 Personal Census Search
DF-7000.6730 Picketing Permits
DF-7000.6750 Picnic Permits
DF-7000.6980 Prescription Control Forms
DF-7000.6990 Proclamations/Proclamation Dates
DF-7000.7010 Public Assistance Clearances
DF-7000.7050 Public Health Permits
DF-7000.7480 Recognition of Parentage
DF-7000.7500 River Permits
DF-7000.7800 Sailing Permits
DF-7000.7820 Same Sex Civil Union Certificates
DF-7000.7830 Same Sex Civil Union Licenses
DF-7000.7850 Satellite Dish Permits
DF-7000.8000 Selective Service Registration
DF-7000.8030 Sidewalk/Road Corridor Use Permits
DF-7000.8050 Sign Permits
DF-7000.8250 Social Security Numbers
DF-7000.8280 Special Animal Permits
DF-7000.8290 Street Performer Permits
DF-7000.8295 Street/Sidewalk Use Permits
DF-7000.8295-020 Animal Drawn Vehicle Permits
DF-7000.8295-630 On Street Construction Materials Permits
DF-7000.8295-650 Parade/Street Event Permits
DF-7000.8295-800 Sidewalk/Road Corridor Use Permits
DF-7000.8295-820 Sign Permits
DF-7000.8295-880 Street Performer Permits
DF-7000.8295-890 Street Vendor Permits
DF-7000.8295-900 Temporary Structures Permits
DF-7000.8300 Street Vendor Licenses
DF-7000.8330 Support Orders
DF-7000.8340 Tailgating Permits
DF-7000.8343 Temporary Promotional Searchlight Permits
DF-7000.8345 Temporary Noise Permits
DF-7000.8350 Title Registration/Titles
DF-7000.8350-100 Boat Titles
DF-7000.8350-450 Land Deeds/Titles
DF-7000.8350-500 Motor Vehicle Titles
DF-7000.8380 Tobacco Sales Licenses
DF-7000.8400 Trademarks
DF-7000.8450 Tree Maintenance Permits
DF-7000.8500 Tribal Enrollment Records
DF-7000.9100 Veteran Treatment Cards
DF-7000.9180 Ward of the Court Verification
DF-7000.9200 Water Well Construction/Maintenance/Abandonment Permits
DF-7000.9300 Wilderness Permits
DF-7000.9500 Wood Cutting Permits
DF-7020 Records/Licenses/Permits Fee Payment Assistance
DF-7020.0200 Academic Records Fee Payment Assistance
DF-7020.1000 Birth Certificate Fee Payment Assistance
DF-7020.1500 Criminal Background Check Fee Payment Assistance
DF-7020.1700 Death Certificate Fee Payment Assistance
DF-7020.1800 Driver License Fee Payment Assistance
DF-7020.3300 Identification Card Fee Payment Assistance
DF-7020.5500 Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Payment Assistance
DF-8000 Regulations/Standards
DF-8000.0200 Accessibility Related Standards/Legislation Compliance
DF-8000.1000 Banking Regulation
DF-8000.1250 Biologic Safety Standards
DF-8000.1400 Communications Regulation
DF-8000.1500 Consumer Disclosure Laws
DF-8000.1500-820 Truth in Advertising
DF-8000.1500-840 Truth in Charitable Giving/Use of Contributions
DF-8000.1500-860 Truth in Labeling/Packaging
DF-8000.1500-880 Truth in Lending
DF-8000.1500-900 Truth in Real Estate Transactions
DF-8000.1600 Consumer Safety Standards
DF-8000.1600-180 Drug Safety Standards
DF-8000.1600-200 Food Safety Standards
DF-8000.1600-650 Product Safety Standards
DF-8000.1800 Dangerous Weapons Control
DF-8000.1900 Entertainment Media Rating Systems
DF-8000.1900-500 Motion Picture Rating Systems
DF-8000.1900-800 Song Lyric Labeling
DF-8000.1900-850 Television Programming Rating Systems
DF-8000.1900-950 Video Game Rating Systems
DF-8000.2000 Fair Credit Practices
DF-8000.2150 Fair Trade Practices
DF-8000.2150-150 Commodity Exchange Regulation
DF-8000.2150-800 Securities Exchange Regulation
DF-8000.3000 Gambling Regulation
DF-8000.3010 Gambling Self Exclusion Programs
DF-8000.3500 Interstate Commercial Shipping Regulation
DF-8000.4500 Labor Standards and Practices
DF-8000.4500-100 Business Hours Regulation
DF-8000.4500-150 Child Labor Laws
DF-8000.4500-160 COBRA Regulation
DF-8000.4500-200 Family and Medical Leave Act Regulation
DF-8000.4500-500 Minimum Wage/Hour Standards
DF-8000.4500-650 Pension Benefits Regulation
DF-8000.4500-700 Regulation of Farm Labor Contractors
DF-8000.6400 Postal Rate Regulation
DF-8000.6450 Privacy Legislation Enforcement
DF-8000.6450-200 Financial Privacy Legislation Enforcement
DF-8000.6450-250 Government Records Privacy Legislation Enforcement
DF-8000.6450-300 HIPAA Regulation
DF-8000.6500 Product Quality Standards
DF-8000.6500-050 Agricultural Produce Regulation
DF-8000.6500-180 Egg Products Regulation
DF-8000.6500-200 Fish Products Regulation
DF-8000.6500-500 Meat Regulation
DF-8000.6500-550 Milk/Dairy Products Regulation
DF-8000.6500-650 Poultry Regulation
DF-8000.6600 Public Utility Regulation/Deregulation
DF-8000.9000 Transportation Safety Standards
DF-8000.9000-050 Air Safety Standards
DF-8000.9000-300 Highway Safety Standards
DF-8000.9000-500 Marine Safety Standards
DF-8000.9000-550 Motor Carrier Safety Standards
DF-8000.9000-700 Railroad Safety Standards
DF-8000.9500 Weights and Measures
DM Money Management
DM-0800 Bad Check Registries
DM-1000 Banking Services Information and Support
DM-1500 Credit Related Organizations/Services
DM-1500.1500 Credit Counseling
DM-1500.1550 Credit Denial Assistance
DM-1500.1600 Credit Report Dispute Assistance
DM-1500.1620 Credit Report Ordering Assistance
DM-1500.1640 Credit Reporting Agencies
DM-1800 Debt Management
DM-1800.1000 Bankruptcy Assistance
DM-1800.1700 Debt Consolidation Services
DM-1800.2000 Mortgage Delinquency and Default Counseling
DM-1800.6400 Predatory Lending Assistance
DM-1800.6800 Property Lien Assistance
DM-1800.7000 Repossession Assistance
DM-1800.8500 Tax Foreclosure Assistance
DM-1980 Financial Assessment Tools
DM-2000 Financial Management Workshops
DM-3300 Investment Counseling
DM-4000 Loan Counseling
DM-6000 Personal Finances Administration
DM-6000.1500 Daily Money Management Services
DM-6000.3300 Investment Management Services
DM-6000.6000 Participant Directed Financial Management Organizations
DM-6000.8000 Support Broker Services
DM-6500 Personal Financial Counseling
DM-7000 Representative Payee Services
DM-7150 Retirement Planning
DT Tax Organizations and Services
DT-6500 Online Tax Preparation/E-Filing Sites
DT-8400 Tax Appeals/Audit Assistance
DT-8400.6500 Property Tax Assessment Appeals Boards
DT-8400.8400 Tax Appeals Filing Assistance
DT-8400.8500 Tax Audit Preparation Assistance
DT-8400.8700 Taxpayer Advocate Services
DT-8500 Tax Collection Agencies
DT-8500.3300 Federal Tax Collection Agencies
DT-8500.4500 Local Tax Collection Agencies
DT-8500.4500-650 Property Tax Agencies
DT-8500.4500-650.60 Property Tax Assessment Agencies
DT-8500.4500-650.65 Property Tax Collection Agencies
DT-8500.8000 State Tax Collection Agencies
DT-8600 Tax Forms
DT-8700 Tax Information
DT-8700.1000 Business Tax Information
DT-8700.1000-300 General Business Tax Information
DT-8700.1000-900 Welfare to Work Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.1000-950 Work Opportunity Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.1500 Corporation Tax Information
DT-8700.1900 Estate and Gift Tax Information
DT-8700.2000 Federal Income Tax Information
DT-8700.2000-050 Advanced Earned Income Credit Information
DT-8700.2000-065 Affordable Care Act Federal Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.2000-065.30 Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.2000-065.80 Small Business Health Options Care Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.2000-180 Earned Income Credit Information
DT-8700.2000-190 Federal Adoption Credit Information
DT-8700.2000-200 Federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.2000-230 Federal Child Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.2000-250 Federal Education Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.2000-270 First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.2000-300 General Federal Income Tax Information
DT-8700.2000-500 Mortgage Interest Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.4500 Local Income Tax Information
DT-8700.5000 Motor Vehicle Tax Information
DT-8700.6500 Property Tax Information
DT-8700.6500-250 General Property Tax Information
DT-8700.6500-600 Property Tax Exemption Information
DT-8700.6500-650 Property Tax Postponement Information
DT-8700.6500-680 Property Tax Reappraisal Exclusion Information
DT-8700.6500-700 Property Tax Rebate Information
DT-8700.6500-750 Property Value Reassessment/Filing Information
DT-8700.6500-770 Property Tax Work Off Program Information
DT-8700.6500-800 Residential Property Tax Abatement Information
DT-8700.7000 Rent Rebate/Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.7000-700 Rent Rebate Information
DT-8700.7000-730 Renters' Tax Credit Information
DT-8700.7800 Sales Tax Information
DT-8700.8000 State Income Tax Information
DT-8700.8200 Tax Education Seminars
DT-8700.8650 Taxpayer Information Lines
DT-8700.9000 Utility Tax Exemption Information
DT-8800 Tax Preparation Assistance
DT-8800.0100 AARP Tax Aide Programs
DT-8800.0100-050 AARP Tax Aide Program Coordination
DT-8800.0100-100 AARP Tax Aide Program Sites
DT-8800.4500 LITC Programs
DT-8800.6100 Privately Operated Tax Assistance Programs
DT-8800.6150 Professional Tax Preparation Services
DT-8800.6200 Property Tax Relief Application Preparation Services
DT-8800.8500 Tax Agency Tax Preparation Assistance
DT-8800.9300 VITA Programs
DT-8800.9300-900 VITA Program Coordination
DT-8800.9300-930 VITA Program Sites
DT-8850 Tax Preparation Software
F Criminal Justice and Legal Services
FC Courts
FC-2000 Federal Courts
FC-2000.1000 Bankruptcy Courts
FC-2000.1950 Federal Court of Appeals
FC-2000.2000 Federal Court of Claims
FC-2000.2050 Federal Court of Military Appeals
FC-2000.2100 Federal Customs and Patent Appeals Court
FC-2000.2130 Federal Customs Court
FC-2000.2150 Federal District Courts
FC-2000.2200 Federal Tax Court
FC-2000.8000 Supreme Court
FC-7800 State Court of Appeals
FC-7900 State Court of Claims
FC-8000 State Supreme Court
FC-8100 State Tax Court
FC-8200 State Trial Courts
FC-8200.1500 Civil State Trial Courts
FC-8200.1550 Criminal State Trial Courts
FC-8200.3500 Juvenile Courts
FC-8200.3500-180 Dependency Courts
FC-8200.3500-350 Juvenile Justice Courts
FC-8200.3500-370 Juvenile Traffic Courts
FC-8200.8100 Specialized State Courts
FC-8200.8100-050 Adoption Courts
FC-8200.8100-100 Business Courts
FC-8200.8100-140 Community Courts
FC-8200.8100-170 Drug Courts
FC-8200.8100-200 Family Law Courts
FC-8200.8100-250 Gun Courts
FC-8200.8100-270 Homeless Courts
FC-8200.8100-300 Housing Courts
FC-8200.8100-500 Mental Health Courts
FC-8200.8100-650 Probate Courts
FC-8200.8100-700 Reentry Courts
FC-8200.8100-800 Small Claims Courts
FC-8200.8100-900 Traffic Courts
FC-8200.8100-920 Veterans Courts
FC-8200.8100-950 Water Courts
FC-9000 Tribal Courts
FC-9500 Youth Courts
FF Criminal Correctional System
FF-0500 Alternative Sentencing/Supervision
FF-0500.1250 Community Correctional Centers
FF-0500.1250-150 Correctional Treatment Centers
FF-0500.1250-500 Mixed Population Community Correctional Centers
FF-0500.1250-600 Pre-Release Centers
FF-0500.1250-650 Probation/Parole Violations Sanctions Centers
FF-0500.1250-700 Restitution Centers
FF-0500.1250-950 Work/Education Release Centers
FF-0500.1300 Community Service Work Programs
FF-0500.1300-100 Community Service Work Crews
FF-0500.1300-150 Court Community Service Referral Programs
FF-0500.1300-200 Court Community Service Sites
FF-0500.1400 Court Ordered Victim Restitution Services
FF-0500.1700 Day/Evening Reporting Centers for Offenders
FF-0500.1800 Diversion Programs
FF-0500.1800-050 Adult Diversion
FF-0500.1800-300 Jail Diversion Programs for Mentally Ill Offenders
FF-0500.1800-350 Juvenile Diversion
FF-0500.1900 Electronic Monitoring of Detention
FF-0500.2000 Fine Alternatives Programs
FF-0500.3000 Home Confinement Programs
FF-0500.3300 Intensive Supervision of Offenders
FF-0500.3400 Intermittent Sentencing/Work Furlough Programs
FF-0500.6500 Parole
FF-0500.6500-050 Adult Parole
FF-0500.6500-350 Juvenile Parole
FF-0500.6530 Prison Boot Camps
FF-0500.6530-050 Adult Prison Boot Camps
FF-0500.6530-350 Juvenile Boot Camps
FF-0500.6550 Probation
FF-0500.6550-050 Adult Probation
FF-0500.6550-350 Juvenile Probation
FF-1500 Correctional Facilities
FF-1500.1550 County Correctional Facilities
FF-1500.2000 Federal Correctional Facilities
FF-1500.3300 Immigration Detention Centers
FF-1500.3500 Juvenile Detention Facilities
FF-1500.6450 Police Station Lock-Ups
FF-1500.6470 Privately Operated Correctional Facilities
FF-1500.8200 State Prisons
FF-1500.8300 Status Offender Detention Alternatives
FF-1700 Correctional Services
FF-1700.1800 Extradition
FF-1700.6500 Prisoner Transport
FF-1850 Ex-Offender Halfway Houses
FF-1900 Ex-Offender Reentry Programs
FF-3300 Inmate Support Services
FF-3300.1500 Correctional Education
FF-3300.1550 Correctional Ombudsman Programs
FF-3300.2000 Family Prison Visitation Support
FF-3300.3350 Inmate Mental Health Services
FF-3300.3360 Inmate Pre-Release Programs
FF-3300.3400 Inmate Social Service Programs
FF-3300.3450 Inmate Trust Accounts
FF-3300.3500 Inmate Visitation Programs
FF-3300.3600 Innocent Inmate Exoneration Programs
FF-3300.6300 Offender Advocates
FF-3300.6330 Offender/Family Parole Related Services
FF-3300.6350 Pregnant/Parenting Inmate Support Programs
FF-3300.6370 Prison Library Services
FF-3300.6400 Prison Ministries
FF-3300.6500 Prisoner Locator Services
FJ Judicial Services
FJ-1000 Bail Bonds
FJ-1500 Complaint Issuance
FJ-1600 Court Filing Offices
FJ-1600.0300 Adoption Petition Filing Offices
FJ-1600.1000 Bankruptcy Filing Offices
FJ-1600.1500 Child Custody/Visitation Petition Filing Offices
FJ-1600.1550 Child Support Petition Filing Offices
FJ-1600.1650 Criminal Record Expungement Petition Filing Offices
FJ-1600.1800 Divorce Petition Filing Offices
FJ-1600.2000 Foreclosure Filing Offices
FJ-1600.6500 Probate Petition Filing Offices
FJ-1600.6600 Quiet Title Action Filing Offices
FJ-1600.8500 Temporary Restraining Order Filing Offices
FJ-1650 Court Orientation of Offenders
FJ-1700 Court Security
FJ-1715 Criminal and Civil Fine Collection Offices
FJ-1715.1500 Criminal Fine Collection Offices
FJ-1715.6500 Parking Ticket Fine Collection Offices
FJ-1715.8500 Traffic Ticket Fine Collection Offices
FJ-1750 Divorce/Custody Investigation
FJ-1800 Expert Witnesses
FJ-2000 Fugitive Safe Surrender Programs
FJ-2500 Grand Jury
FJ-2600 Guardians ad Litem
FJ-2650 Guardianship/Conservatorship Court Investigation
FJ-3500 Jury Selection
FJ-6000 Own Recognizance
FJ-6250 Pre-Parole/Pre-Clemency Investigation
FJ-6300 Presentence Investigation
FJ-6350 Pretrial Service Agencies
FJ-6400 Private Law Practices
FJ-6500 Process Services
FJ-6700 Public Counsel
FJ-6700.1500 City Attorney
FJ-6700.1550 County Counsel
FJ-6700.1800 District Attorney
FJ-6700.6500 Public Defender
FJ-6700.8000 State Attorneys General
FJ-6700.8100 State's Attorney
FJ-6700.9000 United States Attorney
FL Law Enforcement Agencies
FL-0700 Border Patrol/Inspections
FL-1000 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
FL-1500 College/University Campus Police
FL-1900 Federal Air Marshals
FL-2000 Federal Bureau of Investigation
FL-2800 Harbor Patrol
FL-3000 Highway Patrol
FL-5000 Marshals Offices
FL-5100 Military Police
FL-6500 Municipal Police
FL-6600 Park Ranger Service
FL-6660 Public Housing Authority Police Departments
FL-7900 School District Police
FL-8000 Secret Service
FL-8200 Sheriff
FL-8450 State Bureau of Investigation
FL-8500 State Police
FL-8750 Transit Police
FL-8800 Tribal Police
FN Law Enforcement Services
FN-1300 Crime Investigation
FN-1500 Crime Prevention
FN-1500.0500 Automobile Theft Prevention
FN-1500.1000 Bullying Prevention
FN-1500.1480 Child Identification Programs
FN-1500.1480-100 Child Fingerprinting
FN-1500.1480-150 Child Identification Cards
FN-1500.1480-200 Child Identification Kits
FN-1500.1510 Child Kidnapping Alert Programs
FN-1500.1530 Child Kidnapping Prevention
FN-1500.1550 Community Crime Prevention Programs
FN-1500.1550-100 Block Parent Programs
FN-1500.1550-150 Civilian Crime Patrols
FN-1500.1550-160 Community Safe Places
FN-1500.1550-600 Neighborhood Watch Programs
FN-1500.1600 Crime Insurance
FN-1500.1700 Crime Prevention Equipment/Registries
FN-1500.1700-100 Burglar Alarms
FN-1500.1700-180 Deadbolt/Security Locks
FN-1500.1700-650 Peephole Installation
FN-1500.1700-670 Personal Property Identification Registries
FN-1500.1700-680 Property Identification Equipment
FN-1500.1700-800 Security Lights
FN-1500.1700-900 Vehicle Theft Prevention Devices
FN-1500.1700-950 Window Bars
FN-1500.1850 Dating Violence Prevention
FN-1500.1900 Family Violence Prevention
FN-1500.1900-150 Child Abuse Prevention
FN-1500.1900-180 Elder Abuse Prevention
FN-1500.1900-250 General Abuse Prevention
FN-1500.1900-800 Spouse/Intimate Partner Abuse Prevention
FN-1500.1950 Firearm Buyback/Exchange Programs
FN-1500.1955 Firearm Permit Fingerprinting
FN-1500.2050 Fraud Prevention
FN-1500.2150 General Crime Prevention Programs
FN-1500.2500 Guard Dogs
FN-1500.2550 Hate Crimes Prevention
FN-1500.2560 Human Trafficking Prevention
FN-1500.2570 Identity Theft Prevention
FN-1500.3600 Juvenile Delinquency Prevention
FN-1500.3600-250 General Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Programs
FN-1500.3600-500 Midnight Basketball
FN-1500.3600-650 Paramilitary Delinquency Prevention Programs
FN-1500.3700 Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Programs
FN-1500.6250 Offender Registration/Community Notification
FN-1500.6250-250 General Offender Registration/Community Notification
FN-1500.6250-800 Sex Offender Registration/Community Notification
FN-1500.6400 Prostitution Prevention
FN-1500.7700 Safety Escort Programs
FN-1500.8000 Security Evaluations
FN-1500.8000-100 Boat Security Evaluations
FN-1500.8000-150 Business Security Evaluations
FN-1500.8000-700 Residential Security Evaluations
FN-1500.8050 Security Guard Services
FN-1500.8100 Self Defense Training
FN-1500.8150 Sexual Assault Prevention
FN-1500.8150-050 Adult Sexual Assault Prevention
FN-1500.8150-150 Child Sexual Assault Prevention
FN-1500.8170 Sexual Harassment Prevention
FN-1500.8200 Shoplifting Prevention
FN-1500.8500 Tear Gas Training
FN-1500.8960 Underage Drinking Prevention
FN-1500.9000 Vacation Security Checks
FN-1500.9100 Victim Impact Programs
FN-1500.9100-180 Domestic Violence Intervention Programs
FN-1500.9100-250 General Victim Impact Programs
FN-1500.9400 Workplace Violence Prevention
FN-1500.9700 Youth Violence Prevention
FN-1700 Crime Reporting
FN-1700.0250 Abandoned Vehicle Reporting/Removal
FN-1700.0500 Arson Reporting
FN-1700.1000 Bad Check Reporting
FN-1700.1250 Carpool Lane Violations Reporting
FN-1700.1300 Child Sexual Exploitation Reporting
FN-1700.1400 Clergy Sexual Abuse Reporting
FN-1700.1470 Consumer Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.1470-150 Credit Card Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.1470-160 Credit Repair Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.1470-330 Internet Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.1470-500 Mail Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.1470-520 Mortgage Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.1470-650 Pyramid Scheme Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.1470-850 Telemarketing Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.1500 Counterfeit Money Reporting
FN-1700.1700 Dangerous Weapons Reporting
FN-1700.1800 Drug Crime Reporting
FN-1700.2000 Employee Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.2250 Fish and Game Violations Reporting
FN-1700.2500 Gang Activity Reporting
FN-1700.2550 Gas Siphoning Reporting
FN-1700.2600 General Crime Reporting
FN-1700.2650 Graffiti Reporting
FN-1700.3000 Hate Crimes Reporting
FN-1700.3200 Identity Theft Reporting/Recovery Programs
FN-1700.3300 Illegal Dumping Reporting
FN-1700.3350 Insurance Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.3350-050 Automobile Insurance Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.3350-250 General Insurance Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.3350-550 Medicare Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.3350-950 Workers Compensation Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.3500 Internet Crime Reporting
FN-1700.4000 Looting Reporting
FN-1700.6300 Non-Emergency Crime Reporting
FN-1700.6450 Organized Crime Reporting
FN-1700.6500 Postal Crime Reporting
FN-1700.6600 Probation/Parole Violations Reporting
FN-1700.6700 Public Nuisance Reporting
FN-1700.6700-030 Anti Blight Initiatives/Reporting
FN-1700.6700-180 Disorderly/Indecent Conduct Reporting
FN-1700.6900 Racial Profiling Reporting
FN-1700.7000 Reckless Driving Reporting
FN-1700.7400 School Related Crime Reporting
FN-1700.7800 Social Security Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.8000 Stolen Automobile Reporting
FN-1700.8200 Subsidized Housing Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.8400 Tax Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.8450 Telephone Harassment Reporting
FN-1700.8500 Terrorism Reporting
FN-1700.8550 Traffic Accident Reporting
FN-1700.9000 Unemployment Benefits Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.9100 Unlawful Distribution of Controlled Substances Reporting
FN-1700.9500 Welfare Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.9500-200 Food Stamps/SNAP Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.9500-250 General Relief Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.9500-330 In Home Supportive Services Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.9500-500 Medicaid Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.9500-850 TANF Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.9500-900 WIC Fraud Reporting
FN-1700.9600 White Collar Crime Reporting
FN-1900 Crime Victim Support
FN-1900.0400 Confidential Address Protection Programs
FN-1900.0500 Crime Victim Accompaniment Services
FN-1900.1500 Crime Victim Compensation
FN-1900.1600 Crime Victim Notification Services
FN-1900.2500 General Crime Victim Assistance
FN-1900.6500 Parole Related Crime Victim Services
FN-1900.6550 Permanent Restraining Order Identification Cards
FN-1900.9000 Victim/Offender Mediation Programs
FN-2100 Crime Witness Support
FN-2150 Evidence Collection Services
FN-2150.1500 Computer Forensics
FN-2150.1550 Crime Scene Investigation Services
FN-2150.1900 Forensic Art Services
FN-2150.2000 Forensic Audio Specialist Services
FN-2150.2100 Forensic Document Examination
FN-2150.2200 Forensic Polygraph Services
FN-2300 Gang Programs
FN-5000 Missing Persons Location Assistance
FN-7000 Silver Alerts
FP Legal Assistance Modalities
FP-0500 Advocacy
FP-0500.0100 Administrative Advocacy
FP-0500.2500 Group Advocacy
FP-0500.3300 Individual Advocacy
FP-0500.3500 Issue Advocacy
FP-0500.3900 Judicial Advocacy
FP-0500.4500 Legislative Advocacy
FP-0500.7800 Self Advocacy Support
FP-0500.8000 System Advocacy
FP-0700 Alternative Dispute Resolution
FP-0700.1000 Arbitration
FP-0700.5000 Mediation
FP-0700.5000-330 In Person Mediation
FP-0700.5000-850 Telephone Mediation
FP-0700.5150 Mini Trials
FP-0700.6500 Private Judging
FP-0700.8000 Summary Jury Trials
FP-1500 Certificates/Forms Assistance
FP-2000 Class Action Litigation
FP-2150 Court Watching
FP-4000 Legal Counseling
FP-4500 Legal Representation
FP-6500 Paralegal Counseling
FP-8000 Self Representation Assistance
FR Legal Education/Information
FR-4500 Law Enforcement Education/Information
FR-4500.1500 Citizen Police Academies
FR-4500.4000 K-9 Demonstrations
FR-4500.5900 National Night Out Events
FR-4500.6000 Officer Bill Programs
FR-4500.6500 Police Ride Along Programs
FR-4700 Legal Issues Education/Information
FS Legal Insurance
FT Legal Services
FT-0200 Agricultural/Agribusiness Law
FT-0600 Amnesty/Pardon Assistance
FT-0700 Animal Law
FT-0850 Aviation Law
FT-1000 Benefits Assistance
FT-1000.2500 General Benefits Assistance
FT-1000.3000 Holocaust Survivors Compensation/Restitution Assistance
FT-1000.3300 Immigrant Benefits Assistance
FT-1000.6500 Pension Benefits Assistance
FT-1000.6600 Protection and Advocacy for Individuals With Disabilities
FT-1000.6700 Public/Subsidized Housing Appeals Assistance
FT-1000.8900 Unemployment Insurance Benefits Assistance
FT-1000.9000 Veteran Benefits Assistance
FT-1000.9500 Welfare Rights Assistance
FT-1000.9700 Workers Compensation Benefits Assistance
FT-1020 Certificates/Forms Assistance
FT-1050 Constitutional Law
FT-1070 Consumer Law
FT-1100 Contract Law
FT-1300 Corporate/Business Law
FT-1500 Criminal Law
FT-1550 Criminal Record Expungement Assistance
FT-1800 Discrimination Assistance
FT-1800.1500 Club Membership Discrimination Assistance
FT-1800.1600 Customer Service Discrimination Assistance
FT-1800.1800 Education Discrimination Assistance
FT-1800.1850 Employment Discrimination Assistance
FT-1800.2900 Health Care Discrimination Assistance
FT-1800.3000 Housing Discrimination Assistance
FT-1900 Document Authentication Services
FT-2400 Ecclesiastical Law
FT-2450 Elder Law
FT-2455 Elder Mediation
FT-2465 Eminent Domain/Expropriation Actions
FT-2465.1900 Eminent Domain Condemnation Proceedings
FT-2465.3300 Inverse Condemnation Actions/Condemnation Appeals
FT-2500 Entertainment/Sports Law
FT-2550 Environmental Law
FT-2700 Estate Planning Assistance
FT-2700.0500 Advance Medical Directives
FT-2700.0500-150 Do Not Resuscitate Orders
FT-2700.0500-200 Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
FT-2700.0500-210 Durable Power of Attorney for Mental Health Care
FT-2700.0500-450 Living Wills
FT-2700.1700 Durable Power of Attorney for Asset Management
FT-2700.4400 Life Care Planning
FT-2700.6500 Post Mortem Estate Administration
FT-2700.8500 Trust Administration
FT-2700.8500-250 General Trust Administration
FT-2700.8500-500 Master Trust Administration
FT-2700.8600 Trust Preparation Assistance
FT-2700.8600-450 Living Trust Preparation Assistance
FT-2700.8600-800 Special Needs Trust Preparation Assistance
FT-2700.9500 Will Preparation Assistance
FT-2800 Ex-Offender Legal Assistance
FT-2800.1500 Criminal Record Expungement Assistance
FT-2800.6000 Pardon/Amnesty Assistance
FT-2800.6300 Post Conviction Restoration of Civil Rights
FT-3000 Family Law
FT-3000.0300 Adoption Legal Services
FT-3000.0500 Alimony Assistance
FT-3000.1450 Child Advocacy Centers
FT-3000.1500 Child Custody/Visitation Assistance
FT-3000.1600 Child Support Assistance/Enforcement
FT-3000.1640 Comprehensive Family Law Services
FT-3000.1700 Divorce Assistance
FT-3000.1700-150 Contested Divorce Assistance
FT-3000.1700-200 Divorce Mediation
FT-3000.1700-900 Uncontested Divorce Assistance
FT-3000.1750 Domestic/Family Violence Legal Services
FT-3000.1800 Emancipation of Minors
FT-3000.1900 Family Justice Centers
FT-3000.2000 Federal Parent Locator Service
FT-3000.2100 Foster Care Legal Services
FT-3000.2500 Grandparent Rights
FT-3000.6400 Parental Kidnapping Legal Assistance
FT-3000.6500 Paternity Suits
FT-3000.6800 Prenuptial Agreements
FT-3000.6900 Protective/Restraining Orders
FT-3000.6900-150 Criminal Temporary Protective Orders
FT-3000.6900-200 Emergency Protective Orders
FT-3000.6900-650 Permanent Restraining Orders
FT-3000.6900-800 Stalking/Harassment Orders
FT-3000.6900-850 Temporary Restraining Orders
FT-3000.7000 Reverse Paternity Actions
FT-3200 General Legal Aid
FT-3220 GI Rights Counseling
FT-3250 Health Law
FT-3300 Homesteading Assistance
FT-3375 Human Trafficking Legal Assistance
FT-3400 Identification Application Assistance
FT-3500 Immigration/Naturalization Adjudication Offices
FT-3500.1000 Board of Immigration Appeals
FT-3500.1500 Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices
FT-3500.1500-050 Asylum Offices
FT-3500.1500-150 CIS Application Support Centers
FT-3500.1500-200 CIS District Offices/Sub Offices
FT-3500.1500-250 CIS National Headquarters
FT-3500.1500-300 CIS Overseas Offices
FT-3500.1500-350 CIS Regional Service Centers
FT-3500.3000 Immigration Courts
FT-3550 Immigration/Naturalization Adjudication Services
FT-3550.0200 Adjustment of Status Adjudication
FT-3550.0400 Alien Registration Card Issuance/Renewal
FT-3550.0500 Alien Travel/Reentry Document Adjudication
FT-3550.0700 Asylum Application Adjudication
FT-3550.1500 Citizenship and Immigration Services Fingerprinting
FT-3550.3200 Immigrant Labor Certification Adjudication
FT-3550.3300 Immigrant Visa Application Adjudication
FT-3550.6000 Naturalization Application Adjudication
FT-3550.6040 Naturalization Oath Ceremonies
FT-3550.6100 Nonimmigrant Visa Application Adjudication
FT-3550.6900 Refugee Application Adjudication
FT-3550.7000 Removal/Deportation/Exclusion Adjudication
FT-3600 Immigration/Naturalization Legal Services
FT-3600.0250 Adjustment of Status to Lawful Permanent Residence
FT-3600.0250-050 Affidavits of Support
FT-3600.0250-100 Alien Registration Card Replacement Assistance
FT-3600.0250-300 HIV Waivers
FT-3600.0250-900 Waivers of Inadmissibility
FT-3600.0450 Alien Travel/Reentry Document Filing Assistance
FT-3600.1500 Comprehensive Immigration/Naturalization Services
FT-3600.3200 Immigrant Labor Certification Filing Assistance
FT-3600.3300 Immigrant Visa Application Filing Assistance
FT-3600.3300-180 Diversity Visas
FT-3600.3300-240 Family Based Visas
FT-3600.3300-350 Investor Visas
FT-3600.3300-650 Priority Worker Visas
FT-3600.3300-700 Refugee/Asylee Relative Petition Filing Assistance
FT-3600.3300-750 Self Petitions for Abused Spouses
FT-3600.3300-780 Skilled/Professional/Other Worker Visas
FT-3600.3300-820 Special Immigrant Juvenile Petitions
FT-3600.3300-850 Special Religious Immigrant Visas
FT-3600.3300-900 Visas for Persons With Advanced Degrees/Exceptional Ability
FT-3600.6000 Naturalization Support/Legal Services
FT-3600.6000-150 Citizenship Assistance Centers
FT-3600.6000-180 Citizenship Interviews/Tests
FT-3600.6000-300 Immigrant Medical Disability Waivers
FT-3600.6250 Nonimmigrant Visa Application Filing Assistance
FT-3600.6250-080 Business Visitor Visas
FT-3600.6250-120 Crewmember Visas
FT-3600.6250-140 Criminal Victim/Informant Visas
FT-3600.6250-160 Cultural Exchange Visitor Visas
FT-3600.6250-180 Diplomatic Visas
FT-3600.6250-200 Employees of International Organization Visas
FT-3600.6250-220 Exchange Visitor Visas
FT-3600.6250-240 Extraordinary Ability Nonimmigrant Visas
FT-3600.6250-260 Fiancé Visas
FT-3600.6250-330 Intercompany Transferee Visas
FT-3600.6250-350 International Media Representative Visas
FT-3600.6250-700 Religious Worker Visas
FT-3600.6250-730 Stopgap Visas for Children/Spouses of Permanent Residents
FT-3600.6250-750 Student Visas
FT-3600.6250-800 Temporary Worker Visas
FT-3600.6250-840 Tourist Visas
FT-3600.6250-860 Transit Visas
FT-3600.6250-880 Treaty Investor/Treaty Trader Visas
FT-3600.6250-920 Visas for Victims of Human Trafficking
FT-3600.6500 Relief from Removal/Other Immigration Relief
FT-3600.6500-060 Asylum Application Filing Assistance
FT-3600.6500-150 Cancellation of Removal Relief
FT-3600.6500-180 Convention Against Torture Relief
FT-3600.6500-210 Country Specific Immigration Relief
FT-3600.6500-250 Deferred Action on Alien Removal
FT-3600.6500-280 Deferred Enforced Departure Relief
FT-3600.6500-330 Immigrant Legalization/Registry
FT-3600.6500-850 Temporary Protected Status Relief
FT-3600.6500-950 Withholding of Removal Relief
FT-3600.7000 Rights Counseling for Undocumented People
FT-3900 Insurance Law
FT-3900.3300 Insurance Claims Assistance
FT-3900.3300-300 Health Insurance Claims Assistance for Beneficiaries
FT-3900.3300-350 Health Insurance Claims Assistance for Providers
FT-3950 Intellectual Property Law
FT-4150 Labor and Employment Law
FT-4200 Labor Relations
FT-4200.4400 Labor Arbitration/Mediation
FT-4200.4500 Labor/Management Consultation
FT-4200.9000 Unfair Labor Practices
FT-4200.9050 Union Elections
FT-4500 Landlord/Tenant Assistance
FT-4500.1800 Eviction Prevention Legal Assistance
FT-4500.4500 Landlord Associations
FT-4500.4550 Landlord Rights Information/Counseling
FT-4500.4600 Landlord/Tenant Dispute Resolution
FT-4500.7000 Rent Control Enforcement
FT-4500.8500 Tenant Associations
FT-4500.8550 Tenant Rights Information/Counseling
FT-4800 Lawyer Referral Services
FT-4850 Licensing/Certification Appeals Assistance
FT-4900 Litigation Award Collection Assistance
FT-4950 Long Term Care Ombudsman Programs
FT-5100 Malpractice Assistance
FT-5100.4500 Legal Malpractice Assistance
FT-5100.5000 Medical Malpractice Assistance
FT-5100.8500 Therapy Malpractice Assistance
FT-5200 Maritime Law
FT-5400 Media Law
FT-5700 Military Law
FT-5900 Name Change Assistance
FT-5950 Native American/Tribal Law
FT-6100 Notary Public Services
FT-6200 Patient Rights Assistance
FT-6400 Personal Injury Assistance
FT-6900 Probate Assistance
FT-6900.1500 Conservatorship Assistance
FT-6900.1500-450 LPS Conservatorship Assistance
FT-6900.1500-650 Probate Conservatorship Assistance
FT-6900.1500-900 Voluntary Conservatorship Assistance
FT-6900.1800 Estate Entitlement Assistance
FT-6900.2500 Guardianship Assistance
FT-6900.2500-050 Adult Guardianship Assistance
FT-6900.2500-150 Child Guardianship Assistance
FT-7200 Professional Disbarment Assistance
FT-7800 Real Estate Law
FT-8000 School System Advocacy
FT-8000.2500 General Education Advocacy
FT-8000.8000 Special Education Advocacy
FT-8100 Small Claims Advisory Programs
FT-8700 Surrogate Mother Legal Assistance
FT-9100 Traffic/Parking Violation Assistance
FT-9100.1000 Booted Vehicle Information
FT-9100.1800 Driver License Reinstatement Assistance
FT-9100.3300 Impounded Vehicle Services
FT-9100.9100 Traffic/Parking Ticket Information/Advice
FT-9150 Unclaimed Property Assistance
FT-9200 Wage Assignment Assistance
FT-9200.1500 Child Support Wage Assignment Assistance
FT-9200.8000 Spousal Support Wage Assignment Assistance
FT-9400 Wage Garnishment Assistance
FT-9700 Whistleblower Advocacy
FT-9900 Wrongful Action Compensation Administration
FV Legal Services Organizations
FV-1400 Community Legal Clinics
FV-6380 Private Investigation Agencies
FV-6400 Private Law Practices
H Education
HD Educational Institutions/Schools
HD-0500 Alternative Education
HD-0500.0500 American Schools Abroad
HD-0500.1500 Charter Schools
HD-0500.1700 Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs
HD-0500.1800 Experimental Colleges
HD-0500.2000 Free Schools
HD-0500.2050 Freedom Schools
HD-0500.3000 Homeschooling
HD-0500.5000 Magnet Schools
HD-0500.5000-050 Alternative Schools
HD-0500.5000-200 Fundamental Schools
HD-0500.5000-800 Specialized Curriculum Schools
HD-0500.6300 Open Universities
HD-1000 BIA Schools
HD-1200 Boards of Education
HD-1200.1000 Board of Regents
HD-1200.4500 Local School Boards
HD-1200.8000 State Boards of Education
HD-1800 Early Childhood Education
HD-1800.1800 Early Head Start
HD-1800.1800-150 Early Head Start Grantee/Delegate Agencies
HD-1800.1800-200 Early Head Start Sites
HD-1800.3000 Head Start
HD-1800.3000-300 Head Start Grantee/Delegate Agencies
HD-1800.3000-350 Head Start Sites
HD-1800.6500 Preschools
HD-1800.6500-050 Adlerian Preschools
HD-1800.6500-150 Community Based Preschools
HD-1800.6500-330 Inclusive Preschools
HD-1800.6500-500 Montessori Preschools
HD-1800.6500-650 Parochial Preschools
HD-1800.6500-670 Piaget Preschools
HD-1800.6500-680 Preschool Cooperatives
HD-1800.6500-700 Public Preschools
HD-1800.6500-870 Special Preschools
HD-1800.6500-950 Waldorf Preschools
HD-1800.8000 School Readiness Programs
HD-6000 Postsecondary Institutions
HD-6000.1300 Colleges/Universities
HD-6000.1300-600 Private Colleges/Universities
HD-6000.1300-650 Public Colleges/Universities
HD-6000.1400 Community Adult Schools
HD-6000.1500 Community Colleges
HD-6000.6200 Professional Schools
HD-6000.6200-050 Architecture Schools
HD-6000.6200-100 Business Schools
HD-6000.6200-180 Dental Schools
HD-6000.6200-220 Engineering Schools
HD-6000.6200-400 Law Schools
HD-6000.6200-450 Medical Schools
HD-6000.6200-500 Nursing Schools
HD-6000.6200-600 Schools of Education
HD-6000.6200-660 Schools of Information/Library Science
HD-6000.6200-700 Schools of Public Administration
HD-6000.6200-730 Schools of Public Health
HD-6000.6200-760 Schools of Social Work
HD-6000.6200-800 Schools of Veterinary Medicine
HD-6000.6200-850 Theology Schools
HD-6000.8000 Schools of the Arts
HD-6000.9000 Technical/Trade Schools
HD-6500 Private Schools
HD-6500.1000 Boarding Schools
HD-6500.1000-050 All Grade Boarding Schools
HD-6500.1000-180 Elementary Level Boarding Schools
HD-6500.1000-800 Secondary Level Boarding Schools
HD-6500.5000 Military Schools
HD-6500.5500 Montessori Elementary Schools
HD-6500.6500 Parochial Schools
HD-6500.6500-500 Parochial All Grade Academies
HD-6500.6500-550 Parochial Elementary Schools
HD-6500.6500-650 Parochial Secondary Schools
HD-6500.6600 Private Day Schools
HD-6500.6600-550 Private All Grade Day Schools
HD-6500.6600-600 Private Elementary Day Schools
HD-6500.6600-650 Private Secondary Day Schools
HD-8000 Public Schools
HD-8000.1800 Elementary Schools
HD-8000.1800-330 Intermediate Schools
HD-8000.1800-400 Kindergartens
HD-8000.1800-500 Middle Schools
HD-8000.1800-650 Primary Schools
HD-8000.8100 Secondary/High Schools
HD-8200 School Districts
HD-8200.1500 Community College Districts
HD-8200.2000 Elementary School Districts
HD-8200.3000 High School Districts
HD-8200.9000 Unified School Districts
HH Educational Programs
HH-0500 Adult Education
HH-0500.0300 Accent Reduction Classes
HH-0500.0500 Adult Basic Education
HH-0500.0750 Alumni Education
HH-0500.1500 Citizenship Education
HH-0500.1600 Continuing Education
HH-0500.1600-450 Lifelong Learning Programs
HH-0500.1600-650 Professional Continuing Education
HH-0500.1850 Extension Education
HH-0500.2500 Graduation Requirements Programs
HH-0500.2500-050 Adult High School Diploma Programs
HH-0500.2500-180 Eighth Grade Diploma Programs
HH-0500.2500-250 GED/High School Equivalency Test Instruction
HH-0500.2500-270 GED/High School Equivalency Test Sites
HH-0500.2500-900 Veteran High School Diploma Programs
HH-0500.3000 Honorary Degree Programs
HH-0500.8000 Second Language Programs
HH-0500.8000-150 English as a Second Language
HH-0500.8000-800 Spanish as a Second Language
HH-0500.8000-900 Vocational English as a Second Language
HH-0500.8500 TEFL Teacher Training Certification Courses
HH-1000 Bilingual Education
HH-1200 Compensatory Education Programs
HH-1500 Domestic Student Exchange Programs
HH-1600 Dropout Programs
HH-1600.1500 Continuation High Schools
HH-1600.1600 Dropout Prevention
HH-1700 Dual Enrollment Programs
HH-2500 Gifted Education
HH-2500.2500 Gifted Programs
HH-2500.2550 Gifted Schools
HH-3000 Homeless School Transition Programs
HH-3300 Independent Study
HH-3300.1800 Distance Education
HH-3300.1800-150 Correspondence Programs
HH-3300.1800-220 Internet Courses
HH-3300.1800-850 Telecourses
HH-3300.4500 Learning Laboratories
HH-3400 International Baccalaureate Programs
HH-4450 Language Immersion Programs
HH-4450.1500 Chinese Immersion Programs
HH-4450.8000 Spanish Immersion Programs
HH-4500 Literacy Programs
HH-4500.0500 Adult Literacy Programs
HH-4500.1800 Early Literacy Development Programs
HH-4500.2000 Family Literacy Programs
HH-4500.9500 Youth Literacy Programs
HH-5000 Migrant Education Programs
HH-5500 Multicultural Education
HH-6900 Recovery Schools
HH-7000 Remedial Education
HH-7000.7000 Remedial Mathematics
HH-7000.7100 Remedial Reading
HH-7000.7150 Remedial Spelling
HH-7900 Saturday School Detention Programs
HH-7920 School Based Teen Parent/Pregnant Teen Programs
HH-7950 Service Learning Programs
HH-8000 Special Education
HH-8000.0500 Adapted Physical Education
HH-8000.1500 Early Identification Programs
HH-8000.3000 Home Instruction
HH-8000.3100 Hospital Instruction
HH-8000.3300 Itinerant Education Services
HH-8000.6000 Nonpublic Special Schools
HH-8000.6000-650 Private Special Day Schools
HH-8000.6000-700 Residential Special Schools
HH-8000.6400 Postsecondary Opportunities for People With Disabilities
HH-8000.6500 Public Special Schools
HH-8000.7000 Resource Specialist Programs
HH-8000.7850 Shadow Teacher Services
HH-8000.8000 Special Education Classes/Centers
HH-8000.8100 Special Education Plan Development
HH-8000.8500 Transition Services for Students With Disabilities
HH-8000.8500-800 School to Adult Life Transition Services
HH-8300 Summer School Programs
HH-9000 Vocational Education
HH-9000.3000 High School Vocational Education Courses
HH-9000.7000 Regional Occupational Centers
HH-9000.7100 Regional Occupational Programs
HH-9000.7500 School to Work Programs
HH-9000.8750 Vocational Centers
HH-9000.9000 Vocational/Trade High Schools
HL Educational Support Services
HL-0500 Adopt A School Programs
HL-1200 Campus Information and Visitor Services
HL-1300 College/University Admissions
HL-1500 College/University Housing
HL-1700 College/University Registration and Enrollment
HL-1750 College/University Tours and Visits
HL-2000 Educational Testing
HL-2000.0500 Achievement Testing
HL-2000.0550 Adult English as a Second Language Tests
HL-2000.0600 Aptitude Testing
HL-2000.1500 Career Entrance Examinations
HL-2000.1800 Education Entrance Examinations
HL-2000.1800-150 College/University Entrance Examinations
HL-2000.1800-250 Graduate Program Examinations
HL-2000.1900 Education Exit Examinations
HL-2000.1900-300 High School Exit Examinations
HL-2000.2000 Equivalency Tests
HL-2000.2000-050 Advanced Placement Tests
HL-2000.2000-150 College/University Credit by Examination
HL-2000.2000-300 High School Competency Tests
HL-2000.3300 Intelligence Testing
HL-2000.4400 Language Proficiency Testing
HL-2000.4500 Literacy Testing
HL-2000.8000 Special Education Assessment
HL-2000.8500 Typing/Keyboard Proficiency Tests
HL-2500 Guidance and Counseling
HL-2500.0500 Academic Counseling
HL-2500.1500 College/University Entrance Support
HL-2500.1800 Educational Therapy
HL-2500.2000 Foreign Student Advisement
HL-2500.2900 Higher Education Awareness/Support Programs
HL-2500.3000 Higher Education Bridge Programs
HL-2500.5000 Military Student Transition Assistance
HL-2500.6300 Preschool Referral Programs
HL-2500.6400 Primary School Adjustment Programs
HL-2500.7100 Return to Education Support
HL-2500.7800 School Placement Services
HL-2500.7800-650 Private School Placement Services
HL-2500.7800-700 Public School Placement Services
HL-2500.7950 School Social Work Services
HL-2500.8000 Student Counseling Services
HL-2500.8035 Student Career Counseling
HL-2500.8050 Study Abroad
HL-2500.8100 Study Skills Assistance
HL-2500.8600 Truancy Counseling
HL-3010 Instructional Support Services
HL-3010.3000 Homeschooling Teaching Assistance
HL-3010.3300 Instructional Materials
HL-3010.3400 Instructional Materials Vendors
HL-3010.6500 Parent/Family Involvement in Education
HL-3300 Instructional Materials
HL-3400 Instructional Materials Vendors
HL-6500 Parent/Family Involvement in Education
HL-7500 School Health Programs
HL-7600 School Meal Services
HL-7700 School Ombudsman Offices
HL-7760 School Registration Offices
HL-7800 School Supplies
HL-7800.2000 Free School Supplies
HL-7800.4500 Low Cost School Supplies
HL-7980 Student Disability Services
HL-7980.3300 Inclusion Support
HL-7980.6000 Note Taking Services
HL-7980.7000 Reader Services
HL-7980.8000 School Accessibility
HL-7980.8100 School Based Document Conversion Services
HL-7980.8200 School Based Sign Language Interpretation
HL-7980.8500 Testing Accommodations
HL-8000 Student Financial Aid
HL-8000.0500 Assistantships
HL-8000.1500 Consumer Involvement Funds
HL-8000.1750 Education Related Fee Payment Assistance
HL-8000.1800 Educational Benefits
HL-8000.1800-180 Education and Training Benefits for Former Foster Youth
HL-8000.1800-900 Veteran Education Benefits
HL-8000.1830 Educational Grants
HL-8000.1850 Educational Vouchers
HL-8000.2000 Fellowships
HL-8000.7800 Scholarship Clubs
HL-8000.8000 Scholarships
HL-8000.8090 Student Loan Forgiveness/Repayment Programs
HL-8000.8100 Student Loans
HL-8000.8200 Stipends for Student Living Expenses
HL-8000.8500 Tuition Assistance
HL-8000.9500 Work Study Programs
HL-8010 Student Financial Aid Offices
HL-8100 Student Organizations
HL-8100.0500 Alumni Associations
HL-8100.3000 Honor Societies
HL-8100.6500 Professional Fraternities/Sororities
HL-8100.7600 School Clubs
HL-8100.7800 Social Fraternities
HL-8100.7850 Social Sororities
HL-8100.8000 Student Government Organizations
HL-8120 Student Services and Campus Life
HL-8120.1200 Campus Information and Visitor Services
HL-8120.1300 College/University Admissions
HL-8120.1700 College/University Registration and Enrollment
HL-8120.1750 College/University Tours and Visits
HL-8120.1800 Elementary/Secondary School Registration Offices
HL-8120.7600 School Meal Services
HL-8120.7700 School Ombudsman
HL-8120.7780 School Social Work Services
HL-8120.7800 School Supplies
HL-8120.7800-200 Free School Supplies
HL-8120.7800-450 Low Cost School Supplies
HL-8120.7950 Student Counseling Services
HL-8120.7980 Student Disability Services
HL-8120.7980-330 Inclusion Support
HL-8120.7980-600 Note Taking Services
HL-8120.7980-700 Reader Services
HL-8120.7980-800 School Accessibility
HL-8120.7980-810 School Based Document Conversion Services
HL-8120.7980-820 School Based Sign Language Interpretation
HL-8120.7980-850 Testing Accommodations
HL-8120.8030 Student Health Programs
HL-8120.8040 Student Housing
HL-8120.8100 Student Organizations
HL-8120.8100-050 Alumni Associations
HL-8120.8100-300 Honor Societies
HL-8120.8100-650 Professional Fraternities/Sororities
HL-8120.8100-760 School Clubs
HL-8120.8100-780 Social Fraternities
HL-8120.8100-785 Social Sororities
HL-8120.8100-800 Student Government Organizations
HL-8120.8200 Student Transportation Services
HL-8200 Student Transportation Services
HL-8500 Test Preparation
HL-8500.0400 ASVAB Military Test Preparation
HL-8500.1300 Career Entrance Examination Preparation
HL-8500.1400 Citizenship Test Preparation
HL-8500.1500 College/University Entrance Examination Preparation
HL-8500.1550 College/University Placement Test Preparation
HL-8500.1550-050 Advanced Placement Test Preparation
HL-8500.1550-800 Subject A Test Preparation
HL-8500.1900 Elementary/Secondary Achievement Test Preparation
HL-8500.1950 English Language Proficiency Test Preparation
HL-8500.2500 Graduate Entrance Examination Preparation
HL-8500.3000 High School Exit Examination Preparation
HL-8500.8500 TOEFL Test Preparation
HL-8550 Test Proctoring
HL-8695 Tutoring Registries
HL-8700 Tutoring Services
HL-8700.3000 Homework Help Programs
HL-8700.8000 Subject Tutoring
HP Postsecondary Instructional Programs
J Environment and Public Health/Safety
JD Environmental Protection and Improvement
JD-1500 Conservation
JD-1500.1000 Backyard Conservation
JD-1500.1500 Ecosystem Management
JD-1500.1800 Energy Conservation
JD-1500.1800-050 Alternative Energy Sources Development/Use
JD-1500.1800-180 Energy Use Audits
JD-1500.2500 Geological Surveys
JD-1500.4500 Land Conservation
JD-1500.4500-160 Desert Conservation
JD-1500.4500-170 Desertification Prevention
JD-1500.4500-180 Farmland Preservation
JD-1500.4500-200 Forest Conservation
JD-1500.4500-450 Land Banks/Trusts
JD-1500.4500-620 Prairie Conservation
JD-1500.4500-650 Public Land Management
JD-1500.4500-800 Soil Conservation
JD-1500.4500-840 Surface Mining Regulation and Reclamation
JD-1500.4500-950 Wilderness Conservation
JD-1500.5000 Marine Conservation
JD-1500.5000-140 Coastal Environmental Protection and Management
JD-1500.5000-170 Coral Reef Conservation
JD-1500.5000-500 Marine Mammal Protection
JD-1500.5000-550 Marine Sanctuaries
JD-1500.6000 Nonrenewable Resources Conservation
JD-1500.6500 Plant Conservation
JD-1500.6500-650 Plant Species Reintroduction
JD-1500.6500-800 Seed Banks
JD-1500.6500-850 Tree Planting Ordinances/Funds
JD-1500.6500-950 Wildflower Conservation
JD-1500.9500 Water Resources Conservation
JD-1500.9500-300 Home Water Use Surveys
JD-1500.9500-870 Water Conservation Enforcement
JD-1500.9500-950 Water Conservation Kits
JD-1500.9500-970 Water Reclamation
JD-1500.9550 Watershed Conservation
JD-1500.9550-700 River Ecology and Management
JD-1500.9550-900 Wetlands Conservation
JD-1500.9600 Wildlife Conservation
JD-1500.9600-030 Adopt A Zoo/Rescue Facility Animal
JP-1500.1800 Epidemic Investigation
JD-1500.9600-100 Bird Protection/Conservation
JD-1500.9600-120 Butterfly/Insect Conservation
JD-1500.9600-180 Endangered Species Survival Programs
JD-1500.9600-200 Fishery Conservation/Management
JD-1500.9600-900 Wild Animal Preservation/Protection
JD-1500.9600-950 Wildlife Refuges
JD-1500.9600-960 Wildlife Rescue/Relocation
JD-1500.9600-980 Wildlife Shelters
JD-2000 Environmental Beautification
JD-2000.0300 Adopt An Environmental Cause
JD-2000.1400 Community Beautification Awards
JD-2000.1500 Community/Nature Area Cleanup/Enhancement Projects
JD-2000.4500 Litter Control
JD-2000.6500 Plant/Tree Banks
JD-2000.8000 Sign Regulation
JD-2000.8500 Tree Planting Programs
JD-6500 Pollution Control
JD-6500.0500 Air Pollution Control
JD-6500.0500-020 Air Pollution Control/Fuel Efficiency Incentives Programs
JD-6500.0500-030 Alternative Fuels/Additives
JD-6500.0500-050 Automobile Emissions Control
JD-6500.0500-150 Climate Change Prevention Programs
JD-6500.0500-280 Fuel Storage Tank Regulation
JD-6500.0500-330 Industrial Pollution Control
JD-6500.0500-780 Service Station Pollution Control
JD-6500.0500-800 Smog Test Centers
JD-6500.0500-830 Smoking Regulation
JD-6500.1800 Hazardous Materials Control
JD-6500.1800-250 Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulation
JD-6500.1800-300 Hazardous Waste Control
JD-6500.1800-650 Pesticide/Herbicide Control
JD-6500.1800-680 Pipeline Safety Standards
JD-6500.6000 Noise Abatement
JD-6500.6000-030 Aircraft/Airport Noise Control
JD-6500.6000-050 Barking Dogs Control
JD-6500.6000-150 Commercial Noise Control
JD-6500.6000-180 Construction Site Noise Control
JD-6500.6000-450 Leaf Blower Noise Control
JD-6500.6000-500 Motor Vehicle Noise Control
JD-6500.6000-600 Noisy Neighbors Control
JD-6500.6350 Ocean Pollution Control
JD-6500.6400 Odor Control
JD-6500.7000 Radiation Control
JD-6500.7000-180 Electronic Product Radiation Regulation
JD-6500.7000-650 Nuclear Facility Regulation
JD-6500.7000-700 Radioactive Materials Licensing/Inspection
JD-6500.7000-750 Radioactive Waste Regulation
JD-6500.9500 Water Quality Assurance
JD-6500.9500-900 Wastewater Regulation/Monitoring
JD-6500.9500-900.90 Wastewater Discharge Permits
JD-6500.9500-900.95 Wastewater Discharge Testing
JD-6500.9500-930 Water Quality Information/Reporting
JD-6500.9500-940 Water Quality Monitoring
JP Public Health
JP-1500 Communicable Disease Control
JP-1500.1500 Contact Tracing/Partner Notification
JP-1500.1700 Disease Specific Communicable Disease Control
JP-1500.1700-050 AIDS/HIV Control
JP-1500.1700-190 Delousing/Body Parasite Treatment
JP-1500.1700-200 Ebola Control
JP-1500.1700-250 Food Poisoning Investigation
JP-1500.1700-300 Head Lice Control
JP-1500.1700-330 Influenza Control
JP-1500.1700-500 Meningitis Control
JP-1500.1700-700 Rabies Control
JP-1500.1700-730 SARS Control
JP-1500.1700-750 Sexually Transmitted Disease Control
JP-1500.1700-800 Tuberculosis Control
JP-1500.1700-850 Universal Precautions Programs
JP-1500.1700-900 West Nile Virus Control
JP-1500.3300 Isolation/Quarantine Orders
JP-1500.9100 Vaccine Depots
JP-6300 Occupational Health and Safety
JP-6300.3300 Industry Specific Occupational Health and Safety
JP-6300.3300-450 Logging Safety Standards
JP-6300.3300-500 Mine Health and Safety Standards
JP-6300.3300-650 Pesticide Illness and Injury Control
JP-6300.9500 Work Hazards Citations Appeals
JP-6300.9550 Work Hazards Consultation
JP-6300.9600 Workplace Safety Inspections
JP-6500 Public Health Information/Inspection/Remediation
JP-6500.1500 Environmental Hazards Cleanup
JP-6500.1500-050 Asbestos Removal
JP-6500.1500-100 Crime and Trauma Cleaning
JP-6500.1500-200 Fuel Storage Tank Removal/Replacement Programs
JP-6500.1500-300 Hazardous Spill Cleanup
JP-6500.1500-330 Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup
JP-6500.1500-450 Lead Paint Abatement
JP-6500.1500-500 Mine Tailings Removal
JP-6500.1500-550 Mold Abatement
JP-6500.1500-650 Oil Spill Cleanup
JP-6500.1500-700 Radon Mitigation
JP-6500.1800 Environmental Hazards Evaluation
JP-6500.1800-050 Asbestos Testing
JP-6500.1800-150 Carbon Monoxide Testing
JP-6500.1800-180 Comprehensive Indoor Air Pollution Testing
JP-6500.1800-220 Fuel Storage Tank Testing
JP-6500.1800-450 Lead Testing
JP-6500.1800-500 Microwave Radiation Testing
JP-6500.1800-550 Mold Analysis
JP-6500.1800-700 Radon Testing
JP-6500.1800-800 Soil Contaminant Testing
JP-6500.1800-850 Tap Water Testing
JP-6500.1800-900 Ultraviolet Radiation Testing
JP-6500.1900 Environmental Hazards Information
JP-6500.1900-050 Asbestos Information
JP-6500.1900-150 Carbon Monoxide Information
JP-6500.1900-200 Fuel Storage Tank Information
JP-6500.1900-300 Hazardous Waste Site Information
JP-6500.1900-330 Indoor Air Pollution Information
JP-6500.1900-450 Lead Information
JP-6500.1900-500 Microwave Radiation Information
JP-6500.1900-550 Mold Pollution Information
JP-6500.1900-700 Radon Information
JP-6500.1900-800 Soil Contaminant Information
JP-6500.1900-850 Tap Water Information
JP-6500.1900-900 Ultraviolet Radiation Information
JP-6500.2000 Environmental Hazards Reporting
JP-6500.3000 Home Sanitation
JP-6500.6480 Personal Service Health Inspections
JP-6500.6500 Pest Control Services
JP-6500.6500-050 Ant Control
JP-6500.6500-085 Bed Bug Control
JP-6500.6500-100 Bee Control
JP-6500.6500-120 Bird Control
JP-6500.6500-200 Flea Control
JP-6500.6500-230 Goose Management
JP-6500.6500-250 Gopher Control
JP-6500.6500-500 Mosquito Control
JP-6500.6500-700 Rat Control
JP-6500.6500-720 Roach Control
JP-6500.6500-780 Spider Control
JP-6500.6500-800 Squirrel Control
JP-6500.6500-850 Termite Control
JP-6500.6500-870 Tick Control
JP-6500.6500-950 Wasp Control
JP-6500.6550 Pest Detection
JP-6500.6600 Pest Exclusion
JP-6500.6610 Pest Identification
JP-6500.6615 Pest Information
JP-6500.6630 Pool Sanitation
JP-6500.6650 Public Facility Health Inspection
JP-6500.6675 Public Health Inspection/Remediation Expense Assistance
JP-6500.7000 Restaurant/Food Sanitation
JP-6600 Public Health Nursing
JP-6800 Public Health Surveillance Programs
JR Public Safety
JR-1800 Emergency Rescue
JR-1800.0500 Air Accident Rescue
JR-1800.0600 Air Search and Rescue
JR-1800.1500 Cave Search and Rescue
JR-1800.1550 Collapse Search and Rescue
JR-1800.1700 Desert Search and Rescue
JR-1800.3300 Ice Search and Rescue
JR-1800.4500 Lifeguard Services
JR-1800.4900 Mine and Tunnel Search and Rescue
JR-1800.5000 Mountain Search and Rescue
JR-1800.8000 Sea/Lake Rescue
JR-1800.8100 Ski Patrol
JR-1800.8150 Swift Water Search and Rescue
JR-1800.8500 Traffic Accident Rescue
JR-1800.9000 Underwater Search/Rescue/Recovery
JR-1900 Fire Services
JR-1900.2000 Fire Control/Extinction
JR-1900.2100 Fire Safety Inspections
JR-1900.2200 Fireworks Regulation
JR-1950 Fire Stations
JR-6000 911 Services
JR-8000 Safety Advisories
JR-8000.0900 Burning Bans
JR-8000.4500 Lockdown/Active Shooter Incident Advisories
JR-8000.5000 Marine Traffic Advisories
JR-8000.6200 Product Safety Alerts/Recalls
JR-8000.6400 Public Health Advisories
JR-8000.6400-100 Beach Closures/Water Contact Advisories
JR-8000.6400-180 Disease Control Advisories
JR-8000.6400-220 Food Safety Warnings
JR-8000.6400-800 Smog Alerts
JR-8000.6400-950 Water Purification Bulletins
JR-8000.7900 Shark Warnings
JR-8000.8500 Traffic Bulletins/Information
JR-8000.9500 Weather Reports
JR-8000.9650 Wildlife Warnings
JR-8200 Safety Education Programs
JR-8200.0500 Air Safety Education
JR-8200.0600 Amusement Ride Safety Programs
JR-8200.1500 Child Care Instruction
JR-8200.1500-100 Babysitting Instruction
JR-8200.1500-150 Child Care Provider Training
JR-8200.1600 Cult Awareness Programs
JR-8200.1980 Farm Safety Education
JR-8200.2000 Fire Prevention Information
JR-8200.2100 Firearm Safety Education
JR-8200.2150 Fireworks Safety Education
JR-8200.2350 Food Safety Education
JR-8200.2500 General Safety Education
JR-8200.2800 Hiking/Camping Safety Education
JR-8200.2900 Holiday Safety Education
JR-8200.3000 Household Safety Programs
JR-8200.3000-100 Backyard Safety Education
JR-8200.3000-200 Fall Prevention Programs
JR-8200.3000-250 Home Safety Evaluations
JR-8200.3000-300 Household Hazardous Materials Information
JR-8200.3000-340 Indoor Home Safety Education
JR-8200.3000-650 Poison Safety Education
JR-8200.3000-950 Yard Care Equipment Safety Education
JR-8200.3200 Hunting Safety Education
JR-8200.3400 Internet Safety Education
JR-8200.6500 Personal Safety Education
JR-8200.6500-030 Active Shooter Incident Preparedness Information
JR-8200.6500-180 Dog Safety Education
JR-8200.6500-300 Halloween Safety Education
JR-8200.6500-330 Hitchhiking Safety Education
JR-8200.6500-350 Infant and Child Safety Education
JR-8200.6500-450 Latchkey/Home Alone Safety Programs
JR-8200.6500-850 Toy Safety Education
JR-8200.6600 Play Safety Education
JR-8200.7800 Safety Town Programs
JR-8200.8000 School Safety Education
JR-8200.8300 Sports Safety Education
JR-8200.8500 Traffic Safety Education/Inspections
JR-8200.8500-050 Adult Passenger Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-070 All Terrain Vehicle Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-100 Bicycle Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-140 Carpooling/Ridesharing Safety
JR-8200.8500-150 Child Passenger Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-160 Child Passenger Safety Seat Inspections
JR-8200.8500-180 Driving Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-450 Motor Vehicle Inspection Programs
JR-8200.8500-500 Motorcycle Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-650 Pedestrian Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-670 Rail Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-700 Roller Skating/Skateboarding Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-750 School Bus Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-800 Snowmobile Safety Education
JR-8200.8500-850 Traffic School
JR-8200.8500-950 Work Zone Safety Education
JR-8200.9500 Water Safety Education
JR-8200.9500-100 Beach Awareness
JR-8200.9500-120 Boating Safety Education
JR-8200.9500-450 Lifeguard Training
JR-8200.9500-800 Swimming Safety Education
JR-8200.9550 Wildlife Safety Education
JR-8200.9600 Workplace Safety Education
JR-8400 Safety Equipment
JR-8400.0500 Air Bags
JR-8400.1000 Body Protection Devices
JR-8400.1400 Carbon Monoxide Detectors
JR-8400.1500 Child Passenger Safety Seats
JR-8400.1900 Emergency Signaling Devices
JR-8400.1920 Eye/Face Protection Sports Gear
JR-8400.2000 Fire Suppression Systems
JR-8400.2000-200 Fire Extinguishers
JR-8400.2000-650 Residential Fire Sprinklers
JR-8400.2000-700 Rooftop Sprinklers
JR-8400.2000-800 Spark Arrestors
JR-8400.2000-950 Wildfire Residential Fire Protection Systems
JR-8400.3000 Gun Locking Devices
JR-8400.3450 Hard Hats
JR-8400.3500 Helmets
JR-8400.3600 Home Safety Devices
JR-8400.4000 Key Lock Box Systems
JR-8400.4500 Life Preservers
JR-8400.4550 Life Rafts
JR-8400.4600 Lightning Rods
JR-8400.6500 Parachutes
JR-8400.6600 Protective Eyewear
JR-8400.7800 Scald Protection Devices
JR-8400.8000 Smoke Alarms
JR-8400.8200 Stove Safety Devices
L Health Care
LD Emergency Medical Care
LD-1500 Emergency Medical Transportation
LD-1500.0500 Air Ambulance Services
LD-1500.0600 Ambulance Services
LD-1700 Emergency Room Care
LD-3300 Intensive Care
LD-3300.1500 Coronary Care Units
LD-3300.2500 General Intensive Care
LD-3300.6000 Neonatal Intensive Care
LD-3300.6200 Neurological Intensive Care
LD-3300.6500 Pediatric Intensive Care
LD-3300.7000 Respiratory Intensive Care
LD-3300.8000 Surgical Intensive Care
LD-6500 Paramedic/EMT Services
LD-8450 Trauma Care
LD-8500 Trauma Centers
LD-8600 Twenty Three Hour Medical Observation Programs
LE General Medical Care
LF Health Screening/Diagnostic Services
LF-0100 Activities of Daily Living Assessment
LF-0200 Citizenship and Immigration Medical Examinations
LF-4800 Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology
LF-4800.0500 Angiograms
LF-4800.0550 Arteriograms
LF-4800.0600 Arthrography
LF-4800.1000 Barium Enemas
LF-4800.1250 Bone Scans
LF-4800.1300 Brain Imaging
LF-4800.1350 Bronchograms
LF-4800.1360 Bronchoscopy
LF-4800.1500 Chest X-Rays
LF-4800.1550 Cisternograms
LF-4800.1750 Dacryocystography
LF-4800.2000 Fluoroscopy
LF-4800.2500 Gallbladder/Bile Duct Scans
LF-4800.2500-100 Cholangiography
LF-4800.2500-150 Cholecystography
LF-4800.2500-200 Cholescintigraphy
LF-4800.2550 Gastroesophageal Reflux Imaging
LF-4800.2600 Gated Cardiac Studies
LF-4800.2650 GI Series
LF-4800.3000 Hysterosalpingograms
LF-4800.3300 Intravenous Pyelograms
LF-4800.4500 Laryngography
LF-4800.4550 Liver Scans
LF-4800.4800 Lung Scans
LF-4800.4900 Lymphangiography
LF-4800.5750 Magnetic Resonance Imaging
LF-4800.5800 Myelograms
LF-4800.5850 Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
LF-4800.6500 Pneumoencephalography
LF-4800.7100 Renal Scans
LF-4800.7150 Renograms
LF-4800.7950 Sialography
LF-4800.8000 Spleen Scans
LF-4800.8600 Tomography
LF-4800.8600-150 CAT Scans
LF-4800.8600-650 Positron Emission Tomography
LF-4800.9000 Ultrasound Scanning
LF-4800.9100 Vein Scans
LF-4800.9200 Voiding Cystourethrograms
LF-4900 Disease/Disability Specific Screening/Diagnosis
LF-4900.0450 Allergy Testing
LF-4900.0550 Asbestosis Detection
LF-4900.0800 Balance Screening
LF-4900.1000 Blood Pressure Screening
LF-4900.1150 BMI/Body Composition Screening
LF-4900.1175 Bone Marrow Tests
LF-4900.1200 Brain Injury Assessment
LF-4900.1500 Cancer Detection
LF-4900.1500-080 Biopsies
LF-4900.1500-120 Breast Examinations
LF-4900.1500-150 Colorectal Cancer Kits
LF-4900.1500-160 Colorectal Cancer Detection
LF-4900.1500-200 Colposcopy
LF-4900.1500-260 DES Screening
LF-4900.1500-290 Digital Rectal Examinations
LF-4900.1500-500 Mammograms
LF-4900.1500-550 Oral Cancer Screening
LF-4900.1500-650 Pap Tests
LF-4900.1500-700 Prostatic Specific Antigen Blood Tests
LF-4900.1500-800 Skin Screening
LF-4900.1500-850 Testicular Examinations
LF-4900.1550 Cholesterol/Triglycerides Tests
LF-4900.1550-150 Clinical Cholesterol/Triglycerides Tests
LF-4900.1550-330 Home Cholesterol Test Kits
LF-4900.1650 Dementia Evaluation
LF-4900.1670 Dental Screening
LF-4900.1700 Diabetes Screening
LF-4900.1730 Driving Evaluation
LF-4900.1800 Ergonomic Evaluations
LF-4900.1900 Evaluation for Assistive Technology
LF-4900.1900-300 Hearing Aid Evaluations
LF-4900.1980 Eye Examinations
LF-4900.2000 Eye Screening
LF-4900.2000-150 Cataracts Screening
LF-4900.2000-200 Color Vision Testing
LF-4900.2000-250 Glaucoma Screening
LF-4900.2000-900 Vision Screening
LF-4900.2030 Foot Screening
LF-4900.2050 Geriatric Assessment
LF-4900.2100 H Pylori Tests
LF-4900.2150 Hearing Screening
LF-4900.2200 Hepatitis Testing
LF-4900.2400 HIV Testing
LF-4900.2400-050 Anonymous HIV Testing
LF-4900.2400-150 Confidential HIV Testing
LF-4900.2400-300 Home HIV Test Collection Kits
LF-4900.2400-600 Oral Fluid HIV Tests
LF-4900.2400-700 Rapid HIV Tests
LF-4900.2400-900 Urine HIV Tests
LF-4900.2400-950 Viral Load HIV Tests
LF-4900.3000 Hypoglycemia Screening
LF-4900.4000 Kidney Screening
LF-4900.4500 Lead Poisoning Screening
LF-4900.4550 Limb Assessment
LF-4900.4550-400 Lower Limb Assessment
LF-4900.4550-900 Upper Limb Assessment
LF-4900.4600 Lyme Disease Testing
LF-4900.5000 Memory Screening
LF-4900.6200 Nutrition Assessment Services
LF-4900.6500 Osteoporosis Detection
LF-4900.6500-100 Bone Mineral Density Tests
LF-4900.7300 Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening
LF-4900.7500 Pulmonary Function Screening
LF-4900.7800 Scoliosis Detection
LF-4900.7950 Sexual Dysfunction Evaluation
LF-4900.7950-200 Female Sexual Dysfunction Evaluation
LF-4900.7950-500 Male Sexual Dysfunction Evaluation
LF-4900.8000 Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening
LF-4900.8100 Sickle Cell Screening
LF-4900.8500 Tay-Sachs Screening
LF-4900.8550 Thyroid Function Tests
LF-4900.8600 Tuberculosis Screening
LF-5000 Elder Abuse Medical Evaluations
LF-5280 General Laboratory Tests
LF-5280.1500 Blood Tests
LF-5280.1500-100 Blood Chemistry Panels
LF-5280.1500-600 Oxygen Saturation Tests
LF-5280.1500-650 Premarital Blood Tests
LF-5280.8150 Stool Cultures/Analysis
LF-5280.8200 Substance Analysis
LF-5280.8250 Sweat Testing
LF-5280.8900 Urine Tests
LF-5300 General Physical Examinations
LF-5350 Genetic Testing and Screening
LF-5350.1500 Carrier/Predictive Genetic Testing
LF-5350.2000 Forensic Genetic Testing
LF-5350.6500 Paternity/Maternity Establishment
LF-7000 Pediatric Evaluation
LF-7000.1550 Child Abuse Medical Evaluations
LF-7000.1600 Child Health and Disability Prevention Exams
LF-7000.1700 Developmental Assessment
LF-7000.1730 Developmental Screening
LF-7000.6000 Newborn Screening
LF-7000.8000 Specialized Pediatric Evaluation
LF-7000.9500 Well Baby Care
LF-7000.9600 Well Baby Drop In Centers
LF-7100 Physical Examinations
LF-7100.1400 Citizenship and Immigration Medical Examinations
LF-7100.1500 Comprehensive Physical Examinations
LF-7100.1700 Employment Physical Examinations
LF-7100.2500 General Physical Examinations
LF-7100.8000 Sports Participation Physical Examinations
LF-7200 Physical Fitness Assessment
LF-7300 Prenatal Evaluation
LF-7300.2000 Fetal Imaging/Visualization
LF-7300.2000-060 Amnioscopy
LF-7300.2000-200 Fetal Echocardiography
LF-7300.2000-230 Fetal Radiography
LF-7300.2000-260 Fetal Ultrasound
LF-7300.2100 Fetal Tissue Sampling
LF-7300.2100-050 Amniocentesis
LF-7300.2100-150 Chorionic Villi Sampling
LF-7300.2100-200 Fetal Blood Sampling
LF-7300.2100-230 Fetal Tissue Biopsies
LF-7300.5000 Maternal Serum Screening
LF-7300.6500 Oxytocin Challenge Tests
LF-8000 Specialized Medical Tests
LF-8000.0650 Arthroscopy
LF-8000.5050 Echocardiography
LF-8000.5100 Electrocardiography
LF-8000.5200 Electroencephalography
LF-8000.5230 Electromyography
LF-8000.5240 Electrophysiology Studies
LF-8000.5250 Endoscopy
LF-8000.5750 Heart Catheterization
LF-8000.5800 Holter Monitoring
LF-8000.6500 Phonocardiography
LF-8000.8000 Stress Tests
LH Health Supportive Services
LH-0350 Aging and Disability Resource Centers
LH-0500 Anatomical Gifts
LH-0500.0900 Blood Supply Services
LH-0500.0900-050 Autologous Blood Donations
LH-0500.0900-100 Blood Banks
LH-0500.0900-150 Blood Donor Stations
LH-0500.0900-180 Blood Drives
LH-0500.0900-240 Cord Blood Banks
LH-0500.0900-500 Minority Blood Donor Education and Recruitment
LH-0500.0900-600 Plasma Donation Centers
LH-0500.0900-700 Rare Blood Donor Registries
LH-0500.1100 Body Donations
LH-0500.1150 Bone Banks
LH-0500.1170 Bone Marrow Donation Registries
LH-0500.1200 Breast Milk Banks
LH-0500.6300 Organ and Tissue Banks
LH-0500.6300-160 Ear Banks
LH-0500.6300-180 Eye Banks
LH-0500.6330 Organ Donor Assistance Programs
LH-0500.6350 Organ Donor Cards/Registries
LH-0500.6450 Organ Procurement Organizations
LH-0500.8000 Sperm Banks/Donation Programs
LH-0600 Assistive Technology Equipment
LH-0600.0100 Automobile/Van Adaptations
LH-0600.0100-100 Adapted Vehicles
LH-0600.0100-900 Vehicle Adaptation Services
LH-0600.1400 Closed Caption Decoders
LH-0600.1500 Cognitive/Learning Aids
LH-0600.1550 Computer Access Aids
LH-0600.1550-050 Accessible Software
LH-0600.1550-120 Computer Display/Output Aids
LH-0600.1550-150 Computer Input Aids
LH-0600.1600 Control and Signaling Aids
LH-0600.1600-180 Environmental Control Systems
LH-0600.1600-400 Light Signaler Alerts for Computers
LH-0600.1600-450 Local Alarm/Call Systems
LH-0600.1600-700 Personal Robotics
LH-0600.1700 Daily Living Aids
LH-0600.3000 Hearing Augmentation Aids
LH-0600.3000-030 Alerting Devices
LH-0600.3000-050 Assistive Listening Devices
LH-0600.3000-300 Hearing Aids
LH-0600.5000 Mobility Aids
LH-0600.5000-100 Blind Mobility Aids
LH-0600.5000-130 Bus Destination Placards
LH-0600.5000-150 Bus Hailing Kits
LH-0600.5000-180 Electric Scooters
LH-0600.5000-800 Standing Aids
LH-0600.5000-850 Transfer Devices
LH-0600.5000-950 Walking Aids
LH-0600.5000-970 Wheelchairs/Wheeled Mobility
LH-0600.5000-970.10 Beach Wheelchairs
LH-0600.5000-970.50 Manual Wheelchairs
LH-0600.5000-970.60 Powered Wheelchairs
LH-0600.5000-970.80 Sports Wheelchairs
LH-0600.6500 Prosthetics/Orthotics/Seating
LH-0600.6500-150 Correctional Shoes
LH-0600.6500-200 Functional Electrical Stimulation
LH-0600.6500-650 Orthopedic/Orthotic Devices
LH-0600.6500-700 Prosthetic Devices
LH-0600.6500-800 Seating/Positioning Aids
LH-0600.6500-950 Wigs
LH-0600.7000 Recreational Aids
LH-0600.7000-030 Adapted Arts and Crafts Materials
LH-0600.7000-040 Adapted Cycling Equipment
LH-0600.7000-050 Adapted Exercise Equipment
LH-0600.7000-060 Adapted Musical Instruments
LH-0600.7000-070 Adapted Photographic Equipment
LH-0600.7000-080 Adapted Toys
LH-0600.7000-800 Sports/Leisure Aids
LH-0600.8180 Specialized Telecommunications Equipment
LH-0600.8200 Speech Aids
LH-0600.8200-050 Artificial Speech/Augmentative Communication Aids
LH-0600.8200-650 Oral Speech Aids
LH-0600.8500 Tens Units
LH-0600.9000 Visual/Reading Aids
LH-0600.9000-100 Braille and Tactile Aids
LH-0600.9000-180 Descriptive Video Services
LH-0600.9000-250 Glasses/Contact Lenses
LH-0600.9000-450 Low Vision Aids
LH-0600.9000-900 Voice/Audio Output Aids
LH-0650 Assistive Technology Equipment Provision Options
LH-0650.0100 Assistive Technology Equipment Custom Design/Fabrication
LH-0650.0125 Assistive Technology Equipment Expense Assistance
LH-0650.0125-015 Assistive Technology Equipment Acquisition Assistance
LH-0650.0125-080 Assistive Technology Support Services Expense Assistance
LH-0650.0150 Assistive Technology Equipment Extended Warranties
LH-0650.0250 Assistive Technology Equipment Loan
LH-0650.0300 Assistive Technology Equipment Rental
LH-0650.0325 Assistive Technology Equipment Repair
LH-0650.0350 Assistive Technology Equipment Listing Services
LH-0650.0500 Assistive Technology Equipment Sales
LH-0650.0700 Assistive Technology Expense Assistance
LH-0650.0700-015 Assistive Technology Equipment Acquisition Assistance
LH-0650.0700-080 Assistive Technology Support Services Expense Assistance
LH-0650.1500 Commercial Assistive Technology Equipment Fit/Modification
LH-2600 Health Care Referrals
LH-2600.0300 Alternative Medicine Referrals
LH-2600.1700 Dental Care Referrals
LH-2600.1700-170 Dentist Referrals
LH-2600.1700-700 Referral to Dental Practitioners Accepting Medicaid
LH-2600.1700-725 Referral to Dental Practitioners Donating Their Services
LH-2600.1740 Dietitian/Nutritionist Referrals
LH-2600.2000 Eye Care Referrals
LH-2600.2000-600 Ophthalmology Referrals
LH-2600.2000-650 Optometric Referrals
LH-2600.2900 Hearing Aid Referrals
LH-2600.3000 Hospice Care Referrals
LH-2600.5000 Midwifery Referrals
LH-2600.6000 Nursing Facility Referrals
LH-2600.6050 Nursing Registries
LH-2600.6400 Pharmacy Referrals
LH-2600.6500 Physician Referrals
LH-2600.6500-500 Physician Referral Services
LH-2600.6500-600 Referral to CIS Designated Civil Surgeons
LH-2600.6500-700 Referral to Physicians Accepting Medicaid
LH-2600.6500-730 Referral to Physicians Accepting Medicare
LH-2600.6500-750 Referral to Physicians Donating Their Services
LH-2600.6500-820 Referral to Visiting Physicians
LH-2600.7000 Rehabilitation/Habilitative Medicine Referrals
LH-2700 Health Education
LH-2700.0150 AIDS/HIV Prevention Counseling
LH-2700.0350 Appearance Enhancement Consultation Programs
LH-2700.0500 Assistive Technology Information
LH-2700.0500-030 Assistive Technology Product Demonstration Centers
LH-2700.0500-040 Assistive Technology Product Descriptions
LH-2700.0500-050 Assistive Technology Product Evaluation
LH-2700.0600 Assistive Technology Training
LH-2700.1000 Breast Self Examination Instruction
LH-2700.1500 Chemicals Information
LH-2700.1540 Chronic Disease Self Management Programs
LH-2700.1700 Disease/Disability Information
LH-2700.2000 First Aid Instruction
LH-2700.2000-050 Automated External Defibrillator Training
LH-2700.2000-120 Choke Saver Courses/Choking Prevention
LH-2700.2000-150 CPR Instruction
LH-2700.2000-250 General First Aid Instruction
LH-2700.2000-330 Infant/Child CPR Instruction
LH-2700.2000-950 Wilderness First Aid Instruction
LH-2700.2500 General Health Education Programs
LH-2700.2800 Health and Residential Facility Evaluation Information
LH-2700.2850 Health Treatment Options Information
LH-2700.2850-050 Alternative Medicine Information
LH-2700.2850-150 Conventional Medicine Information
LH-2700.2850-330 Integrative Medicine Information
LH-2700.2900 Health Fairs
LH-2700.2925 Health Literacy Programs
LH-2700.2950 Hospital Orientation Programs/Tours
LH-2700.3000 Hygiene
LH-2700.4750 Medically Oriented Books and Playthings
LH-2700.4960 Medication Adherence Programs
LH-2700.5000 Medication Information/Management
LH-2700.5000-450 Medication Consultation Programs
LH-2700.5000-500 Medication Information
LH-2700.6000 Nutrition Education
LH-2700.6000-170 Dietary Services
LH-2700.6000-300 Healthy Eating Programs
LH-2700.6350 Oral Health Education/Information
LH-2700.6400 Organ/Tissue Transplant Education Programs
LH-2700.6450 Physical Activity and Fitness Education/Promotion
LH-2700.6500 Poison Control
LH-2700.6550 Post Exposure Prophylaxis Information
LH-2700.8500 Testicular Self Examination Instruction
LH-2700.9000 Vaccine Information
LH-2700.9500 Wellness Programs
LH-2700.9500-100 Community Wellness Programs
LH-2700.9500-950 Workplace Wellness Programs
LH-3000 Health Insurance/Dental Coverage
LH-3000.0200 Affordable Care Act Qualified Health Plans
LH-3000.1700 Dental Insurance
LH-3000.3000 Hazardous Occupation Benefits
LH-3000.3050 Health Insurance Marketplaces
LH-3000.3100 Health Maintenance Organizations
LH-3000.3100-800 Social Health Maintenance Organizations
LH-3000.3150 High Risk Health Insurance Pools
LH-3000.3200 Hill Burton Facilities
LH-3000.4500 Long Term Care Insurance
LH-3000.4500-600 Partnership Qualified Long Term Care Insurance
LH-3000.4500-850 Traditional Long Term Care Insurance
LH-3000.5000 Medicare Insurance Supplements
LH-3000.6450 Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan
LH-3000.6500 Preferred Provider Organizations
LH-3000.6600 Private Disability Insurance
LH-3000.6650 Private Health Insurance
LH-3000.9000 Vision Insurance
LH-3500 Health Insurance Information/Counseling
LH-3500.0200 Affordable Care Act Insurance Information/Counseling
LH-3500.0200-020 ACA Registered Agents and Brokers
LH-3500.0200-140 Certified Application Counselor Programs
LH-3500.0200-200 Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Call Center/Website
LH-3500.0200-330 In Person Assister Programs
LH-3500.0200-600 Navigator Programs
LH-3500.0200-800 Small Business Health Options Programs
LH-3500.0200-830 State Health Insurance Marketplace Call Centers/Websites
LH-3500.2500 General Health Insurance Information/Counseling
LH-3500.4500 Long Term Care Insurance Information/Counseling
LH-3500.4800 Managed Health Care Information
LH-3500.4900 Medicaid Information/Counseling
LH-3500.5000 Medicare Information/Counseling
LH-3500.8000 State/Local Health Insurance Information/Counseling
LH-4000 Home and Asset Protection
LH-4000.0500 Accelerated Death Benefits
LH-4000.5000 Medicaid Planning
LH-4000.6500 Preservation of Assets Assistance
LH-4000.7000 Reverse Mortgage Programs
LH-4000.8500 Transplant/Medical Treatment Fundraising Assistance
LH-4000.9000 Viatical Settlements
LH-4600 Long Term Care Options Counseling
LH-5000 Medical Equipment/Supplies
LH-5000.0500 Adapted Health Care Devices
LH-5000.0600 AIDS/HIV/STD Prevention Supplies
LH-5000.1550 Compression Garments
LH-5000.1570 Cushioning/Support Devices
LH-5000.1900 Eye Patches
LH-5000.2000 First Aid Kits
LH-5000.2500 General Medical Equipment Provision
LH-5000.3000 Hernia Supports
LH-5000.3200 Hospital Beds
LH-5000.3300 Incontinence Supplies
LH-5000.3400 Insulin Injection Supplies
LH-5000.5000 Medical Dressing
LH-5000.5100 Monitoring Equipment
LH-5000.5100-050 Apnea Monitors
LH-5000.5100-100 Blood Pressure Monitors
LH-5000.5100-300 Heart Monitors
LH-5000.5100-350 Home Glucose Monitoring Systems
LH-5000.6000 Nebulizers
LH-5000.6100 Needle Exchange/Distribution Programs
LH-5000.6200 Occasional Medical Equipment/Supplies
LH-5000.6300 Opiate Antidote Distribution Programs
LH-5000.6450 Ostomy Supplies
LH-5000.6600 Physical/Occupational Therapy Aids
LH-5000.6700 Pressure Reduction Mattresses/Beds
LH-5000.7250 Respiratory Aids
LH-5000.7250-050 Air Purifiers
LH-5000.7250-150 CPAP Machines
LH-5000.7250-300 Humidifiers
LH-5000.7250-600 Oxygen
LH-5000.7250-650 Oxygen Concentrators
LH-5000.7250-660 Oxygen System Accessories
LH-5000.7250-680 Portable Volume Ventilators
LH-5000.7350 Resuscitation Equipment
LH-5000.7900 Shower/Bath Seats
LH-5000.8500 Toileting Aids
LH-5100 Medical Expense Assistance
LH-5100.1700 Dental Care Expense Assistance
LH-5100.1750 Eye Care Expense Assistance
LH-5100.3000 Health Insurance Premium Assistance
LH-5100.3300 Incidental Medical Expense Assistance
LH-5100.5000 Medical Care Expense Assistance
LH-5100.5050 Medical Equipment Expense Assistance
LH-5100.6500 Prescription Expense Assistance
LH-6300 Patient/Family Support Services
LH-6300.0230 Adolescent Health Transition Programs
LH-6300.2400 Health Care Discount Enrollment Programs
LH-6300.3650 Health Related Temporary Housing
LH-6300.3650-020 Adult Vacation/Respite Facilities
LH-6300.3650-400 Lead Safe Homes
LH-6300.3650-600 Patient/Family Housing
LH-6300.3650-620 Pediatric Vacation/Respite Facilities
LH-6300.4140 Hospital Admissions Departments
LH-6300.4150 Hospital Based Patient Advocate Offices
LH-6300.4200 Hospital Sitter Services
LH-6300.5400 Medical Escort Services
LH-6300.5500 Medical Social Work
LH-6300.5600 Mercy Transportation
LH-6300.6400 Pastoral Care
LH-6300.6450 Patient Financial Services Offices
LH-6300.6500 Patient/Family Morale Boosting Programs
LH-6300.6550 Personal Health Care Advocate Services
LH-6300.8000 Senior Hospital Membership Programs
LH-6300.9500 Wish Foundations
LH-6600 Pharmacies
LH-6600.1500 Compounding Pharmacies
LH-6600.2000 Foreign Pharmacies
LH-6600.2500 General Pharmacies
LH-6600.3300 Internet Pharmacies
LH-6600.5000 Mail Order Pharmacies
LH-6600.6500 Pharmacies that Deliver
LH-6600.7000 Retail Pharmacies
LH-6600.8500 Twenty Four Hour Pharmacies
LH-6700 Prescription Medication Services
LH-6700.1800 Drug Repository Prescription Assistance Programs
LH-6700.6250 Prescription Drug Discount Cards
LH-6700.6270 Prescription Drug Information Clearinghouses
LH-6700.6300 Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs
LH-6700.6400 Prescription Drugs for Specific Health Conditions
LH-6700.6400-040 AIDS Drug Assistance Programs
LH-6700.6400-050 Antibiotics
LH-6700.6400-060 Antiviral Drugs
LH-6700.6400-285 HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis Medication
LH-6700.6400-300 HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Medication
LH-6700.6400-330 Insulin
LH-6700.6400-600 Parasitic Disease Drug Service
LH-6700.6500 Prescription Medication Monitoring Systems
LH-6700.6500-500 Medication Dispensing Systems
LH-6700.6500-650 Prescription Medication Packaging Services
LH-9000 Vaccine Depots
LJ Human Reproduction
LJ-2000 Family Planning
LJ-2000.0100 Abortion Services
LJ-2000.0100-020 Abortion Expense Assistance
LJ-2000.0100-030 Abortion Referrals
LJ-2000.0100-050 Abortions
LJ-2000.1000 Birth Control
LJ-2000.1000-100 Birth Control Counseling
LJ-2000.1000-150 Contraception
LJ-2000.1000-200 Emergency Contraception
LJ-2000.1000-600 Natural Family Planning
LJ-2000.1000-800 Sterilization
LJ-2000.1500 Conception Options Support Programs
LJ-2000.2500 Genetic Counseling
LJ-2000.3300 Infertility Services
LJ-2000.3300-050 Artificial Insemination
LJ-2000.3300-200 Embryo Adoption
LJ-2000.3300-230 Embryo Donation Programs
LJ-2000.3300-280 Gamete Intrafallopian Tube Transfer
LJ-2000.3300-330 In Vitro Fertilization
LJ-2000.3300-360 Infertility Diagnosis
LJ-2000.3300-380 Infertility Treatment
LJ-2000.3300-800 Surrogate Mothering
LJ-2000.6400 Pre-Abortion Counseling
LJ-2000.6500 Pregnancy Counseling
LJ-2000.6500-650 Pro-Choice Pregnancy Counseling
LJ-2000.6500-700 Pro-Life Pregnancy Counseling
LJ-2000.6750 Pregnancy Testing
LJ-2000.6750-150 Clinical Pregnancy Tests
LJ-2000.6750-300 Home Pregnancy Test Kits
LJ-2000.8500 Teen Family Planning Programs
LJ-2000.8600 Teratogenic Counseling
LJ-5000 Mother and Infant Care
LJ-5000.0050 Baby Wearing Support Programs
LJ-5000.0900 Breast Pumps
LJ-5000.1000 Breastfeeding Support Programs
LJ-5000.1500 Childbirth Education
LJ-5000.1500-070 Birth Orientation Programs
LJ-5000.1500-150 Cesarean Birthing Classes
LJ-5000.1500-180 Early Pregnancy Classes
LJ-5000.1500-650 Prepared Childbirth
LJ-5000.1500-800 Sibling Birth Preparation Programs
LJ-5000.1500-900 Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Classes
LJ-5000.1700 Delivery/Childbirth
LJ-5000.1700-050 Birthing Centers
LJ-5000.1700-300 Home Delivery
LJ-5000.1700-320 Hospital Delivery
LJ-5000.1700-450 LeBoyer Method
LJ-5000.1900 Doula Services
LJ-5000.5000 Maternity Homes
LJ-5000.5250 Midwifery
LJ-5000.6200 Neonatal Care
LJ-5000.6500 Postpartum Care
LJ-5000.6550 Post Pregnancy Shelter/Transitional Housing
LJ-5000.6570 Preconception Care
LJ-5000.6600 Prenatal Care
LJ-5000.8000 Safe Havens for Abandoned Newborns
LJ-8000 Sexuality/Reproductive Health Education
LJ-8000.2500 General Sexuality/Reproductive Health Education
LJ-8000.8000 Safer Sex Education
LJ-8000.8250 Sexual Abstinence Education Programs
LJ-8000.8500 Teen Pregnancy Prevention
LL Inpatient Health Facilities
LL-3000 Hospitals
LL-3000.1450 Children's Hospitals
LL-3000.1500 City/County Hospitals
LL-3000.1600 Correctional Inpatient Treatment Facilities
LL-3000.1900 Extended Acute Care Hospitals
LL-3000.2500 General Acute Care Hospitals
LL-3000.3000 Indian Health Service Hospitals
LL-3000.5000 Medicaid Contract Hospitals
LL-3000.5300 Military Hospitals
LL-3000.7800 Specialty Hospitals
LL-3000.8000 State Hospitals
LL-3000.8200 Subacute Care Hospitals
LL-3000.8300 Swing Bed Care Facilities
LL-3000.8500 Teaching Hospitals
LL-3000.9000 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers
LL-6000 Nursing Facilities
LL-6000.1500 Christian Science Sanatoriums
LL-6000.3300 Intermediate Care Facilities
LL-6000.4500 Secured Nursing Facilities
LL-6000.8000 Skilled Nursing Facilities
LL-6000.8050 Special Care Inpatient Units
LL-6000.8100 Subacute Care Nursing Facilities
LM Medical Laboratories
LN Outpatient Health Facilities
LN-1500 Community Clinics
LN-1550 Contract Clinics
LN-2000 First Aid Stations
LN-3000 Hospital Based Outpatient Services
LN-3300 Indian Health Service Clinics
LN-3350 Itinerant Physician Services
LN-4900 Medicare Part B Providers
LN-5000 Mobile Health Care
LN-6000 Nurse Practitioner Clinics
LN-6500 Private Clinics
LN-6600 Private Health Care Practices
LN-6700 Public Clinics
LN-8000 Surgicenters
LN-8500 Urgent Care Centers
LN-9000 Veteran Outpatient Clinics
LN-9500 Women's Health Centers
LR Rehabilitation/Habilitation Services
LR-0450 Autism Therapy
LR-0450.0500 Applied Behavioral Analysis
LR-0450.0550 Auditory Integration Training
LR-0450.2000 Floor Time
LR-0450.6500 PECS
LR-0450.6520 Pivotal Response Treatment
LR-0450.7000 Relationship Development Intervention
LR-0450.8100 Social Stories
LR-0450.8500 TEACCH
LR-1000 Braille Instruction
LR-1550 Centers for Independent Living
LR-1570 Condition Specific Rehabilitation Services
LR-1570.0500 Amputee Rehabilitation
LR-1570.1500 Cardiac Rehabilitation
LR-1570.2000 Brain Injury Rehabilitation
LR-1570.2500 Hand Rehabilitation
LR-1570.7000 Pulmonary Rehabilitation
LR-1570.7000-700 Respiratory Therapy
LR-1570.7000-860 Ventilator Care
LR-1570.7000-900 Ventilator Weaning
LR-1570.8400 Spinal Cord Rehabilitation
LR-1570.8450 Spine Rehabilitation
LR-1570.8500 Stroke Rehabilitation
LR-1580 Conductive Education
LR-1610 Day Rehabilitation
LR-1700 Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities/Delays
LR-3000 Health Resocialization
LR-3050 Hippotherapy
LR-3100 Home/Community Based Developmental Disabilities Programs
LR-3100.1750 Day Treatment for Adults With Developmental Disabilities
LR-3100.1800 Developmental Disabilities Day Habilitation Programs
LR-3100.1800-050 Adult Development Centers
LR-3100.1800-130 Developmental Disabilities Activity Centers
LR-3100.1800-160 Developmental Disabilities Behavior Management Programs
LR-3100.1800-190 Developmental Disabilities Social/Recreational Programs
LR-3100.3300 In Home Developmental Disabilities Habilitation Programs
LR-3200 Independent Living Skills Instruction
LR-4000 Inpatient Rehabilitation
LR-4200 Kinesiotherapy
LR-6200 Occupational Therapy
LR-6200.1800 Disability/Rehabilitation Related Occupational Therapy
LR-6200.2500 Geriatric Occupational Therapy
LR-6200.5000 Mental Health Occupational Therapy
LR-6200.6400 Occupational Therapy Evaluation
LR-6200.6500 Pediatric Occupational Therapy
LR-6200.6550 Physical Disabilities Occupational Therapy
LR-6200.8000 Sensory Integration Therapy
LR-6400 Orientation and Mobility Training
LR-6400.1500 Cane Skills Instruction
LR-6400.8000 Sighted Guide Skills Instruction
LR-6600 Physical Therapy
LR-6600.1500 Cryotherapy
LR-6600.1800 Electrical Stimulation
LR-6600.3000 Hydrotherapy
LR-6600.9000 Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
LR-7800 Self Help Instruction
LR-7940 Service Animal Purchase Assistance
LR-7950 Service Animals
LR-7950.0500 Autism Service Dogs
LR-7950.1700 Dog Guides
LR-7950.5000 Mobility Assistance Service Animals
LR-7950.5000-500 Mobility Assistance Service Dogs
LR-7950.5000-650 Primate Assistants
LR-7950.6500 Psychiatric Service Dogs
LR-7950.8050 Seizure Dogs
LR-7950.8200 Signal Dogs
LR-8000 Speech and Hearing
LR-8000.0500 Audiology
LR-8000.0500-030 Audiological Evaluations
LR-8000.0500-050 Auditory Training
LR-8000.0500-050.05 Auditory/Oral Training
LR-8000.0500-050.10 Auditory/Verbal Training
LR-8000.0500-150 Cued Speech Instruction
LR-8000.0500-200 Finger Spelling Instruction
LR-8000.0500-500 Manually Coded Language Instruction
LR-8000.0500-500.50 Manually Coded English Instruction
LR-8000.0500-700 Rochester Method
LR-8000.0500-800 Sign Language Instruction
LR-8000.0500-800.05 American Sign Language Instruction
LR-8000.0500-830 Speech Reading Instruction
LR-8000.0500-850 Total Communication Instruction
LR-8000.0500-900 Verbo-Tonal Instruction
LR-8000.8000 Speech and Language Pathology
LR-8000.8000-450 Language Therapy
LR-8000.8000-800 Speech and Language Evaluations
LR-8000.8000-820 Speech Therapy
LR-8400 Therapeutic Exercise
LR-8400.0400 Aquatic Therapy
LR-8400.2500 Facility Based Therapeutic Exercise
LR-8400.3000 Home Therapeutic Exercise Programs
LR-8500 Travel Training for Older Adults/People With Disabilities
LT Specialized Treatment
LT-0500 Alternative Medicine
LT-0500.0300 Acupressure
LT-0500.0500 Acupuncture
LT-0500.0650 Apitherapy
LT-0500.0700 Aromatherapy
LT-0500.0750 Autogenic Therapy
LT-0500.1000 Biofeedback
LT-0500.1550 Colonic Irrigation
LT-0500.1600 CranioSacral Therapy
LT-0500.1650 Crystal Therapy
LT-0500.2000 Feng Shui
LT-0500.2900 Guided Imagery
LT-0500.3000 Herbal Medicine
LT-0500.3100 Holistic Health Care
LT-0500.3100-050 Anthroposophically Extended Medicine
LT-0500.3100-090 Ayurveda
LT-0500.3150 Homeopathic Medicine
LT-0500.3300 Iridology
LT-0500.5000 Macrobiotic Counseling
LT-0500.5100 Magnetic Therapy
LT-0500.5200 Massage Therapy
LT-0500.5800 Native American Traditional Healing
LT-0500.6000 Naturopathy
LT-0500.6350 Oxygen Therapies
LT-0500.7000 Reflexology
LT-0500.8000 Spiritual Healing
LT-0500.8000-150 Christian Science Practitioner Services
LT-0500.8000-200 Energy Healing
LT-0500.8400 Therapeutic Fasting
LT-0500.8550 Traditional Chinese Medicine
LT-0500.9000 Vitamin Therapy
LT-0700 Antivenin Supplies
LT-0750 Artificial Organs
LT-0800 Blood Transfusions
LT-0820 Bloodless Surgery
LT-1000 Burn Centers
LT-1300 Catheter Care
LT-1360 Central Venous Catheters
LT-1450 Chelation Therapy
LT-1500 Chemotherapy/Radiation Therapy
LT-1510 Chiropractic
LT-1530 Clinical Trials
LT-1530.1500 Clinical Trials Information
LT-1530.1550 Clinical Trials Research Projects
LT-1550 Cochlear Implants
LT-1600 Coma Management
LT-1630 Company Care Programs
LT-1650 CVP Lines
LT-1750 Condition Specific Treatment
LT-1750.0500 AIDS/HIV Clinics
LT-1750.0550 ALS Clinics
LT-1750.0600 Arthritis Treatment Centers
LT-1750.0650 Asthma Clinics
LT-1750.1500 Cancer Clinics
LT-1750.1550 Cleft Lip/Palate Clinics
LT-1750.1650 Cystic Fibrosis Clinics
LT-1750.1680 Delousing/Body Parasite Treatment
LT-1750.1700 Dementia Management
LT-1750.1750 Diabetes Management Clinics
LT-1750.1750-050 Adult Diabetes Management Clinics
LT-1750.1750-250 Geriatric Diabetes Management Clinics
LT-1750.1750-700 Pediatric Diabetes Management Clinics
LT-1750.2970 Halitosis Clinics
LT-1750.3000 Headache Clinics
LT-1750.3050 Hospital Based Domestic Violence Programs
LT-1750.3500 Incontinence Management Programs
LT-1750.3500-100 Bladder Management
LT-1750.3500-120 Bowel Management
LT-1750.4500 Lyme Disease Clinics
LT-1750.4900 Multiple Sclerosis Clinics
LT-1750.5000 Muscular Dystrophy Clinics
LT-1750.6200 Parkinson's Disease/Movement Disorders Clinics
LT-1750.6350 Pediatric Feeding Disorders Programs
LT-1750.6500 PMS Clinics
LT-1750.6530 Poisoning Treatment
LT-1750.7935 Sexual Assault Treatment
LT-1750.7950 Sexual Dysfunction Clinics
LT-1750.7950-200 Female Sexual Dysfunction Clinics
LT-1750.7950-500 Male Sexual Dysfunction Clinics
LT-1750.8000 Sexually Transmitted Disease Treatment
LT-1750.8050 Sickle Cell Anemia Clinics
LT-1750.8100 Sleep Disorders Clinics
LT-1750.8200 Spasticity Management Clinics
LT-1750.9000 Tuberculosis Clinics
LT-1750.9500 Women's Health Centers
LT-1750.9550 Wound Clinics
LT-1850 Electrolysis
LT-1900 Enterostomal Therapy
LT-2000 Gene Therapy
LT-2600 Hemodialysis
LT-2600.1500 Dialysis Centers
LT-2600.3000 Home Dialysis
LT-2600.3100 Hospital Based Dialysis
LT-2800 Home Health Care
LT-2800.1900 E-Health Visits
LT-2800.3000 Home Health Aide Services
LT-2800.3100 Home Nursing
LT-2800.3100-250 Geriatric Home Nursing
LT-2800.3100-400 Licensed Vocational Home Nursing
LT-2800.3100-500 Medical/Surgical Home Nursing
LT-2800.3100-580 Oncology Home Nursing
LT-2800.3100-600 Pediatric Home Nursing
LT-2800.3100-630 Private Duty Home Nursing
LT-2800.3100-660 Psychiatric Home Nursing
LT-2800.3100-700 Registered Home Nursing
LT-2800.3100-730 Rehabilitation/Restorative Home Nursing
LT-2800.4500 Long Term Home Health Care
LT-2800.9000 Visiting Physician Services
LT-3000 Hospice Care
LT-3000.3000 Hospice Facilities
LT-3000.3300 In Home Hospice Care
LT-3000.6000 Perinatal Hospice Programs
LT-3200 Hyperbaric Chambers
LT-3400 Immunizations
LT-3400.0100 Adolescent/Adult Immunizations
LT-3400.0100-150 Chickenpox Immunizations
LT-3400.0100-250 Hepatitis A Immunizations
LT-3400.0100-300 Hepatitis B Immunizations
LT-3400.0100-500 Measles/Mumps/Rubella Immunizations
LT-3400.0100-650 Pneumococcal Pneumonia Immunizations
LT-3400.0100-700 Poliovirus Immunizations
LT-3400.0100-800 Shingles Immunizations
LT-3400.0100-850 Td/Tdap Immunizations
LT-3400.0200 Anthrax Immunizations
LT-3400.1500 Childhood Immunizations
LT-3400.2000 Flu Vaccines
LT-3400.3100 HPV Immunizations
LT-3400.5000 Meningitis Immunizations
LT-3400.6000 Pre/Post-Exposure Rabies Immunizations
LT-3400.8000 Smallpox Vaccinations
LT-3400.8500 Travel Immunizations
LT-3470 Integrated Physical/Mental Health Services
LT-3500 Intravenous Medication
LT-3500.3300 IV Antibiotic Therapy
LT-3500.3400 IV Pain Management
LT-4300 Laser Treatment/Surgery
LT-4350 Limb Reimplantation
LT-4500 Lithotripsy
LT-4990 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
LT-5000 Medical Marijuana Registration Programs
LT-6200 Organ Transplants
LT-6200.1000 Bone Marrow Transplants
LT-6200.1500 Corneal Transplants
LT-6200.2900 Hair Transplants
LT-6200.3000 Heart Transplants
LT-6200.4300 Kidney Transplants
LT-6200.4500 Liver Transplants
LT-6200.4550 Lung Transplants
LT-6400 Outpatient Surgery
LT-6500 Pacemakers
LT-6600 Pain Management
LT-6650 Palliative Care
LT-6670 Parish Nursing
LT-6700 Peritoneal Dialysis
LT-6730 Phototherapy
LT-6750 Poisoning Treatment
LT-7500 Second Opinion Services
LT-8000 Sex Change Operations
LT-8200 Sexual Assault Treatment
LT-8300 Special Feeding
LT-8300.3000 Hyperalimentation Assistance
LT-8300.3400 IV Hydration Therapy
LT-8300.3430 IV Nutritional Therapy
LT-8300.8500 Tube Feeding
LT-8300.8500-250 Gastrostomy Tube Feeding
LT-8300.8500-340 Jejunostomy Tube Feeding
LT-8300.8500-600 Nasogastric Feeding
LT-8500 Tattoo Removal
LT-8900 Tracheotomy Care
LT-8900.9000 Tracheotomy Care With Humidified Oxygen
LT-8950 Transgender Hormone Therapy
LT-9500 Weight Management
LT-9500.9500 Weight Gain Assistance
LT-9500.9550 Weight Loss Assistance
LT-9500.9550-100 Clinical Weight Loss Programs
LT-9500.9550-170 Diet and Exercise Resorts
LT-9500.9550-600 Non-Clinical Weight Loss Programs
LV Specialty Medicine
LV-0200 Aerospace Medicine
LV-0500 Allergy Specialty
LV-0500.0500 Allergy Shots
LV-0550 Andrology
LV-0600 Anesthesia Services
LV-1000 Biomedical Engineering
LV-1000.7000 Rehabilitation Engineering
LV-1600 Dental Care
LV-1600.1300 Cavity Prevention Measures
LV-1600.1300-150 Dental Sealants
LV-1600.1300-200 Fluoride Treatments/Supplements
LV-1600.1500 Cosmetic Dentistry
LV-1600.1700 Dental Hygiene
LV-1600.1730 Dental Laboratories
LV-1600.1750 Dental Prosthodontics
LV-1600.1750-110 Dental Bridges
LV-1600.1750-140 Dental Implants
LV-1600.1750-170 Dentures
LV-1600.1800 Dental Restoration
LV-1600.1900 Emergency Dental Care
LV-1600.1980 Endodontics
LV-1600.2300 Forensic Dentistry
LV-1600.2400 General Dentistry
LV-1600.2500 Geriatric Dentistry
LV-1600.5000 Mobile Dental Care
LV-1600.6300 Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
LV-1600.6350 Orthodontics
LV-1600.6400 Pediatric Dentistry
LV-1600.6500 Periodontics
LV-1600.6600 Private Dental Practices
LV-1600.8000 Special Care Dentistry
LV-1800 Dermatology
LV-2400 Eye Care
LV-2400.5000 Mobile Eye Care
LV-2400.6300 Ophthalmology
LV-2400.6300-150 Cornea/External Eye Treatment
LV-2400.6300-180 Eye Surgery
LV-2400.6300-220 General Ophthalmology
LV-2400.6300-250 Glaucoma Treatment
LV-2400.6300-600 Neuro-Ophthalmology
LV-2400.6300-630 Orthoptics
LV-2400.6300-650 Pediatric Ophthalmology
LV-2400.6300-700 Radial Keratotomy
LV-2400.6300-900 Vitreo Retinal Services
LV-2400.6350 Optometry
LV-2600 Family and Community Medicine
LV-3300 Internal Medicine
LV-3300.1500 Cardiovascular Medicine
LV-3300.1800 Endocrinology
LV-3300.2800 Gastroenterology
LV-3300.2850 General Internist Services
LV-3300.2900 Geriatric Medicine
LV-3300.3000 Hematology
LV-3300.3100 Immunology
LV-3300.3150 Infectious Disease Specialty
LV-3300.5000 Medical Oncology
LV-3300.6000 Nephrology
LV-3300.6500 Pulmonary Disease Specialty
LV-3300.7000 Rheumatology
LV-5000 Military/Naval Medicine
LV-5500 Neurology
LV-5700 Neuropsychiatry/Neuropsychology
LV-5800 Nuclear Medicine
LV-6000 Obstetrics/Gynecology
LV-6000.1000 Breast Care Centers
LV-6000.2400 General Obstetrics
LV-6000.2500 Gynecologic Oncology
LV-6000.2550 Gynecology Services
LV-6000.5000 Maternal and Fetal Medicine
LV-6000.7000 Reproductive Endocrinology
LV-6000.9000 Urogynecology
LV-6050 Occupational Medicine
LV-6300 Osteopathy
LV-6400 Otolaryngology
LV-6700 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
LV-6800 Pediatrics
LV-6800.0300 Adolescent Medicine
LV-6800.0500 Ambulatory Pediatrics
LV-6800.1800 Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics
LV-6800.5500 Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine
LV-6800.6500 Pediatric Allergy Specialty
LV-6800.6550 Pediatric Cardiology
LV-6800.6570 Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
LV-6800.6600 Pediatric Endocrinology
LV-6800.6650 Pediatric Gastroenterology
LV-6800.6700 Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
LV-6800.6750 Pediatric Immunology
LV-6800.6800 Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialty
LV-6800.6850 Pediatric Nephrology
LV-6800.6860 Pediatric Neurology
LV-6800.6880 Pediatric Orthopedics
LV-6800.6890 Pediatric Otolaryngology
LV-6800.6900 Pediatric Pulmonary Disease Specialty
LV-6800.6950 Pediatric Radiology
LV-6800.6970 Pediatric Rehabilitation
LV-6800.7000 Pediatric Rheumatology
LV-6800.8000 Pediatric Surgery
LV-6800.9000 Pediatric Urology
LV-6850 Phlebology
LV-6900 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
LV-7200 Podiatry/Foot Care
LV-7500 Radiology
LV-8000 Sports Medicine
LV-8300 Surgery
LV-8300.1500 Cardiothoracic Surgery
LV-8300.1550 Colorectal Surgery
LV-8300.2500 General Surgery
LV-8300.6000 Neurosurgery
LV-8300.6500 Orthopedic Surgery
LV-8300.6500-350 Joint Replacement Surgery
LV-8300.6550 Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
LV-8300.8550 Trauma Surgery
LV-8300.9000 Urology
LV-8300.9500 Vascular Surgery
LV-8500 Telemedicine
LV-8500.3000 Home Telemedicine
LV-8500.3100 Hospital/Clinic Based Telemedicine
LV-8500.8500 Telecaregiving
LV-8650 Travel Medicine
LV-8700 Tropical Medicine
N Income Support and Employment
ND Employment
ND-1500 Comprehensive Job Assistance Centers
ND-1600 Employment Documentation/Verification
ND-1600.1000 CIS Immigration Status Verification Program
ND-1600.1700 Employment Related Fingerprinting
ND-1600.1800 Exemplary Rehabilitation Certification
ND-1600.1900 Ex-Offender Employment Certificates
ND-1600.2000 Fidelity Bonding Services
ND-1600.2000-150 Commercial Fidelity Bonding Services
ND-1600.2000-200 Federal Bonding Program
ND-1600.6500 Pre-Employment Background Checks
ND-1600.8100 Security Clearances
ND-1600.9500 Work Permits
ND-1600.9500-300 Home Work Permits
ND-1600.9500-950 Youth Work Permits
ND-2000 Employment Preparation
ND-2000.1500 Career Development
ND-2000.1500-050 Apprenticeship Preparation
ND-2000.1500-120 Career Awareness
ND-2000.1500-140 Career Change Counseling
ND-2000.1500-160 Career Counseling
ND-2000.1500-180 Career Exploration
ND-2000.3480 Job Retraining
ND-2000.3490 Job Training Expense Assistance
ND-2000.3500 Job Training Formats
ND-2000.3500-050 Apprenticeship Training
ND-2000.3500-100 Business Practice Firms
ND-2000.3500-150 Classroom Training
ND-2000.3500-330 Internship Programs
ND-2000.3500-630 On the Job Training
ND-2000.3500-820 Training Businesses
ND-2000.3500-950 Work Experience
ND-2000.3510 Job Training Resource Lists
ND-2000.4500 Layoff Preparation
ND-2000.6400 Occupation Specific Job Training
ND-2000.6500 Prejob Guidance
ND-2000.6500-320 Job Clubs
ND-2000.6500-340 Job Interview Training
ND-2000.6500-360 Job Readiness
ND-2000.6500-370 Job Search Resource Centers
ND-2000.6500-380 Job Search Techniques
ND-2000.6500-700 Resume Preparation Assistance
ND-2000.6600 Prevocational Training
ND-2000.9000 Vocational Assessment
ND-3400 Job Development
ND-3400.8000 Special Needs Job Development
ND-3400.9500 Youth Job Development
ND-3500 Job Finding Assistance
ND-3500.0500 Auditions
ND-3500.3500 Job Information
ND-3500.3500-340 Job Banks
ND-3500.3500-360 Job Fairs
ND-3500.3500-380 Job Information Lines
ND-3500.3500-420 Job Websites
ND-3500.3600 Job Search/Placement
ND-3500.3700 Job Search Resource Centers
ND-3500.7000 Resume Posting/Blasting Services
ND-3500.9500 Work Registration
ND-3600 Job Situations
ND-3600.0400 Alternative/Contingent Employment Situations
ND-3600.0400-180 Day Labor
ND-3600.0400-330 Independent Contract Work
ND-3600.0400-600 On Call Employment
ND-3600.0400-650 Part Time Employment
ND-3600.0400-800 Seasonal Employment
ND-3600.0400-850 Temporary Employment
ND-3600.1500 Civil Service Employment
ND-3600.1900 Employment Abroad
ND-3600.8200 Summer Employment
ND-6400 Skills Exchanges/Cooperatives
ND-6500 Training and Employment Programs
ND-6500.1500 Comprehensive Disability Related Employment Programs
ND-6500.1800 Disability Related Center Based Employment
ND-6500.1850 Displaced Homemaker Employment Programs
ND-6500.1860 Displaced Worker Employment Programs
ND-6500.1950 Ex-Offender Employment Programs
ND-6500.3000 Home Employment
ND-6500.3050 Homeless Employment Programs
ND-6500.3300 Immigrant/Refugee Employment Programs
ND-6500.3500 Job Corps
ND-6500.8000 Senior Community Service Employment Programs
ND-6500.8080 Subsidized Employment
ND-6500.8120 Supported Employment
ND-6500.8850 Ticket to Work/Self Sufficiency Employment Networks
ND-6500.8870 Ticket to Work/Self Sufficiency Program
ND-6500.9000 Trade Adjustment Assistance Programs
ND-6500.9200 Veteran Employment Programs
ND-6500.9500 Welfare to Work Programs
ND-6500.9500-120 GAIN Programs
ND-6500.9600 WIOA Programs
ND-6500.9800 Youth Employment Programs
ND-6500.9800-050 At Risk Youth Employment Programs
ND-6500.9800-250 General Youth Employment Programs
ND-6500.9800-800 Student Employment Programs
ND-6500.9800-850 Summer Youth Employment Programs
ND-9000 Vocational Rehabilitation
ND-9200 Volunteer Service Programs
ND-9200.0300 AmeriCorps
ND-9200.0300-050 AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps
ND-9200.0300-080 AmeriCorps State and National
ND-9200.0300-100 AmeriCorps VISTA
ND-9200.1500 Conservation Service Volunteer Programs
ND-9200.6500 Peace Corps
ND-9200.8000 Senior Corps Volunteer Programs
ND-9200.8000-200 Foster Grandparent Program
ND-9200.8000-700 RSVP Program
ND-9200.8000-800 Senior Companion Program
ND-9300 Work Related Fee Payment Assistance
ND-9500 Workplace Evaluation/Modification
NL Public Assistance Programs
NL-1000 Basic Income Maintenance Programs
NL-1000.2400 Gap Group Income Maintenance Programs
NL-1000.2400-150 Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants
NL-1000.2400-800 State Administered SSI Supplement Programs
NL-1000.2500 General Relief
NL-1000.2500-230 General Relief Appeals/Complaints
NL-1000.2500-250 General Relief Applications
NL-1000.2500-270 General Relief Check Outlets
NL-1000.3000 Homeless Financial Assistance Programs
NL-1000.6000 Native American General Assistance
NL-1000.7000 Refugee/Entrant Cash Assistance
NL-1000.7000-700 Refugee/Entrant Cash Assistance Appeals/Complaints
NL-1000.7000-720 Refugee/Entrant Cash Assistance Applications
NL-1000.7200 Repatriation Assistance
NL-1000.8000 Special Circumstances
NL-1000.8100 SSI
NL-1000.8100-330 Interim Assistance Reimbursement Payments
NL-1000.8100-800 SSI Appeals/Complaints
NL-1000.8100-820 SSI Applications
NL-1000.8500 TANF
NL-1000.8500-830 TANF Appeals/Complaints
NL-1000.8500-850 TANF Applications
NL-1000.8500-870 TANF Check Outlets
NL-1900 EBT Card Services
NL-3000 Household Related Public Assistance Programs
NL-3000.0500 Attendant Subsidies
NL-3000.1500 Child Care Expense Assistance
NL-3000.1500-150 Child Care Expense Assistance Appeals/Complaints
NL-3000.1500-155 Child Care Expense Assistance Applications
NL-3000.1900 Family Caregiver Subsidies
NL-3000.3300 In Home Supportive Services Subsidies
NL-3000.3300-320 In Home Supportive Services Appeals/Complaints
NL-3000.3300-340 In Home Supportive Services Applications
NL-3000.3500 Kinship Care Subsidy Programs
NL-3000.7000 Respite Care Subsidies
NL-5000 Medical Public Assistance Programs
NL-5000.1500 CHIP Programs
NL-5000.2600 Government Subsidized Prescription Drug Benefits
NL-5000.2700 Home/Community Care Financing Programs
NL-5000.3300 Intermediate Care Facility/DD Transition Financing Programs
NL-5000.4000 Long Term Care Resident Subsidies
NL-5000.5000 Medicaid
NL-5000.5000-500 Medicaid Appeals/Complaints
NL-5000.5000-520 Medicaid Applications
NL-5000.5000-525 Medicaid Buy In Programs
NL-5000.5000-530 Medicaid Card Replacement
NL-5000.5000-560 Medicaid Estate Recovery Programs
NL-5000.5000-650 Medicaid Prior Authorization
NL-5000.5000-700 Medicare Savings Programs
NL-5000.5000-750 PACE Programs
NL-5000.5000-770 State Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Programs
PD-6250.6650 Pet Grooming Services
NL-5000.5000-775 State Medicaid Managed Care Insurance Carriers
NL-5000.5000-780 State Medicaid Waiver Appeals/Complaints
NL-5000.5000-800 State Medicaid Waiver Programs
NL-5000.5000-800.30 Home/Community Based Care Waiver Programs
NL-5000.5000-800.50 Managed Care/Freedom of Choice Waiver Programs
NL-5000.5000-800.70 Research and Demonstration Project Waiver Programs
NL-5000.6500 Nursing Home Transition Financing Programs
NL-5000.6800 PACE Programs
NL-5000.8000 State/Local Health Insurance Programs
NL-5000.8000-050 Adult State/Local Health Insurance Programs
NL-5000.8000-150 Children's State/Local Health Insurance Programs
NL-5000.8000-800 State/Local Health Insurance Program Appeals/Complaints
NL-6000 Nutrition Related Public Assistance Programs
NL-6000.2000 Food Stamps/SNAP
NL-6000.2000-200 Food Stamps/SNAP Appeals/Complaints
NL-6000.2000-220 Food Stamps/SNAP Applications
NL-6000.2500 Gap Group Nutrition Related Benefits
NL-6000.9500 WIC
NL-6000.9500-930 WIC Appeals/Complaints
NL-6000.9500-950 WIC Applications/Certification
NL-6000.9500-960 WIC Distribution Centers
NL-6500 Public Assistance Overpayment Recovery Programs
NS Social Insurance Programs
NS-1000 Burial Benefits
NS-1000.8000 Social Security Burial Benefits
NS-1000.9000 Veteran Burial Benefits
NS-1800 Disability Benefits
NS-1800.1500 Coal Miner Workers Compensation
NS-1800.6500 Railroad Workers Disability Insurance
NS-1800.8000 Social Security Disability Insurance
NS-1800.8000-800 Social Security Disability Insurance Appeals/Complaints
NS-1800.8000-820 Social Security Disability Insurance Applications
NS-1800.8100 State Disability Insurance
NS-1800.8100-800 State Disability Insurance Appeals/Complaints
NS-1800.8100-820 State Disability Insurance Applications
NS-1800.9000 Veteran Compensation and Pension Benefits
NS-1800.9000-900 Veteran Aid and Attendance Benefits
NS-1800.9000-920 Veteran Disability Compensation Benefits
NS-1800.9000-940 Veteran Housebound Benefits
NS-1800.9000-960 Veteran Pension Program
NS-1800.9500 Workers Compensation
NS-4500 Life Insurance
NS-4500.2000 Federal Employees Life Insurance
NS-4500.5000 Military Life Insurance
NS-4500.8000 State/Municipal Employees Life Insurance
NS-4500.9000 Veteran Life Insurance
NS-7000 Retirement Benefits
NS-7000.1500 Civil Service Retirement Benefits
NS-7000.5000 Military Retirement Benefits
NS-7000.7000 Railroad Workers Retirement Benefits
NS-7000.8000 Social Security Retirement Benefits
NS-8000 Social Health Insurance
NS-8000.2000 Federal Employees Health Benefits
NS-8000.5000 Medicare
NS-8000.5000-020 Accountable Care Organizations
NS-8000.5000-480 Medicare Advantage Plan Enrollment
NS-8000.5000-480.45 Medicare HMO Plan Enrollment
NS-8000.5000-480.50 Medicare PPO Plan Enrollment
NS-8000.5000-480.55 Medicare Private Fee For Service Plan Enrollment
NS-8000.5000-480.60 Medicare Special Needs Plan Enrollment
NS-8000.5000-520 Medicare Appeals/Complaints
NS-8000.5000-525 Medicare Card Replacement
NS-8000.5000-530 Medicare Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers
NS-8000.5000-560 Medicare Enrollment
NS-8000.5000-580 Medicare Fiscal Intermediaries
NS-8000.5000-590 Medicare Part B Carriers
NS-8000.5000-600 Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy Applications
NS-8000.5000-660 Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Enrollment
NS-8000.8100 State/Municipal Employees Health Benefits
NS-8000.9000 Veteran/Military Health Insurance
NS-8000.9000-160 CHAMPVA
NS-8000.9000-750 TRICARE Extra
NS-8000.9000-800 TRICARE Prime
NS-8000.9000-850 TRICARE Standard
NS-8000.9000-900 Veterans Choice Program
NS-8200 Survivors Insurance
NS-8200.1500 Civil Service Survivors Insurance
NS-8200.1600 Coal Miner Survivors Insurance
NS-8200.7000 Railroad Workers Survivors Insurance
NS-8200.8000 Social Security Survivors Insurance
NS-8200.9000 Veteran Survivors Benefits
NS-9000 Unemployment Insurance
NS-9000.7000 Railroad Workers Unemployment Insurance
NS-9000.9000 State Unemployment Insurance
NS-9000.9000-800 State Unemployment Insurance Appeals/Complaints
NS-9000.9000-850 State Unemployment Insurance Applications
NT Temporary Financial Assistance
NT-2500 Gift Card Distribution Programs
NT-6400 Personal Loans
NT-6400.3300 Interest Free Loans
NT-6400.4500 Low Interest Loans
NT-6500 Service Cost Payment Assistance
NT-8900 Undesignated Temporary Financial Assistance
P Individual and Family Life
PB Death Certification/Burial Arrangements
PB-0900 Burial/Cremation Expense Assistance
PB-1400 Cemetery Property
PB-1400.2500 Green Cemeteries
PB-1400.4500 Local Cemeteries
PB-1400.6000 National Cemeteries
PB-1420 Cemetery Visitation Transportation Assistance
PB-1600 Coroner Services
PB-1800 Estate Disposition Services
PB-1950 Funeral Preplanning Services
PB-2000 Funeral Societies
PB-2500 Gravesite Tending Services
PB-3100 Home Funeral Planning/Support Services
PB-4900 Morgues
PB-5000 Mortuary Services
PB-5000.0500 Ashes Disposition
PB-5000.0900 Body Shipment Services
PB-5000.1000 Burial Services
PB-5000.1550 Cremation Services
PB-5000.1800 Embalming Services
PB-5000.2200 Funeral Coach Services
PB-5000.2250 Funeral Flowers
PB-5000.2300 Funeral Services
PB-5000.2600 Green Funerals/Burials
PB-5000.3300 Interment Accessories
PD Domestic Animal Services
PD-0700 Animal Regulation
PD-0700.0400 Animal Control
PD-0700.0600 Animal Licenses
PD-0700.1500 Canine Obedience Certification Programs
PD-0700.1900 Dangerous Dog Registration
PD-6250 Pet Care Services
PD-6250.0750 Animal Training
PD-6250.0750-050 Agility Dog Training
PD-6250.0750-180 Dog Obedience Classes
PD-6250.0750-450 Litter Box Training
PD-6250.0750-600 Personal Protection Dog Training
PD-6250.0750-630 Pet Assisted Therapy Workshops
PD-6250.0750-650 Police Dog Training
PD-6250.0750-700 Rattlesnake Avoidance Training
PD-6250.0750-800 Sporting/Working Dog Training
PD-6250.1800 Dog Walking Services
PD-6250.1900 Doggie Day Care
PD-6250.2000 First Aid for Pets Training
PD-6250.5900 Pet Acquisition Assistance
PD-6250.6000 Pet Boarding/Sitting Services
PD-6250.6350 Pet Care Information
PD-6250.6400 Pet Care Supplies
PD-6250.6500 Pet Cemeteries
PD-6250.6600 Pet Food
PD-6250.6700 Pet Health Insurance
PD-6250.7500 Pet Transportation
PD-6250.8900 Pet Waste Removal Services
PD-7600 Protective Services for Animals
PD-7600.0100 Animal Adoption
PD-7600.0300 Animal Lost and Found
PD-7600.0450 Animal Rehoming Listing Services
PD-7600.0500 Animal Rescue
PD-7600.0600 Animal Shelters
PD-7600.0700 Animal Surrender Services
PD-7600.1500 Cruelty to Animals Investigation
PD-7600.1750 Estate Planning for Pets
PD-7600.2000 Farm/Domestic Animal Sanctuaries
PD-7600.2050 Feral Cat Management Programs
PD-7600.2100 Foster Care/Temporary Shelter for Animals
PD-7600.3100 Humane Animal Traps
PD-9000 Veterinary Services
PD-9000.0100 Animal Autopsies
PD-9000.0130 Animal Euthanasia Services
PD-9000.0150 Animal Poison Information
PD-9000.1800 Emergency Veterinary Services
PD-9000.5000 Mobile Veterinary Care
PD-9000.6000 Neuter/Spay Services
PD-9000.6400 Pet Psychic Services
PD-9000.6500 Pet Tattooing
PD-9000.6600 Pet Therapy
PD-9000.6650 Pet Tracking Microchips
PD-9000.7000 Rabies Vaccinations
PD-9000.8000 Sick Animal Care
PD-9000.9000 Veterinary Care Expense Assistance
PD-9000.9200 Veterinary Drug Information
PD-9000.9400 Veterinary Pharmacies
PD-9000.9500 Veterinary Referral Services
PD-9000.9700 Well Animal Checkups
PH Individual and Family Support Services
PH-0300 Adoption Services
PH-0300.0300 Adoption Counseling and Support
PH-0300.0300-650 Postadoption Counseling and Support
PH-0300.0300-680 Preadoption Counseling and Support
PH-0300.0350 Adoption Evaluation/Placement
PH-0300.0375 Adoption Expense Assistance
PH-0300.0400 Adoption Information
PH-0300.0450 Adoption Information Release Forms
PH-0300.0460 Adoption Related Fingerprinting
PH-0300.0490 Adoptive Child Genetic History Search
PH-0300.0500 Adoptive Home Studies
PH-0300.0600 Adoptive Parent/Child Search
PH-0300.1500 Court Appointed Confidential Intermediaries
PH-0300.6500 Preadoptive Foster Care
PH-0300.7000 Relinquishment for Adoption Assistance and Support
PH-0300.8100 Specialized Adoption Programs
PH-0300.8100-150 Cooperative Adoption
PH-0300.8100-200 Designated Adoption
PH-0300.8100-350 International Adoption
PH-0300.8100-400 Kinship Adoption
PH-0300.8100-600 Open Adoption
PH-0300.8100-800 Special Needs Adoption
PH-0300.8100-850 Transracial/Transcultural Adoption
PH-0320 Adult Day Programs
PH-0320.0200 Adult Day Program Centers
PH-0320.0400 Adult Day Health Programs
PH-0320.0600 Adult Family Day Program Homes
PH-0320.3300 In Home Adult Day Programs
PH-0360 Aging in Place Membership Organizations/Networks
PH-0360.6000 Naturally Occurring Retirement Community Programs
PH-0360.9000 Village Model Aging in Place Programs
PH-0500 Attendant Services for People With Disabilities
PH-0500.3300 In Home Attendants for People With Disabilities
PH-0500.8500 Traveling Attendants for People With Disabilities
PH-0600 Audio Recording Services
PH-0700 Benefits Screening
PH-0800 Caregiver Training
PH-1000 Case/Care Management
PH-1000.4500 Long Term Case/Care Management
PH-1000.8500 Transitional Case/Care Management
PH-1250 Child Care Providers
PH-1250.1400 Child Care Centers
PH-1250.1600 Child Care Cooperatives
PH-1250.1650 Children's Medical Day Care
PH-1250.1700 Drop In Child Care
PH-1250.1800 Extended Child Care
PH-1250.1900 Faith Based Child Care Programs
PH-1250.2000 Family Child Care Homes
PH-1250.3200 In Home Child Care
PH-1250.3400 Infant Care Centers
PH-1250.5000 Military Child Care
PH-1250.6000 Nanny Services
PH-1250.6500 Nighttime Child Care
PH-1250.8000 Sick Child Care
PH-1250.8500 Therapeutic Child Care
PH-1250.8600 Tribal Child Care
PH-1250.9500 Weekend Child Care
PH-1400 Companionship
PH-1400.1000 Buddy Programs
PH-1400.1600 Conversation Partners
PH-1400.1900 Friendly Outreach Programs
PH-1400.1900-200 Friendly Chat
PH-1400.1900-220 Friendly Telephoning
PH-1400.1900-230 Friendly Visiting
PH-1400.4500 Live In Companions
PH-1400.5000 Mentoring Programs
PH-1400.5000-050 Adult Mentoring Programs
PH-1400.5000-100 Adult/Child Mentoring Programs
PH-1400.5000-650 Peer Role Model Programs
PH-1400.6500 Peer to Peer Networking
PH-1400.6500-050 Age Peer Networking
PH-1400.6500-650 Parent to Parent Networking
PH-1400.6500-700 Patient to Patient Networking
PH-1400.8500 Traveling Companions
PH-1450 Cultural Transition Facilitation
PH-1450.1500 Citizenship Expense Assistance
PH-1450.3200 Immigrant Accompaniment Programs
PH-1450.3300 Immigrant Mutual Assistance Associations
PH-1450.3400 Immigrant Resettlement Services
PH-1450.6980 Refugee Related Donations Management
PH-1450.7000 Refugee Resettlement Services
PH-1450.7400 Refugee Transportation
PH-1450.8000 State Refugee Coordinators
PH-1450.9000 Voluntary Refugee Repatriation Programs
PH-1650 Domestic Child Sponsorship
PH-1660 Donor Conception Registries
PH-1800 Emergency Alert
PH-1800.1800 Emergency Medical Information Alert Systems
PH-1800.2500 Gatekeeper Alert Programs
PH-1800.3300 Identification Devices
PH-1800.3350 In Person Reassurance/Monitoring Programs
PH-1800.4400 Latchkey Telephone Support
PH-1800.4600 Locator Aids
PH-1800.5000 Medic Alert
PH-1800.6260 Personal Alarm Systems
PH-1800.8000 Special Assistance Notification Services
PH-1800.8500 Telephone Reassurance
PH-1800.9000 Vial of Life
PH-2000 Employee Assistance Programs
PH-2200 Escort Programs
PH-2360 Family Based Services
PH-2360.1500 Child Care Mental Health Consultation Programs
PH-2360.2000 Economic Self Sufficiency Programs
PH-2360.2300 Family Group Conferencing
PH-2360.2350 Family Preservation Programs
PH-2360.2400 Family Support Centers/Outreach
PH-2360.3300 Intensive Family Reunification Services
PH-2360.8000 School Based Integrated Services
PH-2360.9500 Wraparound Facilitation/Community Support
PH-2380 Family Reunion Planning Assistance
PH-2400 Family Support Recruitment/Referral
PH-2400.0200 Adoptive Family Recruitment
PH-2400.0500 Attendant Registries
PH-2400.1000 Babysitting Registries
PH-2400.1300 Case/Care Management Referrals
PH-2400.1400 Child Care Provider Recruitment
PH-2400.1500 Child Care Provider Referrals
PH-2400.1550 Child Care Worker Registries
PH-2400.1900 Foster Home Placement
PH-2400.2000 Foster Parent/Family Recruitment
PH-2400.3300 In Home Assistance Registries
PH-2400.3350 Interpreter/Translator Registries
PH-2400.3350-150 Communication Access Realtime Translation Registries
PH-2400.3350-450 Language Interpreter Registries
PH-2400.3350-800 Sign Language Interpreter Registries
PH-2400.7000 Respite Care Registries
PH-2950 Holiday Programs
PH-2950.1000 Birthday Programs
PH-2950.1500 Christmas Programs
PH-2950.1500-120 Christmas Baskets
PH-2950.1500-160 Christmas Clearing Bureaus
PH-2950.1500-170 Christmas Festivals
PH-2950.1500-190 Christmas Light Displays
PH-2950.1500-200 Christmas Meals
PH-2950.1500-220 Christmas Parties
PH-2950.1500-260 Christmas Trees
PH-2950.1500-800 Santa Claus Appearances
PH-2950.1500-830 Santa Claus Letters
PH-2950.1750 Easter Programs
PH-2950.1750-185 Easter Baskets
PH-2950.1750-220 Easter Events
PH-2950.1750-300 Easter Meals
PH-2950.1900 Father's Day Programs
PH-2950.2900 Halloween Events
PH-2950.2930 Hanukkah Programs
PH-2950.2950 Holiday Adoption Programs
PH-2950.3000 Holiday Cash Grants
PH-2950.3030 Holiday Dances/Galas
PH-2950.3040 Holiday Decorations
PH-2950.3050 Holiday Donations
PH-2950.3100 Holiday Enterprises
PH-2950.3100-130 Christmas Cards
PH-2950.3100-170 Christmas Wreaths
PH-2950.3200 Holiday Gifts/Toys
PH-2950.4000 Kwanzaa Programs
PH-2950.4500 Labor Day Programs
PH-2950.5000 Mother's Day Programs
PH-2950.6200 New Year's Events
PH-2950.6500 Passover Programs
PH-2950.7000 Ramadan Programs
PH-2950.8500 Thanksgiving Programs
PH-2950.8500-850 Thanksgiving Baskets
PH-2950.8500-870 Thanksgiving Meals
PH-3000 Home Management Instruction
PH-3100 Homeless Family Reunification Services
PH-3150 House Sitting
PH-3300 In Home Assistance
PH-3300.1800 Errand Running/Shopping Assistance
PH-3300.2750 Home Maintenance and Minor Repair Services
PH-3300.2750-030 Air Duct Cleaning
PH-3300.2750-100 Carpet Cleaning
PH-3300.2750-180 Chimney Sweeping
PH-3300.2750-185 Electrician Services
PH-3300.2750-190 Exterior House Cleaning
PH-3300.2750-200 Firewood Stockpiling
PH-3300.2750-220 Furnace Maintenance/Repair
PH-3300.2750-250 General Minor Home Repair Programs
PH-3300.2750-300 House Painting
PH-3300.2750-650 Plumbing Maintenance/Repair
PH-3300.2750-700 Rain Gutter Clearance
PH-3300.2750-710 Residential Locksmith Services
PH-3300.2750-720 Roof Maintenance/Repair
PH-3300.2750-760 Septic System Inspection/Maintenance
PH-3300.2750-800 Storm Window/Shutter Installation/Removal
PH-3300.2750-900 Water Heater Maintenance/Repair
PH-3300.2750-950 Window Washing
PH-3300.3000 Homemaker Assistance
PH-3300.3100 Housekeeping Assistance
PH-3300.3100-450 Live In Housekeeping Assistance
PH-3300.3180 In Home Hairdressing/Nail Care
PH-3300.3220 In Home Meal Preparation
PH-3300.6500 Personal Care
PH-3300.6900 Residential Snow Shoveling
PH-3300.7000 Restaurant Delivery
PH-3300.8000 Secretarial Assistance
PH-3300.9750 Yard Maintenance
PH-3300.9750-450 General Yard Work
PH-3300.9750-480 Leaf Raking
PH-3300.9750-700 Residential Brush Clearance
PH-3300.9750-750 Residential Snow Shoveling
PH-3300.9750-760 Residential Tree Maintenance
PH-3300.9750-765 Residential Tree Removal
PH-3300.9750-800 Sprinkler System Installation/Repair
PH-3300.9750-850 Tree Maintenance
PH-3300.9750-870 Tree Removal
PH-3300.9750-950 Yard Cleanup
PH-3500 Interpretation/Translation
PH-3500.0400 Audio Description Services
PH-3500.1000 Braille Transcription
PH-3500.1470 Closed Captioning Services
PH-3500.1500 Communication Access Realtime Translation
PH-3500.4500 Language Interpretation
PH-3500.4550 Language Translation
PH-3500.6000 Plain Language Translation
PH-3500.8000 Sign Language Interpretation
PH-3500.8500 Telecommunication Relay Services
PH-3500.8600 Translation Localization/Globalization Services
PH-3500.9000 Video Relay Services
PH-3500.9050 Video Remote Interpreting
PH-5800 Neighborhood Welcoming Services
PH-5900 Oral History Programs
PH-6000 Parental Visitation Facilitation
PH-6000.5000 Monitored Child Visitation Exchange
PH-6000.6500 Parental Visitation Monitoring
PH-6000.8500 Therapeutic Visitation
PH-6100 Parenting Education
PH-6100.1500 Child Development Classes
PH-6100.1550 Co-Parenting Workshops
PH-6100.1600 Court Ordered Parenting Programs
PH-6100.1700 Disability Related Parenting Programs
PH-6100.1800 Expectant/New Parent Assistance
PH-6100.1800-250 General Expectant/New Parent Assistance Programs
PH-6100.1800-650 New Dad Parenting Programs
PH-6100.1800-680 Prenatal/Postnatal Home Visitation Programs
PH-6100.1800-750 Resource Passports for Newborns
PH-6100.1800-900 Teen Expectant/New Parent Assistance
PH-6100.3300 Home Based Parenting Education
PH-6100.3400 Infant Massage Instruction
PH-6100.6550 Parent Rights Classes
PH-6100.6600 Parenting Helplines
PH-6100.6700 Parenting Materials
PH-6100.6800 Parenting Skills Classes
PH-6200 Personal Enrichment
PH-6200.0500 Assertiveness Training
PH-6200.0800 Brain Fitness Programs
PH-6200.1500 Communication Training
PH-6200.1550 Conflict Resolution Training
PH-6200.1600 Consciousness Raising Groups
PH-6200.1700 Cultural Awareness/Competencies Training
PH-6200.1800 Death and Dying
PH-6200.1850 Disability Awareness Programs
PH-6200.2000 Family Life Education
PH-6200.4500 Leadership Development
PH-6200.4550 Life Coaching
PH-6200.4600 Life Skills Education
PH-6200.5000 Media Literacy Programs
PH-6200.7000 Relationship Workshops
PH-6200.7020 Resilience Training
PH-6200.7200 Rite of Passage Programs
PH-6200.7800 Self Esteem Workshops
PH-6200.8000 Sensitivity Training
PH-6200.8200 Social Responsibility Programs
PH-6200.8300 Social Skills Training
PH-6200.8400 Stress Management
PH-6200.8600 Team Building Activities
PH-6200.9200 Wilderness Therapy Programs
PH-6300 Placements for Children and Youth
PH-6300.1500 Child/Youth Placement Evaluation Programs
PH-6300.1900 Foster Homes for Children With Disabilities
PH-6300.2000 Foster Homes for Dependent Children
PH-6300.2400 Group Homes for Children and Youth With Disabilities
PH-6300.2500 Group Homes for Dependent Children
PH-6300.3500 Kinship Care
PH-6300.8000 Supervised Living for Older Youth
PH-6300.8500 Therapeutic Foster Homes
PH-6300.8600 Therapeutic Group Homes
PH-6500 Protective Services
PH-6500.0500 Adult Protective Services
PH-6500.0500-050 Adult Protective Intervention/Investigation
PH-6500.0500-180 Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting
PH-6500.0500-650 Private Guardianship/Conservatorship Programs
PH-6500.0500-680 Public Guardianship/Conservatorship Programs
PH-6500.1500 Children's Protective Services
PH-6500.1500-130 Child Abuse Registries
PH-6500.1500-140 Child Abuse Reporting/Emergency Response
PH-6500.1500-160 Dependency Investigation
PH-6500.1500-180 Emergency Medical Consent
PH-6500.1500-200 Family Maintenance/Reunification
PH-6500.1500-600 Nondelinquent Juvenile Detention Facilities
PH-6500.1500-625 Permanency Planning for Foster Youth
PH-6500.1500-650 Permanent Placement Supervision
PH-6900 Resource and Service Fairs
PH-7000 Respite Care
PH-7000.0500 Adult Respite Care
PH-7000.0500-040 Adult In Home Respite Care
PH-7000.0500-060 Adult Out of Home Respite Care
PH-7000.1500 Children's Respite Care
PH-7000.1500-140 Children's In Home Respite Care
PH-7000.1500-160 Children's Out of Home Respite Care
PH-7000.3300 In Home Respite Care
PH-7000.3300-040 Adult In Home Respite Care
PH-7000.3300-140 Children's In Home Respite Care
PH-7000.6000 Out of Home Respite Care
PH-7000.6000-060 Adult Out of Home Respite Care
PH-7000.6000-160 Children's Out of Home Respite Care
PH-7900 Sponsorship Programs
PH-7900.0050 Adopt a Family Programs
PH-7900.1650 Domestic Child Sponsorship
PH-8000 Street Outreach Programs
PH-8500 Transgender Body Image Resources
PH-9000 Vacation Host Homes
PH-9400 Wedding Related Services
PH-9400.1500 Civil Marriages
PH-9400.9500 Wedding Sites
PL Leisure Activities/Recreation
PL-1600 Competitions/Contests
PL-1600.0200 Academic Competitions
PL-1600.0500 Animal Exhibitions/Shows
PL-1600.0500-050 Agility Dog Competitions
PL-1600.0500-150 Cat Shows
PL-1600.0500-200 Dog Shows
PL-1600.0500-800 Sporting/Working Dog Competitions
PL-1600.1000 Beauty Contests
PL-1600.1200 Body Building Competitions
PL-1600.1500 Cook Offs
PL-1600.8500 Talent Competitions
PL-1800 Eating Establishments
PL-1800.0200 Afghan Restaurants
PL-1800.0250 African Restaurants
PL-1800.0250-150 Eritrean Restaurants
PL-1800.0250-180 Ethiopian Restaurants
PL-1800.0250-400 Kenyan Restaurants
PL-1800.0250-450 Liberian Restaurants
PL-1800.0500 American Restaurants
PL-1800.0500-040 Alaskan Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-070 Arizona/New Mexico/Texas Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-130 Cajun Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-170 California Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-200 Florida Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-300 Hawaiian Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-500 Mid Atlantic Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-550 Midwest Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-600 Mountain States Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-630 Native American Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-650 New England Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-700 Pacific Northwest Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-750 Plains States Cuisine
PL-1800.0500-800 Soul Food Restaurants
PL-1800.0500-850 Southern Cuisine
PL-1800.0650 Argentine Restaurants
PL-1800.0700 Armenian Restaurants
PL-1800.0900 Australian Restaurants
PL-1800.0950 Austrian Restaurants
PL-1800.0970 Balkan Restaurants
PL-1800.1000 Barbecue Restaurants
PL-1800.1100 Basque Restaurants
PL-1800.1130 Belgian Restaurants
PL-1800.1150 Bolivian Restaurants
PL-1800.1200 Brazilian Restaurants
PL-1800.1250 Breakfast Cafés
PL-1800.1300 Brunches
PL-1800.1350 Burmese Restaurants
PL-1800.1400 Cambodian Restaurants
PL-1800.1450 Caribbean Restaurants
PL-1800.1450-150 Cuban Restaurants
PL-1800.1450-350 Jamaican Restaurants
PL-1800.1500 Chilean Restaurants
PL-1800.1550 Chinese Restaurants
PL-1800.1550-150 Cantonese Restaurants
PL-1800.1550-180 Chui Chow Restaurants
PL-1800.1550-300 Hunan Restaurants
PL-1800.1550-500 Mandarin Restaurants
PL-1800.1550-600 Muslim Chinese Restaurants
PL-1800.1550-750 Shanghai Restaurants
PL-1800.1550-800 Szechuan Restaurants
PL-1800.1570 Chinois Restaurants
PL-1800.1600 Coffee Bars
PL-1800.1650 Colombian Restaurants
PL-1800.1700 Continental Restaurants
PL-1800.1750 Crepe Restaurants
PL-1800.1800 Czech Restaurants
PL-1800.1830 Delicatessens
PL-1800.1850 Dessert Establishments
PL-1800.1870 Eatertainments
PL-1800.1900 Ecuadoran Restaurants
PL-1800.1930 Egyptian Restaurants
PL-1800.1950 English Restaurants
PL-1800.1950-050 Afternoon Tea Restaurants
PL-1800.2050 Family Fun Restaurants
PL-1800.2100 Fast Food Restaurants
PL-1800.2100-200 Fast Food Chicken
PL-1800.2100-250 Hamburger/Hot Dog Restaurants
PL-1800.2100-650 Pizza Restaurants
PL-1800.2200 Filipino Restaurants
PL-1800.2400 French Restaurants
PL-1800.2500 Game Restaurants
PL-1800.2600 German Restaurants
PL-1800.2900 Greek Restaurants
PL-1800.2950 Guatemalan Restaurants
PL-1800.3000 Halal Restaurants
PL-1800.3050 Honduran Restaurants
PL-1800.3100 Hotel Dining
PL-1800.3150 Hungarian Restaurants
PL-1800.3250 Indian/Pakistani Restaurants
PL-1800.3300 Indonesian Restaurants
PL-1800.3350 International Restaurants
PL-1800.3400 Irish Restaurants
PL-1800.3500 Italian Restaurants
PL-1800.3650 Japanese Restaurants
PL-1800.3650-700 Ramen Restaurants
PL-1800.3650-800 Sushi Bars
PL-1800.3650-850 Tempura Restaurants
PL-1800.3650-870 Teppanyaki Grills
PL-1800.3650-900 Teriyaki Style Restaurants
PL-1800.4000 Korean Restaurants
PL-1800.4100 Kosher Restaurants
PL-1800.4110 Kosher Style Restaurants
PL-1800.4500 Laotian Restaurants
PL-1800.5000 Malaysian Restaurants
PL-1800.5400 Mexican Restaurants
PL-1800.5400-800 Sonora Style Mexican Restaurants
PL-1800.5400-850 Southwestern Restaurants
PL-1800.5400-900 Texas Style Mexican Restaurants
PL-1800.5400-980 Yucatan Style Mexican Restaurants
PL-1800.5600 Middle Eastern Restaurants
PL-1800.5600-450 Lebanese Restaurants
PL-1800.5700 Mongolian Restaurants
PL-1800.5800 Moroccan Restaurants
PL-1800.6100 Natural Food Restaurants
PL-1800.6200 Nicaraguan Restaurants
PL-1800.6500 Persian Restaurants
PL-1800.6600 Peruvian Restaurants
PL-1800.6650 Pet Friendly Restaurants
PL-1800.6700 Polish Restaurants
PL-1800.6800 Polynesian Restaurants
PL-1800.6900 Portuguese Restaurants
PL-1800.6950 Romanian Restaurants
PL-1800.7000 Russian Restaurants
PL-1800.7900 Salad Bars
PL-1800.7950 Salvadoran Restaurants
PL-1800.8150 Scandinavian Restaurants
PL-1800.8150-180 Danish Restaurants
PL-1800.8150-600 Norwegian Restaurants
PL-1800.8150-800 Swedish Restaurants
PL-1800.8250 Scottish Restaurants
PL-1800.8300 Seafood Restaurants
PL-1800.8300-650 Oyster Bars
PL-1800.8600 Spanish Restaurants
PL-1800.8650 Sri Lankan Restaurants
PL-1800.8700 Steak Houses
PL-1800.8750 Swiss Restaurants
PL-1800.8800 Thai Restaurants
PL-1800.8800-150 Central Thai Restaurants
PL-1800.8800-330 Issan Thai Restaurants
PL-1800.8800-600 Northern Thai Restaurants
PL-1800.8800-800 Southern Thai Restaurants
PL-1800.8900 Turkish Restaurants
PL-1800.8950 Uzbekistan Restaurants
PL-1800.9000 Vegetarian Restaurants
PL-1800.9000-900 Vegan Restaurants
PL-1800.9100 Venezuelan Restaurants
PL-1800.9200 Vietnamese Restaurants
PL-2000 Food Service Contractors
PL-2000.1500 Catering Services
PL-2000.5000 Mobile Food Service Vendors
PL-4500 Leisure Accommodations
PL-4500.0100 Bed and Breakfast Establishments
PL-4500.0100-080 Bed and Breakfast Homestays
PL-4500.0100-120 Bed and Breakfast Inns
PL-4500.0100-150 Country Inns
PL-4500.1500 College/University Residence Room Rentals
PL-4500.2900 Hostels
PL-4500.3000 Hotels/Motels
PL-4500.3000-050 All Suite Hotels
PL-4500.3000-100 Budget Hotels
PL-4500.3000-180 Economy Hotels
PL-4500.3000-200 Full Service Midpriced Hotels
PL-4500.3000-220 Full Service Upscale Hotels
PL-4500.3000-450 Luxury Hotels
PL-4500.3000-650 Pet Friendly Hotels
PL-4500.3000-700 Resort Hotels
PL-6000 Nightlife
PL-6000.0500 After Hours Clubs
PL-6000.1400 Dinner Cruises
PL-6000.1500 Drinking Establishments
PL-6000.1500-070 Bars/Taprooms
PL-6000.1500-100 Biergartens/Bierhalles
PL-6000.1500-150 Brew Pubs
PL-6000.1500-160 Cigar Lounges
PL-6000.1500-180 Cocktail Lounges
PL-6000.1500-400 Karaoke Bars
PL-6000.1500-650 Pubs
PL-7000.5800-420 Kendo
PL-6000.1500-800 Sports Bars
PL-6000.1500-900 Wine Bars
PL-6000.6000 Nightclubs
PL-6000.6000-150 Cabarets
PL-6000.6000-160 Comedy Clubs
PL-6000.6000-170 Dance Clubs
PL-6000.6000-500 Music Clubs
PL-6400 Parks/Recreation Areas
PL-6400.0500 Amusement Parks
PL-6400.1000 Beaches
PL-6400.1250 Boardwalks/Promenades
PL-6400.1300 Botanical Gardens/Arboreta
PL-6400.1500 Camps
PL-6400.1500-100 Camp Referrals
PL-6400.1500-180 Day Camps
PL-6400.1500-200 Family Camps
PL-6400.1500-700 Residential Camps
PL-6400.1500-800 Special Interest Camps
PL-6400.1500-820 Summer Camps
PL-6400.1500-850 Therapeutic Camps
PL-6400.1550 Caverns/Caves
PL-6400.1550-150 Diving Caves
PL-6400.1550-800 Spelunking Caves
PL-6400.1600 Cornfield Mazes
PL-6400.1700 Dude Ranches
PL-6400.2000 Fairgrounds
PL-6400.2300 Fountains/Reflecting Pools
PL-6400.3000 Harbors/Marinas
PL-6400.3100 Hot Springs/Mineral Baths
PL-6400.4500 Lakes and Ponds
PL-6400.5000 Mountain Climbing Areas
PL-6400.5000-300 Ice Climbing Areas
PL-6400.5000-700 Rock Climbing Areas
PL-6400.5900 National Forests/Grasslands
PL-6400.5950 National Monuments
PL-6400.6000 Nature Centers/Walks
PL-6400.6300 Piers
PL-6400.6500 Public Parks
PL-6400.6500-150 City/County Parks
PL-6400.6500-200 Dog Parks
PL-6400.6500-600 National Parks
PL-6400.6500-800 State Parks
PL-6400.6500-950 Wilderness Areas
PL-6400.6750 Recreational Clubs
PL-6400.6750-050 Athletic Clubs
PL-6400.6750-100 Beach Clubs
PL-6400.6750-150 Country Clubs
PL-6400.6750-300 Hunt Clubs
PL-6400.6750-700 Racquet Clubs
PL-6400.6750-950 Yacht Clubs
PL-6400.7000 Recreational Facilities
PL-6400.7000-050 Athletic Fields/Courts
PL-6400.7000-050.10 Baseball Fields
PL-6400.7000-050.13 Basketball Courts
PL-6400.7000-050.20 Football Fields
PL-6400.7000-050.30 Horseshoe Pitches
PL-6400.7000-050.80 Soccer Fields
PL-6400.7000-050.85 Tennis Courts
PL-6400.7000-070 Boat Launching Sites
PL-6400.7000-080 Boat Mooring/Docking Facilities
PL-6400.7000-100 Bowling Centers
PL-6400.7000-150 Campgrounds
PL-6400.7000-190 Equestrian Centers
PL-6400.7000-230 Golf Courses
PL-6400.7000-250 Gymnasiums
PL-6400.7000-330 Ice Skating Rinks
PL-6400.7000-340 Indoor Play Areas
PL-6400.7000-345 Indoor Walking Tracks
PL-6400.7000-350 Jacuzzis
PL-6400.7000-400 Kart Tracks
PL-6400.7000-500 Miniature Golf Courses
PL-6400.7000-550 Mobile Recreation Programs
PL-6400.7000-600 Nudist Facilities
PL-6400.7000-640 Picnic Grounds
PL-6400.7000-660 Playgrounds
PL-6400.7000-670 Pool Halls
PL-7000.5800-460 Kickboxing
PL-6400.7000-680 Private Hunting Reserves
PL-6400.7000-700 Recreation Centers
PL-6400.7000-730 Roller Skating Rinks
PL-6400.7000-800 Saunas
PL-6400.7000-810 Skate Parks
PL-6400.7000-815 Spray Grounds
PL-6400.7000-820 Steam Baths
PL-6400.7000-840 Swimming Facilities
PL-6400.7000-880 Tanning Facilities
PL-6400.7000-900 Target Ranges
PL-6400.7000-930 Toboggan Runs
PL-6400.7000-960 Wading Pools
PL-6400.8300 Recreational Rivers
PL-6400.8500 Recreational Trails
PL-6400.8500-100 Bridle Trails
PL-6400.8500-300 Hiking Trails
PL-6400.8500-650 Off Road Vehicle Trails
PL-6400.8500-800 Snowmobile Trails
PL-6400.8900 Ski Areas
PL-6400.9000 Spectator Sports Facilities
PL-6400.9000-030 Aquatic Centers
PL-6400.9000-080 Baseball Stadiums
PL-6400.9000-100 Basketball Arenas
PL-6400.9000-200 Football Stadiums
PL-6400.9000-240 Greyhound Tracks
PL-6400.9000-270 Horse Racing Venues
PL-6400.9000-300 Ice Hockey Arenas
PL-6400.9000-330 Jai Alai Frontons
PL-6400.9000-600 Olympic Facilities
PL-6400.9000-650 Polo Fields
PL-6400.9000-750 Rodeo Grounds
PL-6400.9000-800 Soccer Stadiums
PL-6400.9000-830 Speedways
PL-6400.9000-850 Track and Field Facilities
PL-6400.9000-900 Velodromes
PL-6400.9400 Urban Plazas
PL-6400.9500 Waterfalls
PL-6400.9600 Wildlife Exhibitions
PL-6400.9600-040 Aquariums
PL-6400.9600-080 Aviaries
PL-6400.9600-150 Butterfly Exhibits
PL-6400.9600-980 Zoos/Wildlife Parks
PL-6600 Physical Fitness
PL-6600.0500 Aerobics
PL-6600.0600 Aquarobics/Aquatic Exercise
PL-6600.1500 Calisthenics
PL-6600.1550 Capoeira
PL-6600.1800 Exercise Classes/Groups
PL-6600.2000 Feldenkrais Method
PL-6600.3500 Jazzercize
PL-6600.3550 Jogging
PL-6600.5100 Medically Monitored Physical Fitness
PL-6600.6430 Personal Trainer Services
PL-6600.6450 Pilates
PL-6600.6500 Postpartum Fitness
PL-6600.6550 Prenatal Fitness
PL-6600.8000 Ski Fitness
PL-6600.9450 Walking Programs
PL-6600.9500 Weight Training
PL-6600.9500-200 Free Weights
PL-6600.9500-500 Machine Weights
PL-6600.9700 Yoga
PL-6610 Physical Fitness Referrals
PL-6900 Recreation Related Expense Assistance
PL-6900.1500 Camperships
PL-6900.6500 Park/Recreational Area Entrance Fee Expense Assistance
PL-6900.7000 Recreational/Leisure/Arts Instruction Expense Assistance
PL-6900.8000 Sports Program Participation Expense Assistance
PL-7000 Recreational Activities/Sports
PL-7000.0100 Adventure Racing
PL-7000.0200 Archery
PL-7000.0250 Arm Wrestling
PL-7000.0600 Badminton
PL-7000.0700 Ballooning
PL-7000.0850 Baton Twirling
PL-7000.1200 Billiards/Pool/Snooker
PL-7000.1600 Boating
PL-7000.1600-140 Canoeing
PL-7000.1600-180 Dragon Boat Racing
PL-7000.1600-400 Kayaking
PL-7000.1600-550 Personal Watercraft
PL-7000.1600-600 Power Boating
PL-7000.1600-650 Punting
PL-7000.1600-700 Rowing
PL-7000.1600-800 Sailing
PL-7000.1750 Boomerang
PL-7000.1800 Bowling
PL-7000.2000 Boxing
PL-7000.2300 Bungee Jumping
PL-7000.2500 Canopying
PL-7000.2550 Carriage Driving
PL-7000.2700 Cheerleading Programs
PL-7000.3000 Cycling
PL-7000.3000-500 Mountain Biking
PL-7000.3000-700 Road Biking
PL-7000.3000-850 Tandem Biking
PL-7000.3150 Disability Related Sports
PL-7000.3150-050 Adapted Sports/Games
PL-7000.3150-100 Boccia
PL-7000.3150-250 Goalball
PL-7000.3150-330 Ice Sledge Hockey
PL-7000.3150-800 Sledge Racing
PL-7000.3150-950 Wheelchair Sports
PL-7000.3200 Diving
PL-7000.3300 Drill Teams
PL-7000.3500 Falconry
PL-7000.3600 Fencing
PL-7000.4000 Fishing
PL-7000.4100 Flying Discs
PL-7000.4100-150 Canine Frisbee Competitions
PL-7000.4100-200 Disc Golf
PL-7000.4100-900 Ultimate Frisbee
PL-7000.4150 Footbag
PL-7000.4300 Gambling
PL-7000.4300-100 Bingo
PL-7000.4300-150 Casinos
PL-7000.4300-180 Dog Racing
PL-7000.4300-300 Horse Racing
PL-7000.4300-350 Jai Alai
PL-7000.4300-450 Lotteries
PL-7000.4300-650 Poker
PL-7000.4300-800 Sweepstakes
PL-7000.4350 Games
PL-7000.4350-060 Backgammon
PL-7000.4350-100 Bocce
PL-7000.4350-120 Bridge
PL-7000.4350-150 Checkers
PL-7000.4350-180 Chess
PL-7000.4350-200 Croquet
PL-7000.4350-240 Darts
PL-7000.4350-250 Dominoes
PL-7000.4350-260 Euchre
PL-7000.4350-300 Horseshoes
PL-7000.4350-400 Lawn Bowling
PL-7000.4350-500 Mah Jong
PL-7000.4350-650 Petanque
PL-7000.4350-680 Pinochle
PL-7000.4350-800 Scrabble
PL-7000.4350-830 Shuffleboard
PL-7000.4360 General Recreational Activities/Sports
PL-7000.4364 Geocaching
PL-7000.4370 Gliding
PL-7000.4400 Golf
PL-7000.4600 Gymnastics
PL-7000.4700 Handball
PL-7000.4800 Hang Gliding
PL-7000.4850 Hayrides
PL-7000.5000 Hiking
PL-7000.5150 Horseback Riding
PL-7000.5220 Hunting
PL-7000.5240 Jousting
PL-7000.5260 Jump Rope
PL-7000.5280 Karting
PL-7000.5300 Kite Flying
PL-7000.5500 Land Sailing
PL-7000.5800 Martial Arts
PL-7000.5800-050 Aikido
PL-7000.5800-350 Judo
PL-7000.5800-370 Jujitsu
PL-7000.5800-400 Karate
PL-7000.5800-500 Kung Fu
PL-7000.5800-850 T'ai Chi Ch'uan
PL-7000.5800-870 Tae Kwon Do
PL-7000.6000 Motorcycle Riding
PL-7000.6200 Mountain Climbing
PL-7000.6200-300 Ice Climbing
PL-7000.6200-700 Rock Climbing
PL-7000.6250 Mountainboarding
PL-7000.6350 Off Road Vehicle Riding
PL-7000.6400 Orienteering
PL-7000.6450 Paddleball
PL-7000.6470 Paragliding
PL-7000.6500 Parasailing
PL-7000.6630 Pickleball
PL-7000.6650 Pigeon Racing
PL-7000.6800 Racquetball
PL-7000.7000 Rhythmic Gymnastics
PL-7000.7200 Scuba Diving
PL-7000.7350 Shooting
PL-7000.7450 Simulated Combat
PL-7000.7450-050 Airsoft
PL-7000.7450-650 Paintball
PL-7000.7470 Skate Sailing
PL-7000.7500 Skateboarding
PL-7000.7600 Skating
PL-7000.7600-330 Ice Skating
PL-7000.7600-360 Inline Skating
PL-7000.7600-700 Roller Skating
PL-7000.7800 Skiing
PL-7000.7800-050 Alpine Skiing
PL-7000.7800-150 Cross Country Skiing
PL-7000.7850 Skydiving
PL-7000.7880 Sled Dog Rides
PL-7000.7900 Sledding
PL-7000.7900-100 Bobsled
PL-7000.7900-450 Luge
PL-7000.7900-800 Sled Dog Racing
PL-7000.7900-850 Tobogganing
PL-7000.7940 Sleigh Rides
PL-7000.8000 Snorkeling
PL-7000.8050 Snowbiking
PL-7000.8100 Snowboarding
PL-7000.8120 Snowmobiling
PL-7000.8130 Snowshoeing
PL-7000.8150 Soap Box Derbies
PL-7000.8190 Spelunking
PL-7000.8500 Squash
PL-7000.8600 Surfing
PL-7000.8600-100 Board Surfing
PL-7000.8600-120 Bodysurfing
PL-7000.8600-900 Wakeboarding
PL-7000.8600-950 Windsurfing
PL-7000.8800 Swimming/Swimming Lessons
PL-7000.8830 Synchronized Swimming
PL-7000.8850 Table Tennis
PL-7000.8900 Team Sports/Leagues
PL-7000.8900-080 Baseball
PL-7000.8900-100 Basketball
PL-7000.8900-110 Broomball
PL-7000.8900-130 Cricket
PL-7000.8900-140 Curling
PL-7000.8900-170 Dodgeball
PL-7000.8900-200 Football
PL-7000.8900-290 Hockey
PL-7000.8900-290.20 Field Hockey
PL-7000.8900-290.33 Ice Hockey
PL-7000.8900-290.80 Street Hockey
PL-7000.8900-300 Hurling
PL-7000.8900-380 Korfball
PL-7000.8900-450 Lacrosse
PL-7000.8900-650 Polo
PL-7000.8900-680 Ringette
PL-7000.8900-700 Rugby
PL-7000.8900-800 Soccer
PL-7000.8900-830 Softball
PL-7000.8900-900 Volleyball
PL-7000.8900-920 Water Polo
PL-7000.9000 Tennis
PL-7000.9100 Timber Sports
PL-7000.9200 Track and Field
PL-7000.9250 Trampoline
PL-7000.9300 Trapshooting
PL-7000.9350 Unicycling
PL-7000.9500 Water Skiing
PL-7000.9530 Weightlifting
PL-7000.9570 White Water Rafting
PL-7000.9600 Wrestling
PL-7000.9900 Zorbing
PL-7200 Recreational Equipment/Supplies
PL-7200.0350 Art Supplies
PL-7200.1500 Camping Gear
PL-7200.2000 Fitness Equipment and Accessories
PL-7200.4500 Left Handed Recreational Equipment
PL-7200.5000 Musical Instruments
PL-7200.8000 Sports Equipment
PL-7200.8000-035 Archery Equipment
PL-7200.8000-050 Badminton Equipment
PL-7200.8000-055 Baseball Equipment
PL-7200.8000-060 Basketball Equipment
PL-7200.8000-070 Bowling Equipment
PL-7200.8000-075 Boxing Equipment
PL-7200.8000-085 Broomball Equipment
PL-7200.8000-125 Climbing Equipment
PL-7200.8000-130 Cricket Equipment
PL-7200.8000-135 Croquet Equipment
PL-7200.8000-145 Curling Equipment
PL-7200.8000-150 Cycling Equipment
PL-7200.8000-190 Equestrian Sports Equipment
PL-7200.8000-210 Fencing Equipment
PL-7200.8000-220 Field Hockey Equipment
PL-7200.8000-225 Fishing Equipment
PL-7200.8000-240 Football Equipment
PL-7200.8000-250 Golf Equipment
PL-7200.8000-330 Ice Hockey Equipment
PL-7200.8000-400 Lacrosse Equipment
PL-7200.8000-500 Motorsports Equipment
PL-7200.8000-700 Racquetball Equipment
PL-7200.8000-780 Rugby Equipment
PL-7200.8000-810 Scuba Diving/Snorkeling Equipment
PL-7200.8000-820 Skating/Skateboarding Equipment
PL-7200.8000-825 Skiing Equipment
PL-7200.8000-840 Soccer Equipment
PL-7200.8000-845 Surfing Equipment
PL-7200.8000-860 Tennis Equipment
PL-7200.8000-900 Volleyball Equipment
PL-7200.8000-920 Water Polo Equipment
PL-7200.8000-950 Water Skiing Equipment
PL-7200.8500 Toys/Toy Loan
PL-7400 Recreational/Leisure/Arts Instruction
PL-7400.0300 Acting Instruction
PL-7400.0500 Arts and Crafts Instruction
PL-7400.0500-020 Balloon Sculpting Instruction
PL-7400.0500-040 Basket Weaving Instruction
PL-7400.0500-060 Batik/Tie Dye Instruction
PL-7400.0500-070 Beadwork Instruction
PL-7400.0500-080 Bookbinding Instruction
PL-7400.0500-100 Calligraphy Instruction
PL-7400.0500-110 Candle Making Instruction
PL-7400.0500-120 Cartooning Instruction
PL-7400.0500-140 Ceramics Instruction
PL-7400.0500-160 Children's Arts and Crafts
PL-7400.0500-180 Decoupage Instruction
PL-7400.0500-190 Doll Making Instruction
PL-7400.0500-200 Drawing Instruction
PL-7400.0500-230 Felting Instruction
PL-7400.0500-250 Folk/Ethnic Art Instruction
PL-7400.0500-260 General Arts and Crafts
PL-7400.0500-270 Glass Art Instruction
PL-7400.0500-290 Gourd Art Instruction
PL-7400.0500-300 Graphic/Digital Arts Instruction
PL-7400.0500-350 Jewelry Making Instruction
PL-7400.0500-450 Leather Arts Instruction
PL-7400.0500-500 Macrame Instruction
PL-7400.0500-530 Marquetry Instruction
PL-7400.0500-540 Mask Making Instruction
PL-7400.0500-545 Metal Art Instruction
PL-7400.0500-550 Mosaic Work Instruction
PL-7400.0500-620 Origami Instruction
PL-7400.0500-650 Painting Instruction
PL-7400.0500-660 Papermaking Instruction
PL-7400.0500-670 Photography Instruction
PL-7400.0500-690 Polymer Clay Instruction
PL-7400.0500-700 Puppets/Puppet Craft
PL-7400.0500-750 Rubber Stamping Instruction
PL-7400.0500-780 Scrapbooking Instruction
PL-7400.0500-800 Sculpture Instruction
PL-7400.0500-810 Soap Making Instruction
PL-7400.0500-820 Stained Glass Instruction
PL-7400.0500-870 Tole/Decorative Painting Instruction
PL-7400.0500-950 Weaving/Spinning Instruction
PL-7400.0500-970 Woodworking Instruction
PL-7400.0700 Arts Appreciation
PL-7400.0700-050 Architecture Appreciation
PL-7400.0700-080 Art Appreciation
PL-7400.0700-170 Dance Appreciation
PL-7400.0700-200 Film Appreciation
PL-7400.0700-500 Music Appreciation
PL-7400.0700-650 Opera Appreciation
PL-7400.0700-850 Theater Appreciation
PL-7400.1400 Choreography Instruction
PL-7400.1450 Circus Arts Instruction
PL-7400.1500 Computer and Related Technology Classes
PL-7400.1550 Cooking Classes
PL-7400.1700 Dance Instruction
PL-7400.1700-080 Ballet Instruction
PL-7400.1700-100 Ballroom Dancing Instruction
PL-7400.1700-120 Belly Dancing Instruction
PL-7400.1700-160 Country Line Dancing Instruction
PL-7400.1700-200 Folk/Ethnic Dancing Instruction
PL-7400.1700-300 Hula Instruction
PL-7400.1700-350 Jazz Dancing Instruction
PL-7400.1700-500 Modern Dance Instruction
PL-7400.1700-650 Popular Dancing Instruction
PL-7400.1700-800 Square Dancing Instruction
PL-7400.1700-850 Tap Dancing Instruction
PL-7400.1750 Do It Yourself Instruction
PL-7400.1750-100 Basic Automobile Care Classes
PL-7400.1750-180 Do It Yourself Bicycle Repair Instruction
PL-7400.1750-300 Home Repair Training
PL-7400.1900 Driver Training
PL-7400.1900-050 Adaptive Driver Training
PL-7400.1900-150 Commercial Driver Training
PL-7400.1900-500 Mature Driver Training
PL-7400.1900-600 New Driver Training
PL-7400.1900-800 Specialized Driver Training
PL-7400.2000 Filmmaking Instruction
PL-7400.2200 Firearm Training
PL-7400.2220 Flower Arranging Instruction
PL-7400.2230 Flying Lessons
PL-7400.2500 Gardening/Landscaping Instruction
PL-7400.2600 Genealogy Classes
PL-7400.3000 Home Decorating Instruction
PL-7400.3040 Home Food Preservation Instruction
PL-7400.4500 Language Instruction
PL-7400.5000 Memory Improvement Instruction
PL-7400.5200 Model Building Instruction
PL-7400.5300 Modeling Instruction
PL-7400.5500 Music Instruction
PL-7400.5500-550 Musical Composition Instruction
PL-7400.5500-570 Musical Instrument Instruction
PL-7400.5500-800 Vocal Music Instruction
PL-7400.6000 Needlecraft Instruction
PL-7400.6000-150 Crocheting Instruction
PL-7400.6000-180 Embroidery Instruction
PL-7400.6000-200 Fashion Design Instruction
PL-7400.6000-400 Knitting Instruction
PL-7400.6000-450 Lace Making Instruction
PL-7400.6000-600 Needlepoint Instruction
PL-7400.6000-680 Quilting Instruction
PL-7400.6000-700 Rug Hooking Instruction
PL-7400.6000-800 Sewing Instruction
PL-7400.6300 Outdoor Environmental Education
PL-7400.6500 Parent/Child Instruction
PL-7400.6500-640 Parent/Infant Exercise Classes
PL-7400.6500-660 Parent/Infant Swimming Instruction
PL-7400.6600 Public Speaking
PL-7400.8200 Speed Reading
PL-7400.8250 Sports Aptitude Assessment
PL-7400.8300 Sports Related Instruction
PL-7400.8300-150 Coaching Programs
PL-7400.8300-800 Sports Officiating Programs
PL-7400.8500 Tiny Tots
PL-7400.8600 Typing Classes
PL-7400.9000 Wilderness Training
PL-7400.9500 Writing Instruction
PL-7400.9500-030 Academic Writing Instruction
PL-7400.9500-100 Business Writing Instruction
PL-7400.9500-200 Fiction Writing Instruction
PL-7400.9500-640 Plain Language Writing Instruction
PL-7400.9500-650 Playwriting/Screenwriting Instruction
PL-7400.9500-700 Poetry Writing Instruction
PL-7400.9500-800 Proposal/Grant Writing Instruction
PL-7400.9500-850 Technical Writing Instruction
PL-7600 Sightseeing/Guided Tours
PL-7600.0500 Aerial Tramways
PL-7600.0700 Archeological Sites
PL-7600.1000 Bicycle Tours
PL-7600.1500 Carillons
PL-7600.1600 Cathedrals
PL-7600.1900 Ethnic Neighborhoods
PL-7600.2000 Facility/Industry Tours
PL-7600.2200 Farm Tours
PL-7600.2300 Garden Tours
PL-7600.2400 Ghost Towns
PL-7600.2600 Government Buildings/Installations
PL-7600.3000 Historic Places
PL-7600.3000-250 Historic Battlefields
PL-7600.3000-300 Historic Cemeteries
PL-7600.3000-350 Historic Districts/Sites
PL-7600.3000-400 Historic Forts
PL-7600.3000-500 Historic Missions
PL-7600.4600 Lighthouses
PL-7600.5500 Memorials/Monuments
PL-7600.5700 Movie Studio Tours
PL-7600.6000 Observation Towers
PL-7600.6500 Pack Trains
PL-7600.8000 Scenic Air Tours
PL-7600.8200 Scenic Bridges
PL-7600.8300 Scenic Canals
PL-7600.8350 Scenic Canyons
PL-7600.8400 Scenic Deserts
PL-7600.8500 Scenic Lookouts
PL-7600.8550 Scenic Parkways
PL-7600.9000 TV Show Tapings
PL-7600.9200 Urban Tours
PL-7600.9200-100 Bus Tours
PL-7600.9200-150 Carriage Rides
PL-7600.9200-200 Day Cruises
PL-7600.9200-700 Rail Tours
PL-7600.9250 Walking Tours
PL-7600.9300 Wildlife Viewing Excursions
PL-7600.9300-050 Airboat Tours
PL-7600.9300-100 Bird Watching Tours/Festivals
PL-7600.9300-200 Glass Bottom Boat Tours
PL-7600.9300-750 Safaris
PL-7600.9300-800 Submersible Tours
PL-7600.9300-900 Whale Watching Tours
PL-7600.9500 Winery Tours
PL-7700 Special Events
PL-7700.0200 Air Shows
PL-7700.0800 Carnivals
PL-7700.1200 Commemorative Events
PL-7700.1300 Community Celebrations/Festivals
PL-7700.1900 Dedication Ceremonies
PL-7700.2000 Fairs/Exhibitions
PL-7700.2000-050 Auctions
PL-7700.2000-100 Collectible/Antique Fairs
PL-7700.2000-150 County/State Fairs
PL-7700.2000-180 Crafts Fairs
PL-7700.2000-200 Fashion Shows
PL-7700.2000-250 Food Festivals
PL-7700.2000-280 Garage/Estate Sales
PL-7700.2000-300 Garden/Flower Shows
PL-7700.2000-750 Street Fairs
PL-7700.2000-800 Swap Meets
PL-7700.2000-850 Trade Shows
PL-7700.2000-950 World's Fairs
PL-7700.2400 Fireworks Displays
PL-7700.3300 Inaugurations
PL-7700.6000 Neighborhood Picnics
PL-7700.6500 Parades
PL-8000 Spectator Sports
PL-8000.1000 Boat Racing
PL-8000.1000-600 Power Boat Racing
PL-8000.1000-700 Rowing Competitions
PL-8000.1000-950 Yacht Racing
PL-8000.1500 College/University Sports
PL-8000.1500-100 College Baseball
PL-8000.1500-150 College Basketball
PL-8000.1500-170 College Cross Country
PL-8000.1500-200 College Equestrian
PL-8000.1500-250 College Football
PL-8000.1500-300 College Golf
PL-8000.1500-330 College Gymnastics
PL-8000.1500-400 College Ice Hockey
PL-8000.1500-450 College Lacrosse
PL-8000.1500-550 College Rowing
PL-8000.1500-600 College Rugby
PL-8000.1500-630 College Skiing
PL-8000.1500-650 College Soccer
PL-8000.1500-700 College Softball
PL-8000.1500-750 College Swimming
PL-8000.1500-800 College Tennis
PL-8000.1500-850 College Track and Field
PL-8000.1500-900 College Volleyball
PL-8000.1500-930 College Water Polo
PL-8000.1500-950 College Wrestling
PL-8000.1600 Cycling Competitions
PL-8000.1650 Diving Competitions
PL-8000.1800 Equestrian Events
PL-8000.1800-150 Carriage Driving Competitions
PL-8000.1800-200 Dressage Competitions
PL-8000.1800-250 Endurance Riding Competitions
PL-8000.1800-300 Equestrian Vaulting Competitions
PL-8000.1800-330 Equitation Competitions
PL-8000.1800-350 Eventing Competitions
PL-8000.1800-400 Gymkhanas
PL-8000.1800-450 Horse Shows
PL-8000.1800-500 Jousting Competitions/Performances
PL-8000.1800-800 Show Jumping Competitions
PL-8000.1800-850 Steeplechase Events
PL-8000.1900 Figure Skating Competitions
PL-8000.1900-330 Ice Dancing Competitions
PL-8000.1900-650 Pairs Figure Skating Competitions
PL-8000.1900-800 Singles Figure Skating Competitions
PL-8000.1900-850 Synchronized Team Skating Competitions
PL-8000.2000 Gymnastics Competitions
PL-8000.3000 High School Sports
PL-8000.5000 Marathons
PL-8000.5250 Multisport Competitions
PL-8000.5250-100 Biathlon Competitions
PL-8000.5250-180 Duathlon Competitions
PL-8000.5250-650 Pentathlon Competitions
PL-8000.5250-850 Triathlon Competitions
PL-8000.5500 Olympics/Olympics Style Competitions
PL-8000.5500-350 Junior Olympics
PL-8000.5500-600 Olympic Games
PL-8000.5500-630 Olympic Training Programs
PL-8000.5500-660 Olympic Trials
PL-8000.5500-680 Pan American Games
PL-8000.5500-700 Paralympic Games
PL-8000.5500-800 Senior Olympics
PL-8000.5500-850 Special Olympics
PL-8000.5500-880 State Games
PL-8000.6000 Professional Sports
PL-8000.6000-020 Major League Baseball
PL-8000.6000-030 Minor League Baseball
PL-8000.6000-050 Professional Auto Racing
PL-8000.6000-150 Professional Basketball
PL-8000.6000-170 Professional Billiards
PL-8000.6000-200 Professional Bowling
PL-8000.6000-230 Professional Boxing
PL-8000.6000-300 Professional Football
PL-8000.6000-350 Professional Hockey
PL-8000.6000-400 Professional Lacrosse
PL-8000.6000-500 Professional Motorcycle Racing
PL-8000.6000-600 Professional Polo
PL-8000.6000-650 Professional/Pro-Am Golf
PL-8000.6000-700 Professional Soccer
PL-8000.6000-750 Professional Tennis
PL-8000.6000-850 Professional Volleyball
PL-8000.6000-900 Professional Wrestling
PL-8000.7000 Rodeos
PL-8000.7600 Shooting Competitions
PL-8000.7800 Skiing Competitions
PL-8000.7900 Snowboarding Competitions
PL-8000.8000 Speedskating Competitions
PL-8000.8150 Strongman Competitions
PL-8000.8200 Surfing Competitions
PL-8000.8300 Swimming Competitions
PL-8000.8400 Synchronized Swimming Competitions
PL-8000.9000 Track Meets
PL-8000.9100 Tractor Pulling Events
PL-8000.9250 Truck Racing Events
PL-8500 Tickets/Reservations
PL-8700 Travel
PL-8700.0300 Accessible Travel Information
PL-8700.1500 Caravan Camping/Trips
PL-8700.1550 Charter Groups
PL-8700.1600 Cruises
PL-8700.2000 Field Trips/Excursions
PL-8700.3000 Home Exchange
PL-8700.8000 Study/Special Interest Tours
PL-8700.8000-180 Elderhostel Programs
PL-8700.8200 Travel Clubs
PL-8700.8500 Travel Insurance
PL-8700.8550 Travel Packages
PL-8700.8600 Travel Planning/Booking Services
PL-8700.8600-100 Bed and Breakfast Reservations Agencies
PL-8700.8600-300 Hotel/Motel Listings
PL-8700.8600-850 Travel Agencies
PN Mutual Support
PN-8000 Support Group Clearinghouses
PN-8050 Support Group Meeting Formats
PN-8050.3300 In Person Support Groups
PN-8050.3400 Internet Support Groups
PN-8050.8500 Telephone Support Groups
PN-8100 Support Groups
PN-8100.0200 Abuse/Violence Related Support Groups
PN-8100.0200-100 Child Abuse Support Groups
PN-8100.0200-130 Crime Victim Support Groups
PN-8100.0200-180 Domestic Violence Support Groups
PN-8100.0200-200 Elder Abuse Support Groups
PN-8100.0200-800 Sexual Assault/Incest Support Groups
PN-8100.0500 Addictions/Dependencies Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-030 Adult Children of Alcoholics Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-070 Alcohol Dependency Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-100 Clutterer/Hoarder Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-120 Codependents Anonymous Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-130 Computer/Video Game Addiction Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-150 Debt/Overspending Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-180 Drug Dependency Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-190 Dual Diagnosis Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-195 DUI Related Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-200 Families/Friends of Alcoholics Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-210 Families/Friends of Compulsive Gamblers Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-220 Families/Friends of Drug Abusers Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-250 Gambling Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-270 General Addictions/Dependencies Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-300 Hoarding Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-330 Internet Addiction Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-800 Sexual/Love Addiction Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-830 Smoking Addiction Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-900 Weight Related Support Groups
PN-8100.0500-940 Workaholics Support Groups
PN-8100.1000 Bereavement Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-030 Adult Parental Loss Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-080 Bereaved Child Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-100 Bereaved Parent Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-180 Disaster Related Bereavement Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-250 General Bereavement Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-300 Homicide Survivors Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-650 Pet Loss Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-800 Suicide Survivors Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-850 Terminal Illness Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-870 War Related Bereavement Support Groups
PN-8100.1000-900 Widow/Widower Support Groups
PN-8100.1100 Bullying Support Groups
PN-8100.1400 Caregiver/Care Receiver Support Groups
PN-8100.3000 Health/Disability Related Support Groups
PN-8100.4500 Lifestyle/Transition Related Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-050 Aging/Older Adult Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-080 Artistic/Creativity Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-130 Cross Dresser Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-150 Cult Related Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-200 Emotions Anonymous Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-220 Employment/Retirement Related Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-230 Families of Inmates Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-240 Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-310 Homeschooling Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-330 Immigrant/Refugee Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-500 Men's Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-550 Military Family Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-600 Offender/Ex-Offender Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-650 Prostitution Related Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-700 Religion/Spirituality Related Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-800 Sexual Abstinence Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-850 Veteran Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-900 Women's Support Groups
PN-8100.4500-950 Youth/Student Support Groups
PN-8100.5000 Mental Health Related Support Groups
PN-8100.6400 Occupation Related Support Groups
PN-8100.6500 Parenting/Family Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-030 Adoption and Foster/Kinship Care Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-120 Child Custody/Support Related Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-180 Donor Conception Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-200 Infertility Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-450 Marriage and Relationships Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-500 Missing Persons Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-650 Parent Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-670 Postabortion Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-680 Pregnancy/Childbirth Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-750 Separation/Divorce Support Groups
PN-8100.6500-850 Stepfamily/Blended Family Support Groups
PS Social Development and Enrichment
PS-1500 Children's Play Groups
PS-1800 Dating Services
PS-3300 Intergenerational Programs
PS-6500 Parent/Child Activity Groups
PS-7950 Social Club/Event Expense Assistance
PS-8000 Social Clubs/Events
PS-8000.1800 Disability Related Social Clubs
PS-8000.1900 Ethnic Oriented Social Clubs
PS-8000.2500 Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Social Clubs
PS-8000.5000 Men's Social Clubs
PS-8000.6000 Older Adult Social Clubs
PS-8000.8000 Singles Clubs
PS-8000.8100 Social Dining Clubs/Societies
PS-8000.9000 Women's Social Clubs
PS-8200 Special Interest Clubs
PS-8200.0400 Amateur Radio Clubs
PS-8200.0550 Arts and Crafts Clubs
PS-8200.0550-020 Balloon Sculpting Clubs
PS-8200.0550-040 Basket Weaving Clubs
PS-8200.0550-060 Batik/Tie Dye Clubs
PS-8200.0550-070 Beadwork Clubs
PS-8200.0550-100 Calligraphy Clubs
PS-8200.0550-110 Candle Making Clubs
PS-8200.0550-140 Ceramics Clubs
PS-8200.0550-180 Decoupage Clubs
PS-8200.0550-190 Doll Making Clubs
PS-8200.0550-230 Felting Clubs
PS-8200.0550-260 General Crafts Clubs
PS-8200.0550-270 Glass Art Clubs
PS-8200.0550-350 Jewelry Making Clubs
PS-8200.0550-450 Leather Arts Clubs
PS-8200.0550-500 Macrame Clubs
PS-8200.0550-620 Origami Clubs
PS-8200.0550-650 Painting/Drawing Clubs
PS-8200.0550-660 Papermaking Clubs
PS-8200.0550-670 Photography Clubs
PS-8200.0550-700 Puppetry Clubs
PS-8200.0550-750 Rubber Stamping Clubs
PS-8200.0550-780 Scrapbooking Clubs
PS-8200.0550-810 Soap Making Clubs
PS-8200.0550-820 Stained Glass Clubs
PS-8200.0550-870 Tole/Decorative Painting Clubs
PS-8200.0550-900 Weaving/Spinning Clubs
PS-8200.0550-970 Woodworking Clubs
PS-8200.1000 Beer and Winemaking Societies
PS-8200.1300 Car Clubs
PS-8200.1350 Circus Arts Clubs
PS-8200.1350-150 Clowning Clubs
PS-8200.1350-350 Juggling Clubs
PS-8200.1400 Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-020 Animation/Cartoon Art Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-050 Antique Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-060 Art Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-070 Autograph Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-100 Book Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-120 Bottle Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-150 Coin Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-160 Comic Book Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-170 Doll Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-230 Figurine Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-330 Insect Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-500 Movie Memorabilia Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-600 Pin Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-650 Pottery/Kitchenware Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-700 Rock Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-750 Sports Card Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-770 Sports Memorabilia Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-800 Stamp Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-850 Toy Collector Clubs
PS-8200.1400-950 Wine Tasting/Collecting Clubs
PS-8200.1425 Community Theater Groups
PS-8200.1450 Computer User Groups
PS-8200.2000 Fan Clubs
PS-8200.2030 Flying Clubs
PS-8200.2350 Gay Straight Alliances
PS-8200.2400 Genealogical Societies
PS-8200.3000 Horticultural Societies
PS-8200.3000-050 African Violet Societies
PS-8200.3000-100 Bonsai Societies
PS-8200.3000-200 Fuchsia Societies
PS-8200.3000-330 Iris Societies
PS-8200.3000-430 Lily Societies
PS-8200.3000-500 Mycological Societies
PS-8200.3000-650 Orchid Societies
PS-8200.3000-670 Organic Gardening Societies
PS-8200.3000-700 Rose Societies
PS-8200.3100 Humanities Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.3100-050 Archeology Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.3100-190 Debating Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.3100-250 History Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.3100-450 Language/Linguistics Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.3100-500 Literary Societies/Book Reading Clubs
PS-8200.3100-650 Philosophy Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.3100-900 Theological/Comparative Religion Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.3100-950 Writers Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.3300 Investment Clubs
PS-8200.4500 Lineage Societies
PS-8200.4900 Metal Detecting Clubs
PS-8200.5000 Music Groups
PS-8200.5000-060 Bagpipe Music Groups
PS-8200.5000-090 Band/Orchestra Groups
PS-8200.5000-120 Barbershop Singing Groups
PS-8200.5000-160 Chamber Music Groups
PS-8200.5000-170 Drum Circles
PS-8200.5000-180 Ethnic Music Groups
PS-8200.5000-200 Folk Music Groups
PS-8200.5000-250 Glee Clubs/Choir Groups
PS-8200.5000-300 Handbell Ringing Groups
PS-8200.6000 Needlecraft Clubs
PS-8200.6000-150 Crocheting Clubs
PS-8200.6000-180 Embroidery Clubs
PS-8200.6000-400 Knitting Clubs
PS-8200.6000-450 Lace Making Clubs
PS-8200.6000-600 Needlepoint Clubs
PS-8200.6000-680 Quilting Clubs
PS-8200.6000-700 Rug Hooking Clubs
PS-8200.6000-800 Sewing Clubs
PS-8200.6500 Pen Pals
PS-8200.6550 Pet Clubs
PS-8200.7000 Radio Controlled Hobbyist Clubs
PS-8200.8100 Science and Mathematics Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8100-050 Astronomy Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8100-150 Chemistry Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8100-180 Engineering Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8100-220 General Science Clubs
PS-8200.8100-250 Geology Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8100-450 Life Sciences Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8100-480 Marine Science/Oceanography Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8100-500 Mathematics Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8100-650 Physics Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8200 Social Sciences Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8200-050 Anthropology Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8200-180 Economics Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8200-250 Geography Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8200-600 Political Science Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8200-650 Psychology Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.8200-800 Sociology Clubs/Societies
PS-8200.9500 Wildlife Appreciation Societies
PS-8200.9500-100 Bird Watching Societies
PS-9800 Youth Development
PS-9800.1000 Boys/Girls Clubs
PS-9800.1500 Faith Based Youth Programs
PS-9800.8500 Scouting Programs
PS-9800.9650 Y Facilities
PS-9800.9670 Youth Agricultural Programs
PS-9800.9700 Youth Business Programs
PS-9800.9750 Youth Citizenship Programs
PS-9800.9800 Youth Community Service Programs
PS-9800.9900 Youth Enrichment Programs
PS-9800.9950 Youth Military Cadet Programs
PV Spiritual Enrichment
PV-3300 Independent Spiritual Pursuits
PV-3300.5000 Meditation
PV-6500 Places of Worship
PV-6500.0030 Alternative Places of Worship
PV-6500.1000 Buddhist Temples
PV-6500.1500 Christian Churches
PV-6500.1600 Confucian Temples
PV-6500.3000 Hindu Temples
PV-6500.3300 Islamic Mosques
PV-6500.3450 Jain Temples
PV-6500.3500 Jewish Synagogues
PV-6500.8000 Shinto Shrines
PV-6500.8200 Sikh Gurdwaras
PV-6500.9800 Zoroastrian Fire Temples
PV-7000 Religious Activities
PV-7000.1500 Church Planting Programs
PV-7000.3300 Intercessory Prayer Groups
PV-7000.6000 Pilgrimages
PV-7000.6150 Prayer Lines
PV-7000.6300 Religious Literature Distribution
PV-7000.6400 Religious Service Projects
PV-7000.6500 Religious Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-080 Baha'i Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-100 Buddhism Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-150 Christian Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-180 Confucianism Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-250 General Religious Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-300 Hinduism Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-330 Islam Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-360 Jainism Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-500 Judaism Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-780 Shinto Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-800 Sikhism Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-850 Taoism Study Groups
PV-7000.6500-980 Zoroastrianism Study Groups
PV-7000.8000 Spiritual Retreats
PV-7000.9000 Worship Services
PW Volunteer Development
PW-9000 Volunteer Recruitment/Placement
PW-9100 Volunteer Training
PX Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400 Administration Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1000 Board/Committee Member Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1200 Business Assistance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1400 Clerical Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1400-100 Bulk Mailing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1400-150 Data Entry/Word Processing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1400-250 Filing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1400-700 Receptionist Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1600 Computer/Internet Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1600-150 Computer/Database Programming Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1600-200 Network Administration Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1600-250 Website Development Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1800 Donation Management Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1800-150 Donations Distribution Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1800-200 Donations Pickup Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.1800-250 Donations Sorting/Packing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.2000 Finance/Accounting Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.2000-100 Bookkeeping Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.2000-150 Financial Planning Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.2500 Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.2500-200 Fundraising Event Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.2500-250 Grant Development Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.2500-650 Pledge Drive Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.3300 Interviewing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.6000 Program Management Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.7000 Research/Evaluation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.8000 Sales/Cashier Volunteer Opportunities
RD-6800.1800 Ego Psychology
PX-0400.8400 Stockroom Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.9150 Thrift Shop Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0400.9500 Volunteer Recruitment/Coordination Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500 Animal Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.0100 Animal Advocacy Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.0300 Animal Exercise Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.0400 Animal Foster Care/Rescue Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.0500 Animal Grooming Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.0700 Animal Shelter Attendant Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.0800 Animal Transportation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.2000 Farm Maintenance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.6500 Pet Assisted Therapy Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.9000 Veterinary Medicine Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.9000-450 Licensed Veterinarian Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0500.9000-900 Veterinary Technician Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0700 Arts and Culture Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0700.0500 Artist Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0700.1000 Backstage Production Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0700.2500 Gallery/Museum Sitting Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0700.3000 Historic Preservation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0700.6500 Performer/Musician Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0700.8000 Sewing/Needlecraft Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0700.8250 Storytelling Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0700.8500 Tour/Exhibit Guide Volunteer Opportunities
PX-0700.9000 Usher/Ticket Taker Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1500 Civic Participation/Political Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1500.1800 Election Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1500.2500 Government Boards/Commissions Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1500.2600 Government Intern Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1500.4500 Lobbying Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1500.6500 Neighborhood Welcoming Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1500.7000 Opinion Poll Survey Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1600 Communications/Marketing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1600.0500 Amateur Radio Operator Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1600.1500 Conference Exhibit Assistant Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1600.2000 Desktop Publishing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1600.2500 Graphic/Digital Design Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1600.6500 Photography Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1600.6600 Public Relations Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1600.6700 Public Speaking Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1600.9000 Video Production Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1600.9500 Writing/Editing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700 Construction/Home Maintenance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.0500 Automobile Repair Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1500 Carpentry Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1700 Custodian Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1800 Decorating Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1900 Electrician Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1930 Equipment Operator Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1930-050 Backhoe Operator Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1930-100 Bulldozer Operator Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1930-150 Chainsaw Operator Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1930-200 Crane Operator Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1930-250 Forklift Operator Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.1950 Facility Design/Construction Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.2000 Flooring/Tiling Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.3000 Handyworker Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.3400 Home/Public Building Accessibility Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.5000 Masonry Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.6500 Painting/Wallpapering Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.6700 Plumbing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.7000 Roofing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.8000 Snow Clearance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.8960 Weatherization Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.9000 Window Washing Volunteer Opportunities
RD-6800.6000 Neo-Freudian Therapy
PX-1700.9500 Yard Maintenance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.9500-300 Gardening Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.9500-400 Lawn Care Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1700.9500-450 Leaf Raking Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800 Counseling/Information Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.1000 Bereavement Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.1500 Call Center Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.1500-100 Crisis Intervention Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.1500-150 Helpline Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.1500-200 Information and Referral Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.1500-250 Suicide Prevention Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.6500 Pastoral/Spiritual Counseling Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.6800 Public Benefits Application Assistance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.7900 Substance Abuse Prevention/Treatment Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.8000 Support Group Facilitation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1800.9000 Therapy Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850 Criminal Justice/Legal Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.1500 Court Watching Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.1600 Crime Prevention Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.1700 Crime Victim/Witness Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.2500 Guardians ad Litem Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.3300 Inmate Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.3850 Law Enforcement Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.4000 Legal Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.4000-030 Advocacy/Ombudsman Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.4000-060 Alternative Dispute Resolution Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.4000-300 Insurance Claims Assistance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.4000-650 Pro Bono Legal Aid Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.5000 Marriage Ceremony Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.6500 Offender/Ex-Offender Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1850.9500 Youth Court Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900 Disaster/Emergency Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1300 Disaster Preparedness/Mitigation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1465 Disaster Related Animal Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1475 Disaster Related Cleanup/Labor Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1480 Disaster Related Clerical Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1485 Disaster Related Construction/Repair Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1500 Disaster Related Damage Assessment Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1530 Disaster Related Family Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1540 Disaster Related Food Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1560 Disaster Related Health Care Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1610 Disaster Related Mental Health Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1650 Disaster Related Transportation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1710 Disaster Service Center/Hotline Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.1750 Evacuation Center/Shelter Assistance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.2200 Fire/Rescue Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.2200-150 Emergency Medical Technician Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.2200-200 Fire Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.2200-250 First Aid/CPR Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.2200-800 Search and Rescue Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.8000 Safety/Disaster Education Volunteer Opportunities
PX-1900.8300 Storm Spotter Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000 Education Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.1300 Career Development Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.1500 Classroom Aide Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.1600 Computer Literacy Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.1900 English Language Instruction Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.2000 Field Trip Aide Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.3300 Job Coach Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.4500 Library Assistant Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.4600 Literacy Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.7000 Reading Encouragement Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.8000 Student Dropout Prevention Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.8200 Teaching/Instruction Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2000.8500 Tutoring Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100 Environment Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100.1550 Debris Removal Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100.1800 Environmental Protection/Advocacy Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100.2500 Graffiti Removal Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100.3000 Hazardous Materials Cleanup Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100.4500 Land Conservancy Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100.4600 Litter Cleanup Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100.6500 Nature Trail Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100.7000 Recycling Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100.8000 Stream Cleanup/Water Conservation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2100.8500 Tree Planting Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300 Family Services Related Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.0200 Abuse Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.0200-150 Child Abuse Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.0200-200 Domestic Violence Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.0200-250 Elder Abuse Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.0300 Adoption Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.1500 Chaperoning Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.1600 Child Care Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.1700 Companionship Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.1700-120 Buddy Program Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.1700-140 Conversation Partner Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.1700-180 Friendly Telephoning Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.1700-300 Home Visit Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.1700-500 Mentoring Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.1800 Errand Running/Shopping Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.2200 Foster Parenting Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.3000 Hairdressing/Nail Care Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.3100 Homeless Shelter Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.5000 Mentoring Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.6500 Parenting Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.6600 Personal Finances/Tax Assistance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.7000 Refugee Resettlement Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.8000 Sexual Assault Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2300.8030 Street Outreach Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2400 Food Production/Preparation/Delivery Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2400.1900 Farm Worker Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2400.2000 Food Collection Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2400.2300 Food Sorting/Packing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2400.5000 Meal Delivery Volunteer Opportunities
PX-2400.5100 Meal Preparation/Serving Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000 Health/Disabilities Related Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.0300 Alternative Medicine Practitioner Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.1000 Blood Drive Assistant Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.1500 Dental Care Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.1800 Equestrian Therapy Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.2800 Health Insurance Information/Counseling Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.3000 Hospice Care Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.3200 Hospital/Institutional Visit Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.5000 Medical Care Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.5030 Mercy Flight Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.6500 Nursing Care Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.6600 Patient Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.6700 Pregnancy Related Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.7000 Rehabilitation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.7250 Respite/Home Health Care Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.8000 Speech and Hearing Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3000.8400 Substance Abuse Prevention/Treatment Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3300 Interpretation/Translation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3300.1000 Braille Transcription Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3300.2100 Disability Related Reading Services Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3300.4500 Language Interpretation/Translation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-3300.8000 Sign Language Volunteer Opportunities
PX-7000 Recreational Activities/Sports Volunteer Opportunities
PX-7000.1400 Camp Counselor Volunteer Opportunities
PX-7000.1500 Coaching Volunteer Opportunities
PX-7000.1550 Crafts Volunteer Opportunities
PX-7000.1800 Exercise/Fitness Leader Volunteer Opportunities
PX-7000.6700 Playground Aide Volunteer Opportunities
PX-7000.7000 Recreational Activities Volunteer Opportunities
PX-7000.8000 Sports Officiating Volunteer Opportunities
PX-7000.8700 Swimming Instructor Volunteer Opportunities
PX-7000.9000 Troop/Youth Club Leader Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000 Special Event Support Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.0800 Bartending Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.1000 Bingo Caller Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.1500 Concessions Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.1800 Decorator Show House Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.2000 Event Coordination Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.2200 Event Setup/Cleanup Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.3000 Holiday Related Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.3000-050 Holiday Adoption Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.3000-150 Holiday Decorating Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.3000-180 Holiday Event Coordination Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.3000-210 Holiday Event Entertainment Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.3000-240 Holiday Food Delivery Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.3000-270 Holiday Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.3000-300 Holiday Gift/Food Drive Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.3000-330 Holiday Gift/Toy Distribution Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.3000-500 Holiday Meal Preparation/Serving Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.6400 Parade Marshall Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.6500 Parking Lot Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.6600 Party Host/Hostess Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8000.8300 Sporting Event Monitor Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8500 Transportation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8500.1700 Designated Driver Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8500.2100 Emergency Transportation Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8500.5000 Moving Assistance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8500.6500 Paratransit Driver Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8500.8500 Travelers Assistance Volunteer Opportunities
PX-8500.9000 Van/Bus Driver Volunteer Opportunities
PX-9000 Volunteer Mobilization Events
R Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
RD Counseling Approaches
RD-0500 Adlerian Therapy
RD-1000 Behavioral Learning Therapy
RD-1000.1000 Behavior Modification
RD-1000.8000 Social Learning
RD-1300 Body Therapies
RD-1300.0250 Alexander Technique
RD-1300.1000 Bioenergetics
RD-1300.3000 Hellerworks
RD-1300.7000 Reichian Therapy
RD-1300.7200 Rolfing
RD-1300.7300 Rosen Method
RD-1300.8500 Trager Work
RD-1500 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
RD-1800 Dialectical Behavior Therapy
RD-2500 Gestalt Therapy
RD-3000 Humanistic Therapy
RD-3000.1600 Eclectic Therapy
RD-3000.1800 Existential Therapy
RD-3000.6500 Person Centered Therapy
RD-3000.6750 Psychosocial Therapy
RD-3000.7000 Reality Therapy
RD-3000.8500 Transpersonal Therapy
RD-3500 Jungian Therapy
RD-5000 Multimodal Therapy
RD-5200 Multisystemic Therapy
RD-6000 Neurolinguistic Programming
RD-6200 Pastoral Counseling
RD-6400 Primal Scream Therapy
RD-6450 Progressive Relaxation
RD-6600 Psychodrama
RD-6800 Psychodynamic Therapy
RD-6800.6500 Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis
RD-6800.8000 Self Psychology
RD-6800.8500 Transactional Analysis
RD-7000 Rational Emotive Therapy
RD-8000 Solution Focused Therapy
RF Counseling Settings
RF-1500 Conjoint Counseling
RF-2000 Family Counseling
RF-2500 Group Counseling
RF-3000 Helplines/Warmlines
RF-3300 Individual Counseling
RF-3400 Internet Counseling
RF-6500 Peer Counseling
RF-8380 Talklines/Warmlines
RF-8500 Therapeutic Self Help Materials
RM Mental Health Care Facilities
RM-3300 Inpatient Mental Health Facilities
RM-3300.6500 Psychiatric Hospitals
RM-3300.6500-050 Adult Psychiatric Hospitals
RM-3300.6500-150 Children's/Adolescent Psychiatric Hospitals
RM-3300.6500-200 Forensic Psychiatric Hospitals
RM-3300.6600 Psychiatric Inpatient Units
RM-3300.6600-050 Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Units
RM-3300.6600-080 Adult Psychiatric Inpatient Units
RM-3300.6600-150 Children's Psychiatric Inpatient Units
RM-3300.6600-250 Geriatric Psychiatric Inpatient Units
RM-3300.8000 Secured Mental Health Facilities
RM-6500 Outpatient Mental Health Facilities
RM-6500.1500 Community Mental Health Agencies
RM-6500.2000 Family Counseling Agencies
RM-6500.5000 Mental Health Drop In Centers
RM-6500.6500 Private Therapy Practices
RM-7000 Residential Treatment Facilities
RM-7000.0500 Adult Residential Treatment Facilities
RM-7000.1500 Children's/Adolescent Residential Treatment Facilities
RP Mental Health Assessment and Treatment
RP-1400 Counseling Services
RP-1400.2500 General Counseling Services
RP-1400.8000 Specialized Counseling Services
RP-1400.8000-020 Abuse Counseling
RP-1400.8000-020.05 Adult Child Sexual Abuse Counseling
RP-1400.8000-020.15 Child Abuse Counseling
RP-1400.8000-020.18 Child Sexual Abuse Counseling
RP-1400.8000-020.21 Counseling for Children Affected by Domestic Violence
RP-1400.8000-020.24 Elder Abuse Counseling
RP-1400.8000-020.65 Parent Abuse Counseling
RP-1400.8000-020.80 Spouse/Intimate Partner Abuse Counseling
RP-1400.8000-050 Adolescent/Youth Counseling
RP-1400.8000-070 Anger Management
RP-1400.8000-100 Bereavement Counseling
RP-1400.8000-120 Bullying Counseling
RP-1400.8000-145 Caregiver Counseling
RP-1400.8000-155 Child Guidance
RP-1400.8000-160 Crime Victim/Witness Counseling
RP-1400.8000-165 Cult Membership Counseling
RP-1400.8000-167 Cultural Transition Counseling
RP-1400.8000-170 Disability Related Counseling
RP-1400.8000-175 Divorce Counseling
RP-1400.8000-180 Employment Transition Counseling
RP-1400.8000-180.40 Layoff/Job Loss Counseling
RP-1400.8000-180.70 Retirement Counseling
RP-1400.8000-185 Ex-Offender Counseling
RP-1400.8000-250 Gambling Counseling/Treatment
RP-1400.8000-260 Gender Identity Counseling
RP-1400.8000-270 Geriatric Counseling
RP-1400.8000-300 Health/Disability Related Counseling
RP-1400.8000-315 Hoarding Counseling Programs
RP-1400.8000-325 Holocaust Counseling
RP-1400.8000-330 Internet Addiction Counseling
RP-1400.8000-370 Juvenile Delinquency Diversion Counseling
RP-1400.8000-375 Juvenile Firesetter Treatment Programs
RP-1400.8000-500 Marriage Counseling
RP-1400.8000-630 Overspender Counseling
RP-1400.8000-645 Parent Child Interactive Therapy
RP-1400.8000-650 Parent Counseling
RP-1400.8000-655 Perinatal/Postpartum Depression Counseling
RP-1400.8000-660 Postabortion Counseling
RP-1400.8000-670 Premarital Counseling
RP-1400.8000-675 Psychiatric Disorder Counseling
RP-1400.8000-750 Runaway/Homeless Youth Counseling
RP-1400.8000-795 Sex Offender Counseling
RP-1400.8000-800 Sexual Assault Counseling
RP-1400.8000-805 Sexual Orientation Counseling
RP-1400.8000-810 Sexual/Love Addiction Counseling
RP-1400.8000-815 Sexuality Counseling
RP-1400.8000-820 Spiritual/Religious Issues Counseling
RP-1400.8000-825 Suicide Counseling
RP-1400.8000-850 Terminal Illness Counseling
RP-1400.8000-900 Veteran Reintegration Counseling
RP-1500 Crisis Intervention
RP-1500.0300 After Hours Crisis Drop In Programs
RP-1500.1400 Crisis Intervention Hotlines/Helplines
RP-1500.1400-100 Bullying Helplines
RP-1500.1400-150 Child Abuse Hotlines
RP-1500.1400-180 Crisis Pregnancy Hotlines
RP-1500.1400-200 Domestic Violence Hotlines
RP-1500.1400-240 Gambling Addiction Helplines
RP-1500.1400-250 General Crisis Intervention Hotlines
RP-1500.1400-260 GLBTQ Helplines
RP-1500.1400-300 Human Trafficking Hotlines
RP-1500.1400-500 Mental Health Hotlines
RP-1500.1400-650 Prostitution Related Helplines
RP-1500.1400-700 Runaway/Homeless Youth Helplines
RP-1500.1400-750 Sexual Assault Hotlines
RP-1500.1400-800 Suicide Prevention Hotlines
RP-1500.1500 Crisis Residential Treatment
RP-1500.3300 In Person Crisis Intervention
RP-1500.3350 Internet Based Crisis Intervention
RP-1500.3400 Involuntary Psychiatric Intervention
RP-1500.3400-500 Mental Health Warrants
RP-1500.3400-630 Outpatient Commitment
RP-1500.3400-650 Psychiatric Mobile Response Teams
RP-1500.3400-850 Third Party Involuntary Commitment Petition Services
RP-1500.6750 Psychiatric Emergency Room Care
RP-1500.8000 Telephone Crisis Intervention
RP-1500.8000-150 Child Abuse Hotlines
RP-1500.8000-180 Crisis Pregnancy Hotlines
RP-1500.8000-200 Domestic Violence Hotlines
RP-1500.8000-250 General Crisis Intervention Hotlines
RP-1500.8000-300 Human Trafficking Hotlines
RP-1500.8000-500 Mental Health Hotlines
RP-1500.8000-650 Prostitution Related Hotlines
RP-1500.8000-700 Runaway/Homeless Youth Hotlines
RP-1500.8000-750 Sexual Assault Hotlines
RP-1500.8000-800 Suicide Prevention Hotlines
RP-1500.8200 Twenty Three Hour Psychiatric Observation Programs
RP-5000 Mental Health Evaluation
RP-5000.1400 Central Intake/Assessment for Mental Health Services
RP-5000.1500 Clinical Psychiatric Evaluation
RP-5000.2000 Forensic Mental Health Evaluation
RP-5000.5000 Mental Health Screening
RP-5000.5000-050 Anxiety Disorders Screening
RP-5000.5000-180 Depression Screening
RP-5000.5000-200 Eating Disorders Screening
RP-5000.5000-250 Gambling Addiction Screening
RP-5000.5000-800 Self Injury Screening
RP-5000.6300 Pre-Operative Mental Health Evaluation
RP-5000.6400 Psychological Assessment
RP-5000.6500 Psychological Testing
RP-5000.6600 Psychosocial Evaluation
RP-6400 Psychiatric Services
RP-6400.0100 Addiction Psychiatry
RP-6400.0200 Adult Psychiatry
RP-6400.1500 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
RP-6400.1900 Eating Disorders Treatment
RP-6400.2000 Forensic Psychiatry
RP-6400.2500 General Psychiatry
RP-6400.2700 Geriatric Psychiatry
RP-6400.3300 Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
RP-6400.6500 Psychosomatic Medicine
RP-6400.8000 Special Psychiatric Programs
RP-6400.8000-050 Assertive Community Treatment
RP-6400.8000-300 Home Based Mental Health Services
RP-6400.8000-330 Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment
RP-6400.8000-580 Programs for Offenders With Mental Disabilities
RP-6400.8000-580.65 Programs for Sex Offenders With Mental Disabilities
RP-6400.8000-600 Psychiatric Case Management
RP-6400.8000-620 Psychiatric Day Treatment
RP-6400.8000-650 Psychiatric Medication Services
RP-6400.8000-650.64 Psychiatric Medication Monitoring
RP-6400.8000-660 Psychiatric Rehabilitation
RP-6400.8000-660.15 Clubhouse Model Psychiatric Rehabilitation
RP-8000 Supportive Therapies
RP-8000.0500 Art Therapy
RP-8000.1400 Comfort Items for Distressed Adults/Children
RP-8000.1500 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
RP-8000.1700 Dance Therapy
RP-8000.1750 Drama Therapy
RP-8000.1800 Dream Therapy
RP-8000.1900 Electroshock Therapy
RP-8000.1925 Equestrian Therapy
RP-8000.1950 Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
RP-8000.3000 Horticultural Therapy
RP-8000.3200 Hypnotherapy
RP-8000.4400 Laughter Therapy
RP-8000.4500 Light Therapy
RP-8000.5000 Music Therapy
RP-8000.6200 Orthomolecular Therapy
RP-8000.6400 Pet Assisted Therapy
RP-8000.6600 Play Therapy
RP-8000.6800 Poetry Therapy
RP-8000.7000 Psychiatric Occupational Therapy
RP-8000.7400 Recreational Therapy
RP-8000.8500 Toy Assisted Therapy
RR Mental Health Support Services
RR-1800 Early Intervention for Mental Illness
RR-5050 Mental Health Expense Assistance
RR-5150 Mental Health Information/Education
RR-5150.1500 Condition Specific Mental Health Information/Education
RR-5150.2000 Family Psychoeducation
RR-5150.2500 General Mental Health Information/Education
RR-5150.5000 Mental Health Related Prevention Programs
RR-5150.5000-100 Body Image Education
RR-5150.5000-250 Gambling Addiction Prevention Programs
RR-5150.5000-700 Runaway Prevention Programs
RR-5150.5000-800 Suicide Prevention Programs
RR-5180 Mental Health Intervention Programs
RR-5240 Mental Health Self Management Programs
RR-8500 Therapy Referrals
RR-8500.4500 Licensed Clinical Social Worker Referrals
RR-8500.4700 Licensed Professional Counselor Referrals
RR-8500.5000 Marriage and Family Therapist Referrals
RR-8500.6500 Psychiatrist Referrals
RR-8500.6550 Psychologist Referrals
RR-8800 Transitional Mental Health Services
RR-8800.5100 Mental Health Halfway Houses
RR-8800.6400 Psychiatric Aftercare Services
RR-8800.6500 Psychiatric Resocialization
RX Substance Abuse Services
RX-0400 Assessment for Substance Abuse
RX-0400.1500 Central Intake/Assessment for Substance Abuse
RX-0400.1500-150 Central Intake/Assessment for Alcohol Abuse
RX-0400.1500-180 Central Intake/Assessment for Drug Abuse
RX-0400.1600 Court Ordered DUI Evaluations
RX-0400.1850 Drug/Alcohol Testing
RX-0400.2500 General Assessment for Substance Abuse
RX-0400.3000 Home Drug Testing Kits
RX-0400.7900 Substance Abuse Related Outpatient Observation Services
RX-0400.8000 Substance Abuse Screening
RX-0400.8200 Substance Abuse Treatment Orders
RX-1700 Detoxification
RX-1700.0500 Alcohol Detoxification
RX-1700.0500-330 Inpatient Medically Assisted Alcohol Detoxification
RX-1700.0500-600 Non-Medically Assisted Alcohol Detoxification
RX-1700.0500-650 Outpatient Medically Assisted Alcohol Detoxification
RX-1700.1700 Drug Detoxification
RX-1700.1700-330 Inpatient Drug Detoxification
RX-1700.1700-500 Opioid Detoxification
RX-1700.1700-650 Outpatient Drug Detoxification
RX-1700.1700-800 Social Model Drug Detoxification
RX-1750 DUI Offender Programs
RX-1750.1800 DUI Victim Panels
RX-1750.2000 First Offender DUI Programs
RX-1750.3300 Ignition Interlock Device Programs
RX-1750.3500 Juvenile DUI Programs
RX-1750.5000 Multiple Offender DUI Programs
RX-5100 Minor in Possession Offender Programs
RX-8250 Substance Abuse Education/Prevention
RX-8250.0500 Alcohol Abuse Education/Prevention
RX-8250.0550 Alcohol/Drug Impaired Driving Prevention
RX-8250.1700 Drug Abuse Education/Prevention
RX-8250.8000 Smoking Education/Prevention
RX-8450 Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
RX-8450.0500 Antabuse Programs
RX-8450.1150 Comprehensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
RX-8450.1150-150 Comprehensive Outpatient Alcoholism Treatment
RX-8450.1150-180 Comprehensive Outpatient Drug Abuse Treatment
RX-8450.3300 Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities
RX-8450.3300-300 Inpatient Alcoholism Treatment Facilities
RX-8450.3300-350 Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities
RX-8450.5000 Medication Assisted Maintenance Treatment for Opioid Addiction
RX-8450.5000-500 Methadone Maintenance
RX-8450.5000-800 Suboxone/Subutex Maintenance Treatment
RX-8450.6600 Perinatal Substance Abuse Treatment
RX-8450.6600-600 Perinatal Alcoholism Treatment
RX-8450.6600-650 Perinatal Drug Abuse Treatment
RX-8450.7000 Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities
RX-8450.7000-700 Residential Alcoholism Treatment Facilities
RX-8450.7000-750 Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities
RX-8450.7900 Smoking Cessation
RX-8450.8000 Substance Abuse Counseling
RX-8450.8000-050 Alcoholism Counseling
RX-8450.8000-180 Drug Abuse Counseling
RX-8450.8100 Substance Abuse Day Treatment
RX-8450.8100-050 Alcoholism Day Treatment
RX-8450.8100-180 Drug Day Treatment
RX-8470 Supportive Substance Abuse Services
RX-8470.3500 Interim Substance Abuse Services
RX-8470.6700 Public Inebriate Transportation
RX-8470.6900 Relapse Prevention Programs
RX-8470.7000 Residences for Chronic Substance Abusers
RX-8470.8100 Smoking Cessation Support
RX-8470.8200 Substance Abuse Crisis Intervention
RX-8470.8200-050 Alcohol Related Crisis Intervention
RX-8470.8200-180 Drug Related Crisis Intervention
RX-8470.8250 Substance Abuse Drop In Services
RX-8470.8250-050 Alcoholism Drop In Services
RX-8470.8250-180 Drug Drop In Services
RX-8470.8350 Substance Abuse Hotlines
RX-8470.8350-050 Alcoholism Hotlines
RX-8470.8350-180 Drug Abuse Hotlines
RX-8470.8400 Substance Abuse Intervention Programs
RX-8470.8600 Substance Abuse Referrals
RX-8470.8600-050 Alcoholism Referrals
RX-8470.8600-180 Drug Abuse Referrals
RX-8470.8900 Substance Abuse Treatment Expense Assistance
RX-8470.8900-050 Alcoholism Treatment Expense Assistance
RX-8470.8900-180 Drug Abuse Treatment Expense Assistance
RX-8500 Transitional Residential Substance Abuse Services
RX-8500.6500 Recovery Homes/Halfway Houses
RX-8500.6500-050 Alcoholism Related Recovery Homes/Halfway Houses
RX-8500.6500-180 Drug Related Recovery Homes/Halfway Houses
RX-8500.8000 Sober Living Homes
RX-8500.8000-800 Sober Living Homes for Recovering Alcoholics
RX-8500.8000-830 Sober Living Homes for Recovering Drug Abusers
T Organizational/Community/International Services
TA Arts and Culture
TA-0400 Artist Services
TA-0400.0350 Artist Communities
TA-0400.0390 Artist Relief Funds
TA-0400.0400 Artist in Residence Programs
TA-0400.0500 Artist Registries
TA-0400.0500-800 Slide Registries
TA-0400.0900 Exhibit Space for Artists
TA-0400.8000 Studio Space for Artists
TA-0400.8500 Touring Assistance Programs
TA-0480 Arts Centers
TA-0500 Arts Festivals
TA-1400 Circuses
TA-1550 Cultural Heritage Programs
TA-1550.2000 Ethnic/Cultural Festivals
TA-1700 Dance Performances
TA-1700.1000 Ballet Performances
TA-1700.1800 Dance Recitals
TA-1700.2000 Folk/Ethnic Dance Performances
TA-1700.5000 Modern Dance Performances
TA-1700.8000 Senior Dance Troupe Performances
TA-1850 Eclectic Performances/Stage Acts
TA-1850.0500 Acrobatics Performances
TA-1850.1500 Clowning
TA-1850.2000 Daredevil Acts
TA-1850.2500 Escape Artist Acts
TA-1850.2600 Fortune Tellers
TA-1850.3000 Impersonation Acts
TA-1850.3500 Juggling Acts
TA-1850.4500 Light and Sound Presentations
TA-1850.5000 Magic Shows
TA-1850.8000 Stage Hypnotist Acts
TA-1850.8500 Storytelling
TA-1850.9000 Ventriloquism Acts
TA-2000 Film Presentations
TA-2800 Historic Preservation
TA-2800.0300 Art Conservation/Preservation
TA-2800.0600 Art Curatorial Clinics
TA-2800.0900 Art/Collectibles Appraisal Services
TA-2800.2000 Film Preservation
TA-2800.3000 Historic Burial Site Preservation
TA-2800.3500 Historic Landmark Preservation
TA-2800.4000 Historical Markers
TA-2800.5000 Memorials/Monuments Sponsorship
TA-2850 Historical Societies
TA-3000 Humanities Activities/Events
TA-3000.0750 Book Distribution Programs
TA-3000.0800 Book Fairs
TA-3000.0900 Book Readings
TA-3000.1000 Book Signings
TA-3000.4500 Local History Programs
TA-3000.5900 Oral History Programs
TA-3000.6000 Poetry Readings
TA-3000.6500 Public Lectures/Discussions
TA-3300 Ice Skating Performances
TA-5500 Museums
TA-5500.0300 Agricultural Museums
TA-5500.0500 Art Museums
TA-5500.1500 Children's Museums
TA-5500.2000 Firefighting Museums
TA-5500.2150 Food and Wine Museums
TA-5500.3000 History Museums
TA-5500.3000-100 Costume and Textile Museums
TA-5500.3000-150 Cultural Museums
TA-5500.3000-300 Historic House Museums
TA-5500.3000-400 Living History Museums
TA-5500.3000-450 Local/Regional History Museums
TA-5500.3200 Hobbyist/Collectibles Museums
TA-5500.3300 Horology Museums
TA-5500.4300 Labor and Industry Museums
TA-5500.4550 Literary Museums
TA-5500.5000 Marine/Maritime Museums
TA-5500.5200 Media Museums
TA-5500.5250 Medical Museums
TA-5500.5500 Military Museums
TA-5500.5800 Money/Numismatics Museums
TA-5500.6000 Motion Picture Museums
TA-5500.6150 Music Museums
TA-5500.6500 Natural History Museums
TA-5500.6800 Park Museums and Visitor Centers
TA-5500.7000 Philatelic Museums
TA-5500.7500 Planetariums/Observatories
TA-5500.7700 Religious Museums
TA-5500.8000 Science and Technology Museums
TA-5500.8300 Sports Museums
TA-5500.8800 Theater/Performing Arts Museums
TA-5500.8900 Toy and Doll Museums
TA-5500.9000 Transportation Museums
TA-5500.9000-040 Automotive Museums
TA-5500.9000-070 Aviation Museums
TA-5500.9000-100 Bicycle Museums
TA-5500.9000-700 Railroad Museums
TA-5500.9500 Wax Museums
TA-5750 Music Performances
TA-5750.0500 Band Concerts
TA-5750.0700 Big Band Music Concerts
TA-5750.0800 Blues Concerts
TA-5750.1000 Choral Music Performances
TA-5750.1200 Classical Concerts
TA-5750.1200-150 Chamber Music Performances
TA-5750.1200-650 Orchestral Performances
TA-5750.1800 Country Concerts
TA-5750.2000 Ethnic Music Concerts
TA-5750.2300 Folk Music Concerts
TA-5750.3500 Jazz Concerts
TA-5750.5000 Music Recitals
TA-5750.6000 New Age Music Concerts
TA-5750.6500 Patriotic/Military Music Concerts
TA-5750.7000 Rhythm and Blues Concerts
TA-5750.7500 Rock Concerts
TA-6500 Opera Performances
TA-6800 Performing Arts Facilities
TA-6800.1000 Band Shells
TA-6800.1500 Concert Halls/Amphitheaters
TA-6800.5000 Multipurpose Performing Arts Centers
TA-6800.6000 Opera Halls
TA-6800.6300 Playhouses
TA-8500 Theater Performances
TA-8500.1200 Children's Theater Productions
TA-8500.1600 Dinner Theater
TA-8500.1800 Ethnic Theater Productions
TA-8500.2000 Forum Theater
TA-8500.5000 Mime Productions
TA-8500.5500 Musicals/Light Opera Productions
TA-8500.5900 Pantomime Productions
TA-8500.6000 Performance Art
TA-8500.6500 Puppet Shows
TA-8500.8000 Stage Productions
TA-8500.9000 Variety Shows
TA-9000 Visual Arts
TA-9000.0300 Art Galleries/Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-050 Architectural Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-100 Ceramics Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-130 Children's Art Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-180 Folk/Ethnic Art Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-240 General Art Galleries/Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-250 Glass Art Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-280 Graphic/Digital Art Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-350 Jewelry Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-500 Metal Art Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-650 Painting/Drawing Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-660 Paper Art Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-680 Photography Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-800 Sculpture Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-830 Specialty Galleries/Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-850 Stained Glass Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-900 Textile/Fiber Art Exhibits
TA-9000.0300-930 Traveling Exhibitions
TA-9000.0300-950 Virtual Exhibitions
TA-9000.0300-960 Wood Art Exhibits
TA-9000.7100 Public Art Programs
TB Community Economic Development and Finance
TB-0700 Banking and Financial Services
TB-0700.2050 Financial Institutions
TB-0700.2050-020 Accounting Firms
TB-0700.2050-100 Banks/Savings and Loans
TB-0700.2050-110 Bill Payment Locations
TB-0700.2050-120 Brokerage Firms
TB-0700.2050-150 Check Cashing Services
TB-0700.2050-155 Collection/Repossession Agencies
TB-0700.2050-165 Consumer Finance Companies
TB-0700.2050-180 Credit Unions
TB-0700.2050-250 Government Sponsored Enterprises
TB-0700.2050-330 Insurance Companies
TB-0700.2050-500 Mutual Fund Companies
TB-0700.2100 Financial Services
TB-0700.2100-050 ATM Services
TB-0700.2100-145 Checking/Savings Accounts
TB-0700.2100-150 Credit Cards
TB-0700.2100-175 Debit Cards
TB-0700.2100-178 Disability Savings Accounts
TB-0700.2100-180 Education Savings Accounts
TB-0700.2100-190 Electronic Transfer Accounts
TB-0700.2100-200 Foreign Currency Exchange
TB-0700.2100-300 Health Savings Accounts
TB-0700.2100-330 Individual Development Accounts
TB-0700.2100-450 Matricula Accounts
TB-0700.2100-500 Money Orders
TB-0700.2100-650 Personal Lines of Credit
TB-0700.2100-800 Savings Bonds
TB-0700.2100-820 State College Tuition Plans
TB-0700.2200 Funding
TB-0700.2200-150 Capital Support
TB-0700.2200-150.10 Building Acquisition/Construction/Renovation Funds
TB-0700.2200-150.20 Equipment Funds
TB-0700.2200-150.45 Land Acquisition Funds
TB-0700.2200-160 Debt Reduction Funds
TB-0700.2200-170 Emergency Funds
TB-0700.2200-180 Endowment Funds
TB-0700.2200-185 For Profit Subsidiaries
TB-0700.2200-185.60 Nonprofit Retail Stores
TB-0700.2200-190 Fundraising Campaigns
TB-0700.2200-200 Fundraising Product Wholesalers
TB-0700.2200-250 General/Operating Funds
TB-0700.2200-330 In Kind Contributions
TB-0700.2200-335 Institutional Scholarship Funds
TB-0700.2200-340 Instructional Support Funds
TB-0700.2200-660 Program Development Funds
TB-0700.2200-700 Research Funds
TB-0700.2200-800 Seed Money
TB-0700.2200-850 Technical Assistance Funds
TB-0700.2200-950 Wage Subsidy Funds
TB-0900 Business Development
TB-0900.0600 Business Assistance Centers
TB-0900.0650 Business Assistance Services
TB-0900.0650-060 Business Consulting Services
TB-0900.0650-100 Business Incubators
TB-0900.0650-110 Business Licensing Assistance
TB-0900.0650-150 Customized Training for Employees
TB-0900.0650-200 Entrepreneurial Training
TB-0900.0650-230 Export/Trade Development
TB-0900.0650-250 Government Contract Procurement Assistance
TB-0900.0650-450 Labor Market Information
TB-0900.0650-500 Microenterprise Development/Support
TB-0900.1000 Business Financing
TB-0900.1000-400 Microenterprise Financing
TB-0900.1000-500 Minority Business Financing
TB-0900.1000-800 Small Business Financing
TB-0900.1150 Business Recruitment and Attraction
TB-0900.1150-150 Enterprise Zones
TB-0900.1150-200 Film Commissions
TB-0900.1150-300 Industrial Park Development
TB-0900.1150-800 Specialized Personnel Recruitment Programs
TB-0900.1200 Business Retention and Expansion
TB-0900.8000 Specialized Business Development
TB-0900.8000-330 International Business Development
TB-0900.8000-500 Minority Business Development
TB-0900.8000-600 Nonprofit Corporation Development
TB-0900.8000-800 Small Business Development
TB-1100 Business Support Organizations/Services
TB-1100.1000 Bulk Mailing Services
TB-1100.1300 Copy Centers
TB-1100.1500 Courier Services
TB-1100.2500 Graphic/Digital Design Services
TB-1100.3000 Industrial Design Services
TB-1100.6300 Personal Concierge Services
TB-1100.6400 Post Offices
TB-1100.6500 Private Mail Services
TB-1100.8000 Shredding Services
TB-1100.8500 Telephone Call Center Services
TB-1100.8600 Temporary Help Agencies
TB-1100.9000 Video Conferencing Facilities
TB-1500 Community Development Corporations
TB-1550 Community Development Financial Institutions
TB-3000 Housing Development
TB-3000.0400 Affordable Housing Development Incentives
TB-3000.1400 Community Housing Development Organizations
TB-3000.1500 Community Land Trusts
TB-3000.2000 Foreclosed Property Redevelopment Programs
TB-3000.3000 Housing Replacement Programs
TB-3000.7000 Rural Housing Development
TB-3000.9000 Urban Housing Development
TB-4500 Local Currency Systems
TB-7000 Redevelopment Programs
TB-7000.0300 Art District Development
TB-7000.0800 Brownfields Redevelopment
TB-7000.2000 Downtown Development
TB-7000.2000-500 Main Street Programs
TB-7000.6000 Neighborhood Revitalization
TB-7000.9000 Waterfront Development
TB-8200 Special Focus Community Economic Development
TB-8200.7000 Regional Economic Development
TB-8200.7500 Rural Economic Development
TB-8500 Technology Transfer Programs
TB-8700 Tourism Development
TC Community Facilities/Centers
TC-0500 Agency Facility Space
TC-1000 Banquet Facilities
TC-1400 Civic Centers
TC-1500 Conference/Convention Facilities
TC-1700 Drop In Centers
TC-3300 Interview Space
TC-4000 Lecture Halls/Auditoriums
TC-5000 Meeting Space
TC-5500 Multipurpose Centers
TC-5500.1800 Ethnic Oriented Multipurpose Centers
TC-5500.2500 Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Community Centers
TC-5500.6000 Neighborhood Multipurpose Centers
TC-5500.8000 Senior Centers
TC-5500.9500 Women's Centers
TC-5500.9800 Youth Centers
TC-6300 Office Space
TC-7000 Retreat Centers
TC-9500 Workrooms
TD Community Groups and Government/Administrative Offices
TD-0300 Administrative Entities
TD-0300.1200 City Departments/Offices
TD-0300.1300 County Departments/Offices
TE-8200 Street Naming
TD-0300.2000 Federal Government Agencies/Departments
TD-0300.6000 Nongovernmental Agency Departments
TD-0300.8000 State Government Agencies
TD-0350 Administrative/Support Services Offices
TD-0350.1000 Budget and Finance Offices
TD-0350.1500 Clerical Management/Support Services Offices
TD-0350.1600 Contracts/Procurement Offices
TD-0350.2000 Facility Management Offices
TD-0350.2200 Fleet Maintenance Offices
TD-0350.3000 Human Resource Management Offices
TD-0350.3300 Information Technology Management Offices
TD-0350.4500 Legal Department Offices
TD-0350.5000 Marketing Offices
TD-0350.6300 Organizational Assessment and Evaluation Offices
TD-0350.6350 Organizational Planning and Development Offices
TD-0350.6800 Public Relations Offices
TD-1100 Categorical Program Administrative Units
TD-1100.1400 Community Action Agencies
TD-1100.1500 Community Development Block Grant Agencies
TD-1100.1500-120 CDBG Delegate Agencies
TD-1100.1500-150 City CDBG Offices
TD-1100.1500-800 State CDBG Offices
TD-1100.2000 FEMA Emergency Food/Shelter Administrative Agencies
TD-1100.2000-400 Local FEMA Boards
TD-1100.2000-800 State Set Aside Committees
TD-1100.6500 Older Americans Act Administrative Agencies
TD-1100.6500-050 Area Agencies on Aging
TD-1100.6500-800 State Units on Aging
TD-1100.8500 Technology Act Administrative Agencies
TD-1100.8600 211 Administrative Entities
TD-1100.9000 Workforce Development Boards
TD-1200 Charities/Grantmaking Organizations
TD-1200.1500 Community Funds
TD-1200.1600 Corporate Giving Programs
TD-1200.1800 Federated Giving Programs
TD-1200.2500 Governmental Contracts/Grants Offices
TD-1200.3300 Internet Based Giving Programs
TD-1200.6500 Private Foundations
TD-1200.6500-150 Corporate Foundations
TD-1200.6500-200 Family Foundations
TD-1200.6500-330 Independent Foundations
TD-1200.6500-700 Private Operating Foundations
TD-1200.6600 Public Charities
TD-1200.6600-150 Community Foundations
TD-1200.6600-600 Public Foundations
TD-1200.6600-900 Voluntary Health Organizations
TD-1400 Civic Groups
TD-1400.0400 Arts/Humanities Councils
TD-1400.0500 Auxiliaries
TD-1400.1500 Corporate Volunteer Councils
TD-1400.2000 Fraternal Orders
TD-1400.6500 Patriotic Societies
TD-1400.8000 Service Clubs
TD-1400.9000 Veteran Membership Organizations
TD-1600 Community Action/Social Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.0500 Animal Rights Groups
TD-1600.1500 Consumer Action Groups
TD-1600.1530 Criminal Justice/Legal System Reform Groups
TD-1600.1530-060 Bail Reform Groups
TD-1600.1530-100 Civil Justice System Reform Groups
TD-1600.1530-120 Correctional System Reform Groups
TD-1600.1530-140 Criminal Offender Rights Groups
TD-1600.1530-180 Death Penalty Opponent Groups
TD-1600.1530-200 Death Penalty Proponent Groups
TD-1600.1530-350 Jury System Reform Groups
TD-1600.1530-380 Juvenile Justice System Reform Groups
TD-1600.1530-450 Law Enforcement Reform Groups
TD-1600.1530-650 Parole System Reform Groups
TD-1600.1530-800 Sentencing Reform Groups
TD-1600.1550 Cultural Heritage Groups
TD-1600.1750 Ecumenical Action Groups
TD-1600.1770 Education Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.1790 Employment Related Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.1800 Environmental Improvement Groups
TD-1600.2300 Government Reform Groups
TD-1600.2400 Government Watchdog Groups
TD-1600.2500 Gun Control Groups
TD-1600.2550 Gun Rights Groups
TD-1600.2570 Health Related Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.2600 Homelessness Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.2800 Housing Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.3000 Human Relations Groups
TD-1600.3100 Human Rights Groups
TD-1600.3100-140 Children's Rights Groups
TD-1600.3100-160 Constitutional/Civil Rights Groups
TD-1600.3100-180 Disability Rights Groups
TD-1600.3100-200 Ethnic Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.3100-250 Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.3100-330 Immigrant Rights Groups
TD-1600.3100-500 Men's Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.3100-550 Mental Health Associations
TD-1600.3100-650 Reproductive Rights Groups
TD-1600.3100-700 Right to Die Groups
TD-1600.3100-750 Right to Life Groups
TD-1600.3100-800 Senior Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.3100-850 Victim's Rights Groups
TD-1600.3100-950 Women's Advocacy Groups
TD-1600.3200 Hunger/Poverty Action Groups
TD-1600.3450 Interfaith Groups
TD-1600.5000 Media Interest Groups
TD-1600.6000 Neighborhood Improvement Groups
TD-1600.6550 Police/Community Relations Groups
TD-1600.6600 Political Action/Lobbying Groups
TD-1600.6700 Privacy Rights Groups
TD-1600.8500 Transportation Advocacy Groups
TD-6500 Planning/Coordinating/Advisory Groups
TD-6600 Public Officials Offices
TD-6600.2200 Federal Officials Offices
TD-6600.2200-650 Office of the President of the United States
TD-6600.2200-900 United States House of Representatives Offices
TD-6600.2200-950 United States Senate Offices
TD-6600.4500 Local Officials Offices
TD-6600.4500-020 City/Town Auditor Offices
TD-6600.4500-040 City/Town Clerk Offices
TD-6600.4500-060 City/Town Council Offices
TD-6600.4500-080 City/Town Finance Offices
TD-6600.4500-120 City/Town Managers Offices
TD-6600.4500-140 County Auditor Offices
TD-6600.4500-150 County Board of Supervisors Offices
TD-6600.4500-160 County Clerk of the Courts Offices
TD-6600.4500-200 County Controller Offices
TD-6600.4500-240 County Elections Director Offices
TD-6600.4500-260 County Executive Offices
TD-6600.4500-300 County Recorder Offices
TD-6600.4500-340 County Supervisors Offices
TD-6600.4500-360 County Treasurer Offices
TD-6600.4500-500 Mayors Offices
TD-6600.4500-850 Town Criers
TD-6600.4500-865 Tribal Council Offices
TD-6600.8000 State Officials Offices
TD-6600.8000-300 Governor Offices
TD-6600.8000-450 Lieutenant Governor Offices
TD-6600.8000-700 State Auditor Offices
TD-6600.8000-740 State Comptroller Offices
TD-6600.8000-760 State Insurance Commissioner Offices
TD-6600.8000-780 State Land Commissioner Offices
TD-6600.8000-800 State Legislature Offices
TD-6600.8000-820 State Secretary of State Offices
TD-6600.8000-840 State Superintendent of Public Instruction Offices
TD-6600.8000-860 State Tax Commissioner Offices
TD-6600.8000-880 State Treasurer Offices
TE Community Planning and Public Works
TE-1000 Building and Safety
TE-1000.0030 Abandoned Building Security
TE-1000.0700 Building Code Enforcement/Appeals
TE-1000.0700-050 Building Code Appeals
TE-1000.0700-120 Building Code Information
TE-1000.0700-140 Building Code Violations Consultation
TE-1000.0700-160 Building Code Violations Records
TE-1000.0700-180 Building Code Violations Reporting
TE-1000.0800 Building Condemnation/Demolition
TE-1000.0900 Building Deconstruction Programs
TE-1000.1000 Building Inspection
TE-1000.1000-050 Abandoned Building Inspection
TE-1000.1000-100 Building Condition Evaluation
TE-1000.1000-150 Construction Inspection
TE-1000.1000-150.18 Electrical Inspection
TE-1000.1000-150.25 General Construction Inspection
TE-1000.1000-150.50 Mechanical Inspection
TE-1000.1000-150.65 Plumbing Inspection
TE-1000.1000-500 Manufactured/Mobile Home Park Inspection
TE-1000.1000-630 Occupancy Inspection
TE-1000.1100 Building Plan Check
TE-1000.1500 Construction/Development Permits
TE-1000.1500-100 Building Permits
TE-1000.1500-130 Coastal Permits
TE-1000.1500-150 Driveway/Sidewalk Permits
TE-1000.1500-180 Electrical Permits
TE-1000.1500-190 Elevator Permits
TE-1000.1500-200 Encroachment Permits
TE-1000.1500-210 Excavation Permits
TE-1000.1500-230 Fence Permits
TE-1000.1500-250 Grading Permits
TE-1000.1500-480 Manufactured/Mobile Home Park Building Permits
TE-1000.1500-490 Manufactured/Mobile Home Placement Permits
TE-1000.1500-500 Mechanical Permits
TE-1000.1500-650 Plumbing Permits
TE-1000.1500-740 Septic System Permits
TE-1000.1500-740.80 Septic System Abandonment Permits
TE-1000.1500-740.85 Septic System Installation Permits
TE-1000.1500-745 Sewer Connection Permits
TE-1000.1500-755 Site Alteration Permits
TE-1000.1500-780 Swimming Pool Enclosure Permits
TE-1000.1500-800 Swimming Pool Permits
TE-1000.1500-950 Water Connection Permits
TE-2000 Flood/Siltation Control
TE-2500 Graffiti Removal
TE-2500.1500 Commercial Graffiti Removal
TE-2500.6500 Graffiti Removal Paint Banks
TE-2500.7000 Residential Graffiti Removal
TE-4510 Land Development Services
TE-4510.4500 Land Development Appeals/Hearings
TE-4510.4550 Land Development Application Review/Approval
TE-4510.4550-040 Annexations/Incorporations Approval
TE-4510.4550-170 Design Review/Approval
TE-4510.4550-180 Development Review Hearings
TE-4510.4550-190 Environmental Impact Report Review/Certification
TE-4510.4550-450 Lot Split Approvals
TE-4510.4550-650 Plan/Ordinance Compliance Review
TE-4510.4550-660 Proposed Zoning Review/Approval
TE-4510.4550-815 Site Plan Review/Approval
TE-4510.4550-820 Subdivision Assumption
TE-4510.4550-825 Subdivision Plat Review/Approval
TE-4510.4575 Land Development Information
TE-4510.4600 Land Development Support Services
TE-4510.4600-040 Architectural Design Services
TE-4510.4600-190 Environmental Impact Report Preparation
TE-4510.4600-250 Green Building Initiatives
TE-4510.4600-330 Interior Design Services
TE-4510.4600-450 Landscape Design Services
TE-4520 Land Use Planning and Regulation Bodies
TE-4520.1500 City/County Planning Offices
TE-4520.1525 City/County Surveyor Services
TE-4520.1800 Design Review Boards
TE-4520.6500 Planning Commissions
TE-4520.6500-450 Local Planning Commissions
TE-4520.6500-700 Regional Planning Commissions
TE-4520.8000 State Land Use Planning Offices
TE-4520.9800 Zoning Adjustment Boards
TE-4525 Land Use Planning and Regulation Services
TE-4525.4500 Land Use Planning
TE-4525.4500-450 Land Use Plan Approval
TE-4525.4500-460 Land Use Plan Development/Amendment
TE-4525.4500-460.25 General Plan Development/Amendment
TE-4525.4500-460.80 Specific/Area Plan Development/Amendment
TE-4525.4600 Land Use Regulation
TE-4525.4600-180 Development Moratoriums
TE-4525.4600-600 Overlay Zones/Districts
TE-4525.4600-650 Planned Unit Development
TE-4525.4600-800 Subdivision Regulation
TE-4525.4600-850 Transfer of Development Rights
TE-4525.4600-980 Zoning
TE-4525.4600-980.75 Zoning Appeals/Hearings
TE-4525.4600-980.80 Zoning Change Requests
TE-4525.4600-980.85 Zoning Information
TE-4525.4600-980.90 Zoning Ordinance Development
TE-4525.4600-980.95 Zoning Violations Reporting
TE-6400 Port Facilities Development/Maintenance
TE-6450 Power Line/Pipeline Information
TE-6500 Public Parking
TE-6500.6400 Parking Facilities
TE-6500.6500 Parking Meter Cards/Keys
TE-6500.6600 Parking Meter Services
TE-6500.6650 Parking Regulations Development
TE-6500.6680 Parking Regulations Enforcement
TE-6500.6700 Parking Regulations Information
TE-6500.7000 Reserved Parking Signs
TE-7750 Snow/Ice Removal Ordinance Enforcement
TE-7900 Street Furniture
TE-7900.0700 Bicycle Lockers/Racks
TE-7900.1000 Bus Stop Shelters
TE-7900.1800 Emergency Telephones
TE-7900.2000 Fire Hydrants
TE-7900.3300 Information Kiosks
TE-7900.5000 Mailboxes
TE-7900.6100 News Racks
TE-7900.6200 Noise Attenuation Barriers
TE-7900.6600 Planters/Flower Boxes
TE-7900.6700 Public Benches
TE-7900.6730 Public Drinking Fountains
TE-7900.6850 Public Trash Cans
TE-7900.8300 Street Lights
TE-7900.8400 Street Signs
TE-7900.8560 Traffic Signals
TE-7900.8580 Traffic Signs
TE-7900.8600 Traffic Signals
TE-8000 Street Maintenance
TE-8000.1800 Emergency Street Clearance
TE-8000.2900 Highway Incident Clearance/Management
TE-8000.3000 House Numbers
TE-8000.7000 Roadside Landscape Maintenance
TE-8000.7200 Roadside Rest Area Development/Maintenance
TE-8000.8000 Snow Clearance/Street Salting
TE-8000.8020 Snow Safety Supplies
TE-8000.8100 Street Cleaning
TE-8000.8200 Street Construction/Repair
TE-8000.8200-100 Bicycle Paths/Trails
TE-8000.8200-150 Bridge/Tunnel Maintenance
TE-8000.8200-200 Freeway Construction/Repair
TE-8000.8200-600 Pedestrian Crossing Installation/Maintenance
TE-8000.8200-650 Pothole/Road Repair
TE-8000.8200-730 Road Shoulder Repair
TE-8000.8200-750 Road Surface Marking Services
TE-8000.8200-800 Sidewalk Repair
TE-8000.8200-850 Street/Thoroughfare Resurfacing
TE-8000.8230 Street Flooding/Drainage
TE-8440 Traffic Related Services
TE-8440.8450 Traffic Calming Programs
TE-8440.8500 Traffic Control
TE-8440.8500-050 Air Traffic Control
TE-8440.8500-700 Rail Traffic Control
TE-8440.8500-800 Street/Highway Traffic Control
TE-8440.8500-950 Water Traffic Control
TE-8440.8515 Traffic Count Data Collection/Reporting
TE-8440.8550 Traffic Photo Enforcement Systems
TE-8800 Utility Line Location Information/811 Services
TE-8915 Waste Management Information
TE-8920 Waste Management Services
TE-8920.6600 Recycling
TE-8920.6600-040 Apartment Building Recycling Programs
TE-8920.6600-100 Beverage Container Redemption Centers
TE-8920.6600-110 Biosolids Recycling Facilities
TE-8920.6600-150 Christmas Tree Recycling
TE-8920.6600-160 Construction Waste Recycling
TE-8920.6600-165 Cork Recycling
TE-8920.6600-190 Electronic Waste Recycling
TE-8920.6600-300 Hazardous Waste Exchange
TE-8920.6600-450 Large Appliance Pickup/Recycling Programs
TE-8920.6600-500 Mercury Products/Materials Recycling
TE-8920.6600-650 Oil Recycling
TE-8920.6600-660 Organics Recycling
TE-8920.6600-700 Recycled Product Sales
TE-8920.6600-750 Recycling Centers
TE-8920.6600-800 Residential Recycling Programs
TE-8920.6600-830 Take It Back Programs
TE-8920.6600-850 Telephone Book Recycling
TE-8920.6600-890 Vehicle Recycling
TE-8920.6600-930 Waste Tire Recycling
TE-8920.6600-940 Workplace Recycling Programs
TE-8920.6600-980 Yard Waste Recycling
TE-8920.6600-980.10 Brush Recycling
TE-8920.6600-980.25 Green Waste Pick Up Programs
TE-8920.6600-980.30 Home Composting Programs
TE-8920.6600-980.40 Loose Leaf Recycling Programs
TE-8920.7100 Refuse Collection
TE-8920.7100-050 Abandoned Shopping Cart Removal
TE-8920.7100-170 Dead Animal Pickup
TE-8920.7100-300 Horse Manure Pickup
TE-8920.7100-400 Large Item Trash/Garbage Pickup
TE-8920.7100-850 Trash/Garbage Pickup
TE-8920.7190 Refuse Disposal Facilities
TE-8920.7190-150 Composting Facilities
TE-8920.7190-330 Incinerators
TE-8920.7190-640 Refuse Transfer Stations
TE-8920.7190-780 Sanitary Landfills
TE-8920.7200 Refuse Disposal Services
TE-8920.7200-180 Dredged Materials Disposal
TE-8920.7200-300 Hazardous Materials Collection Sites
TE-8920.7200-500 Medical Waste Disposal
TE-8920.7200-550 Medication Disposal
TE-8920.7200-600 Radioactive Waste Disposal
TE-8920.7200-750 Sharps Disposal Programs
TE-8920.9000 Wastewater Collection/Processing
TE-8920.9000-700 RV Sewage Disposal Stations
TE-8920.9000-800 Sewage Treatment Facilities
TE-8920.9000-820 Sewer Connection Services
TE-8920.9000-830 Sewer System Maintenance
TE-8935 Water Supply System
TE-8935.8000 Seawater Desalination Facilities
TE-8935.9200 Water Collection System
TE-8935.9250 Water Purification Facilities
TE-8935.9300 Water Storage/Distribution Infrastructure Services
TE-8935.9300-150 Backflow Contamination Prevention
TE-8935.9300-170 Curb Box Maintenance
TE-8935.9300-900 Water Distribution System Manhole Maintenance
TE-8935.9300-940 Water Main Repair/Replacement
TE-8935.9300-950 Water Pipe Flushing
TE-8935.9300-960 Water Storage Facility Maintenance
TE-8950 Water Well Construction/Maintenance/Abandonment Regulation
TE-9100 Waterway Maintenance
TE-9100.0500 Aquatic Plant Control
TE-9100.3000 Harbor/Channel Dredging Projects
TE-9100.5000 Marine Marker Maintenance
TE-9500 Weed Abatement/Brush Control
TF Community Recognition
TF-1000 Congratulatory Messages
TF-2150 Flag Related Services
TF-2150.1000 Blue/Gold Star Flags
TF-2150.2000 Flag Etiquette Programs
TF-2150.2050 Flag Raising/Half Masting Requests
TF-2150.2100 Flag Related Merchandise
TF-2150.7000 Retired Flag Drives/Ceremonies
TF-6900 Recognition Awards
TH Disaster Services
TH-1500 Disaster Management Organizations
TH-1500.1300 Campus Emergency Response Teams
TH-1500.1400 City Offices of Emergency Services
TH-1500.1600 County Offices of Emergency Services
TH-1500.1700 Disaster Relief/Recovery Organizations
TH-1500.1800 Federal Departments/Agencies With ESF Responsibilities
TH-1500.1800-030 Federal Agriculture and Natural Resources ESF
TH-1500.1800-140 Federal Communications ESF
TH-1500.1800-160 Federal Emergency Management ESF
TH-1500.1800-170 Federal Energy ESF
TH-1500.1800-180 Federal External Affairs ESF
TH-1500.1800-200 Federal Firefighting ESF
TH-1500.1800-270 Federal Hazardous Materials/Oil ESF
TH-1500.1800-300 Federal Health/Medical ESF
TH-1500.1800-400 Federal Long Term Recovery and Mitigation ESF
TH-1500.1800-500 Federal Mass Care/Housing/Human Services ESF
TH-1500.1800-620 Federal Public Safety and Security ESF
TH-1500.1800-650 Federal Public Works/Engineering ESF
TH-1500.1800-700 Federal Resource Support ESF
TH-1500.1800-850 Federal Transportation ESF
TH-1500.1800-900 Federal Urban Search and Rescue ESF
TH-1500.2000 Federal Emergency Management Agency Offices
TH-1500.2000-050 American Red Cross Special Representatives to FEMA
TH-1500.2000-250 FEMA Regional Offices
TH-1500.2500 Government Emergency Operations Centers
TH-1500.2500-150 Departmental Operations Centers
TH-1500.2500-170 Emergency Operations Centers
TH-1500.2500-200 Federal Disaster Field Offices
TH-1500.2500-230 Federal Regional Operations Centers
TH-1500.2500-700 Recovery Operations Centers
TH-1500.2500-800 State Regional Emergency Operations Centers
TH-1500.8000 State Offices of Emergency Services
TH-1500.8600 Tribal Offices of Emergency Services
TH-1500.9500 Utility/Private Industry Disaster Planning Bodies
TH-1700 Disaster Preparedness
TH-1700.1500 Community Resilience Assessment Programs
TH-1700.1600 Disaster Equipment and Supplies
TH-1700.1600-030 Air Ambulances
TH-1700.1600-060 Air Tankers
TH-1700.1600-090 Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Vehicles
TH-1700.1600-110 Backhoes
TH-1700.1600-120 Bomb/Search Suits
TH-1700.1600-150 Breathing Apparatus Support Units
TH-1700.1600-170 Chainsaws
TH-1700.1600-180 Chillers/Air Handlers
TH-1700.1600-210 Cranes
TH-1700.1600-240 Crew Transport Vehicles
TH-1700.1600-260 Debris Containers
TH-1700.1600-270 Deployable Portable Morgue Units
TH-1700.1600-300 Disaster Related Climate Control Equipment
TH-1700.1600-310 Dozers
TH-1700.1600-320 Dump Trucks/Trailers
TH-1700.1600-330 Fire Engines
TH-1700.1600-350 Fireboats
TH-1700.1600-370 Firefighting Helicopters
TH-1700.1600-400 Food Dispenser Units
TH-1700.1600-410 Forklift Equipment
TH-1700.1600-430 Ground Ambulances
TH-1700.1600-450 Heavy Equipment/Commodities Transport Vehicles
TH-1700.1600-470 Hydraulic Evacuators
TH-1700.1600-490 Mass Emergency Notification Systems
TH-1700.1600-500 Mobile Communications Centers
TH-1700.1600-530 Mobile Kitchen Units
TH-1700.1600-540 Outdoor Warning Sirens
TH-1700.1600-550 Patrol/Surveillance Aircraft
TH-1700.1600-570 Patrol/Surveillance Helicopters
TH-1700.1600-580 Paving Equipment
TH-1700.1600-600 Personal Protective Gear for First Responders
TH-1700.1600-630 Portable Cooking/Serving Equipment
TH-1700.1600-650 Portable Illumination Units
TH-1700.1600-680 Portable Traffic Control Devices
TH-1700.1600-690 Pumping Equipment
TH-1700.1600-700 Radiation Detection Devices
TH-1700.1600-730 Radio Direction Finding Equipment
TH-1700.1600-750 Skid Steers
TH-1700.1600-765 Specialized Search and Rescue Vehicles
TH-1700.1600-780 Street Sweepers
TH-1700.1600-830 Tenders
TH-1700.1600-850 Total Containment Vessels
TH-1700.1600-870 Tub Grinders
TH-1700.1600-890 Tugboats
TH-1700.1600-920 Water Trucks
TH-1700.1600-950 Wheel Loaders
TH-1700.1800 Disaster Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-050 Avalanche Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-150 Drought Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-180 Earthquake Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-200 Extreme Heat Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-220 Flood Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-250 General Disaster Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-280 Hazardous Materials Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-300 Hurricane Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-450 Landslide/Mudslide Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-650 Radiological Emergency Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-780 Terrorism Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-800 Thunderstorm Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-830 Tornado Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-860 Tsunami Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-900 Volcanic Eruption Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-930 Wildland Fire Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1800-950 Winter Storm Preparedness Information
TH-1700.1900 Disaster Preparedness Partnerships
TH-1700.1900-520 Mutual Assistance Agreement Partners
TH-1700.1910 Disaster Related Volunteer Preparedness/Mobilization Programs
TH-1700.1910-150 Citizen Corps
TH-1700.1910-150.15 Community Emergency Response Team Program
TH-1700.1910-150.20 Fire Corps
TH-1700.1910-150.50 Medical Reserve Corps
TH-1700.1910-150.90 Volunteers in Police Service Program
TH-1700.1910-800 SKYWARN Program
TH-1700.1930 Emergency Management Exercises
TH-1700.1950 Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning
TH-1700.2000 Emergency Preparedness and Response Training
TH-1700.2000-100 Business Continuity Consultation Programs
TH-1700.2000-150 Community Disaster Education
TH-1700.2000-200 Emergency Management Training
TH-1700.2000-650 Organizational Disaster Training
TH-1700.6400 Personal Preparedness Equipment/Supplies
TH-1700.6400-190 Disaster Kits
TH-1700.6400-650 Potassium Iodide Distribution Programs
TH-1700.6400-950 Weather Alert Radios
TH-1700.6500 Pre-Disaster Donations Collection/Storage
TH-1700.8000 Special Needs Registries
TH-1800 Disaster Mitigation
TH-1800.1600 Disaster Control Programs
TH-1800.1600-050 Avalanche Control
TH-1800.1700 Disaster Mitigation Relocation Programs
TH-1800.1700-180 Flood Plain Relocation Programs
TH-1800.1900 Emergency Property Protective Measures
TH-1800.1900-100 Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation
TH-1800.1900-600 Plastic Sheeting
TH-1800.1900-650 Plywood
TH-1800.1900-700 Reseeding Services
TH-1800.1900-750 Sandbags/Water Diversion Systems
TH-1800.1900-950 Window Boarding Services
TH-1800.2500 Government Disaster Insurance Programs
TH-1800.2500-600 National Flood Insurance Program
TH-1800.6600 Property Retrofitting Services
TH-1800.6600-500 Mobile Home Reinforcement Services
TH-1800.6600-600 Nonstructural Hazard Reduction Activities
TH-1800.6600-620 Private Storm Shelters/Safe Rooms
TH-1800.6600-800 Structural Retrofitting Services
TH-2100 Disaster Warnings
TH-2100.0500 Avalanche Warnings
TH-2100.1500 Civil Unrest Advisories
TH-2100.1600 Curfew Information
TH-2100.1800 Earthquake Advisories
TH-2100.1850 Evacuation Information
TH-2100.2000 Fire Advisories
TH-2100.2100 Fire Conditions Bulletins
TH-2100.3000 Hazardous Materials Emergency Advisories
TH-2100.4500 Landslide/Mudslide Advisories
TH-2100.6500 Radiological Emergency Warnings
TH-2100.7000 Road Closures Bulletins
TH-2100.8300 Terrorism Warnings
TH-2100.8300-100 Bioterrorism Warnings
TH-2100.8300-150 Chemical Terrorist Attack Warnings
TH-2100.8500 Tsunami Advisories
TH-2100.9000 Volcanic Eruption Advisories
TH-2100.9500 Weather Advisories
TH-2100.9500-150 Cold Weather Advisories
TH-2100.9500-160 Drought Advisories
TH-2100.9500-170 Extreme Heat Advisories/Warnings
TH-2100.9500-200 Flood Advisories
TH-2100.9500-220 Freeze Warnings
TH-2100.9500-270 High Tide Advisories
TH-2100.9500-300 High Wind Advisories
TH-2100.9500-350 Hurricane Advisories
TH-2100.9500-780 Small Craft Warnings
TH-2100.9500-800 Stock/Crop Advisories
TH-2100.9500-830 Thunderstorm Advisories
TH-2100.9500-850 Tornado Advisories
TH-2100.9500-900 Winter Storm Advisories
TH-2300 Disaster Response Services
TH-2300.1200 Community Storm Shelters
TH-2300.1300 Disaster Declarations Information
TH-2300.1400 Emergency Communications
TH-2300.1600 Emergency Law Enforcement Support
TH-2300.1650 Emergency Pharmacies
TH-2300.1670 Evacuation Centers
TH-2300.1675 Evacuation Pickup Sites
TH-2300.1680 Evacuation Route Comfort Centers
TH-2300.1700 Evacuation Transportation
TH-2300.6300 Post Disaster Electrical Power Restoration Teams
TH-2300.6350 Post Disaster Emergency Medical Care
TH-2300.6350-150 Casualty Collection Points/Triage Centers
TH-2300.6350-200 Disaster Medical Assistance Teams
TH-2300.6350-250 Field Hospitals
TH-2300.6400 Post Disaster Home Checks
TH-2300.6500 Post Disaster Mortality Management
TH-2300.6500-100 Body Identification Coordination
TH-2300.6500-150 Emergency Burials
TH-2300.6500-180 Emergency Death Certificates
TH-2300.6500-500 Mortality Management Advisories
TH-2300.6500-850 Temporary Morgues
TH-2300.6600 Post Disaster Public Works Inspections
TH-2300.6700 Post Disaster Reentry Permits
TH-2300.8000 Search Dogs
TH-2300.9500 Urban Search and Rescue
TH-2600 Disaster Relief Services
TH-2600.1500 Critical Service Status Information
TH-2600.1500-130 Court Closures/Reassignments
TH-2600.1500-250 Government Office Closures
TH-2600.1500-620 Open Banks/ATMs
TH-2600.1500-650 Open Gas Stations
TH-2600.1500-680 Open Grocery Stores
TH-2600.1500-710 Open Hardware Stores
TH-2600.1500-715 Open Pharmacies
TH-2600.1500-730 Post Disaster Transportation Information
TH-2600.1500-760 Reporting Instructions for Displaced Supervised Criminal Offenders
TH-2600.1500-800 School Closures
TH-2600.1500-850 Social Service Office Closures
TH-2600.1550 Disaster Related Clothing/Emergency Supplies
TH-2600.1560 Disaster Related Rumor Control
TH-2600.1570 Disaster Related Service Needs/Gaps Information
TH-2600.1580 Disaster Related Shelter Services
TH-2600.1580-140 Cold Weather Shelters/Warming Centers
TH-2600.1580-190 Environmental Hazards Shelters
TH-2600.1580-500 Mass Care Shelters
TH-2600.1580-800 Special Needs Shelters
TH-2600.1600 Disaster Services for Animals
TH-2600.1600-140 Disaster Related Animal Rescue
TH-2600.1600-170 Disaster Related Animal Shelters
TH-2600.1600-200 Disaster Related Veterinary Services
TH-2600.1800 Disaster Survivor Inquiries
TH-2600.1850 Disaster Unemployment Assistance
TH-2600.1900 Extreme Heat Cooling Programs
TH-2600.1900-180 Extreme Heat Cooling Centers
TH-2600.1900-200 Extreme Heat Swimming Facilities
TH-2600.1900-800 Street Showers
TH-2600.2500 General Disaster Information
TH-2600.6400 Post Disaster Child Care
TH-2600.6440 Post Disaster Eyewitness Reporting
TH-2600.6450 Post Disaster Food Services
TH-2600.6450-170 Disaster Food Stamps
TH-2600.6450-195 Disaster Related Drinking Water
TH-2600.6450-200 Dry Ice
TH-2600.6450-330 Ice
TH-2600.6450-500 Mass Feeding Services
TH-2600.6450-550 Mobile Canteens
TH-2600.6470 Post Disaster Home Security Measures
TH-2600.6500 Post Disaster Mental Health Services
TH-2600.6500-120 Canine Crisis Support Teams
TH-2600.6500-600 Post Disaster Crisis Counseling
TH-2600.6500-650 Post Disaster Crisis Hotlines
TH-2600.6500-700 Post Disaster Mental Health Advisories
TH-2600.6500-750 Post Disaster Mental Health Expense Assistance
TH-2600.6525 Post Disaster Points of Distribution
TH-2600.6525-200 Food/Commodities Points of Distribution Sites
TH-2600.6525-600 Points of Distribution Clinic Sites
TH-2600.6550 Post Disaster Safety Inspection/Evaluation
TH-2600.6600 Post Disaster Shelter Services
TH-2600.6600-500 Mass Care Shelters
TH-2600.6600-800 Special Needs Shelters
TH-2600.6700 Post Disaster Storage Resources
TH-2600.6750 Post Disaster Telephone Services
TH-2600.9000 Temporary Post Disaster Transportation
TH-2900 Disaster Recovery Services
TH-2900.1650 Disaster Claims Information
TH-2900.1700 Disaster Donations Coordination
TJ-4500.0750 Book Downloads
TH-2900.1700-160 Disaster Donations Hotlines
TH-2900.1700-180 Disaster Donations Matching Services
TH-2900.1700-200 Disaster Donations Staging Areas
TH-2900.1700-260 Disaster Related Goods Donations Management
TH-2900.1700-300 Disaster Related Monetary Fund Management
TH-2900.1750 Disaster Loans
TH-2900.1750-100 Business Disaster Loans
TH-2900.1750-650 Personal Disaster Loans
TH-2900.1780 Disaster Related Case Management
TH-2900.1790 Disaster Related Commodity Replacement/Rental
TH-2900.1795 Disaster Related Fraud Reporting
TH-2900.1800 Disaster Service Centers/Hotlines
TH-2900.1800-150 Community Disaster Service Centers/Hotlines
TH-2900.1800-180 Disaster Recovery Centers
TH-2900.1800-200 FEMA Disaster Assistance Online/Tele-Registration
TH-2900.1800-700 Red Cross Disaster Service Centers
TH-2900.6350 Post Disaster Cash Grants
TH-2900.6400 Post Disaster Cleanup
TH-2900.6400-170 Disaster Related Debris Removal
TH-2900.6400-600 Post Disaster Cleanup Crews
TH-2900.6400-630 Post Disaster Cleanup Information
TH-2900.6400-650 Post Disaster Cleanup Tools/Supplies
TH-2900.6450 Post Disaster Family Adoption Programs
TH-2900.6500 Post Disaster Housing Assistance
TH-2900.6500-150 Disaster Specific Home Repair
TH-2900.6500-170 Disaster Specific Permitting Programs
TH-2900.6500-200 Disaster Specific Rent Assistance
TH-2900.6500-250 FEMA Trailers
TH-2900.6500-600 Post Disaster Damage Reporting Hotlines
TH-2900.6500-650 Post Disaster Housing Databanks/Referrals
TH-2900.6500-680 Post Disaster Rebuilding Assistance
TH-2900.6800 Post Disaster Legal Counseling Services
TH-2900.8500 Spontaneous Volunteer Management
TI Donor Services
TI-1800 Donated Specialty Items
TI-1800.0500 Airline Advantage Miles Donation Programs
TI-1800.0700 Animal Food/Supplies Donation Programs
TI-1800.0800 Antique Donation Programs
TI-1800.1000 Building Materials/Supplies Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500 Clothing Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500-050 Adapted Clothing Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500-100 Baby Clothing/Diaper Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500-150 Children's Clothing Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500-200 Formal Wear Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500-250 General Clothing Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500-500 Maternity Clothing Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500-800 Shoe Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500-850 Underwear/Sleepwear Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500-870 Winter Clothing Donation Programs
TI-1800.1500-900 Work Clothing Donation Programs
TI-1800.1900 Drinking Water Donation Programs
TI-1800.2000 Food Donation Programs
TI-1800.2500 Gift Card Donation Programs
TI-1800.3000 Household Goods Donation Programs
TI-1800.3000-050 Appliance Donation Programs
TI-1800.3000-080 Baby Furniture Donation Programs
TI-1800.3000-100 Bedding/Linen Donation Programs
TI-1800.3000-150 Cleaning Product Donation Programs
TI-1800.3000-180 Electronics/Small Appliance Donation Programs
TI-1800.3000-200 Furniture/Home Furnishings Donation Programs
TI-1800.3000-350 Kitchenware Donation Programs
TI-1800.3000-500 Mattress Donation Programs
TI-1800.4500 Leisure Equipment/Supplies Donation Programs
TI-1800.4500-080 Arts and Crafts Donation Programs
TI-1800.4500-100 Book/Magazine Donation Programs
TI-1800.4500-150 Camping Gear Donation Programs
TI-1800.4500-500 Musical Instrument Donation Programs
TI-1800.4500-800 Special Event Ticket Donation Programs
TI-1800.4500-850 Sports Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.4500-900 Toy/Game Donation Programs
TI-1800.4500-950 Video/DVD/CD Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000 Medical Equipment/Assistive Technology Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-030 Adapted Computer Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-180 Daily Living Aid Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-250 Glasses Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-300 Hearing Augmentation Aid Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-350 Hospital Bed Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-380 IV Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-500 Medical Supplies Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-550 Monitoring Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-700 Respiratory Aid Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-730 Resuscitation Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-800 Speech Aids Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-850 Walking Aid Donation Programs
TI-1800.5000-900 Wheelchair Donation Programs
TI-1800.5150 Military Donations/Relief Programs
TI-1800.5200 Mobile Device Donation Programs
TI-1800.5200-100 Cell Phone Donation Programs
TI-1800.5200-180 Digital Camera Donation Programs
TI-1800.5200-190 E-Book Reader Donation Programs
TI-1800.5200-300 Handheld Game Console Donation Programs
TI-1800.5200-580 Pager Donation Programs
TI-1800.5200-600 Personal Digital Assistant Donation Programs
TI-1800.5200-620 Personal Navigation Device Donation Programs
TI-1800.5200-640 Portable Media Player Donation Programs
TI-1800.6400 Natural Hair/Wig Donation Programs
TI-1800.6500 Office Equipment/Supplies Donation Programs
TI-1800.6500-150 Computer Donation Programs
TI-1800.6500-550 Office Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.6500-600 Office Furniture Donation Programs
TI-1800.6500-650 Office Supplies Donation Programs
TI-1800.6500-850 Toner Cartridge Donation Programs
TI-1800.6700 Personal/Grooming Supplies Donation Programs
TI-1800.6800 Plant/Gardening Materials Donation Programs
TI-1800.6850 Portable Travel/Storage Container Donation Programs
TI-1800.7000 Real Estate Donation Programs
TI-1800.8000 Safety Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.8100 School Supplies Donation Programs
TI-1800.8500 Tools/Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.8500-200 Farm Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.8500-300 Household Tools/Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.8500-900 Work Tools/Equipment Donation Programs
TI-1800.9000 Vehicle Donation Programs
TI-1800.9000-050 Automobile Donation Programs
TI-1800.9000-080 Bicycle Donation Programs
TI-1800.9000-100 Boat Donation Programs
TI-1800.9000-700 Recreational Vehicle Donation Programs
TI-1900 Donation Drop Off Points
TI-2100 Donation Pickups
TI-5000 Material Goods Donation Information/Matching Services
TI-5000.5000 Material Goods Donation Information
TI-5000.5100 Material Goods Donation Matching Services
TI-5000.5200 Materials Exchange Programs
TJ Information Services
TJ-0500 Accessibility Information
TJ-1550 Charity Information
TJ-1700 Electronic Communication Problem Reporting
TJ-1800 Electronic Information Resources
TJ-1800.3300 Internet Information Resources
TJ-1800.3300-100 Community Web Portals
TJ-1800.3300-150 Electronic Mail Providers
TJ-1800.3300-200 FTP Sites
TJ-1800.3300-450 Listservs
TJ-1800.3300-570 Smartphone Apps
TJ-1800.3300-600 Social Media
TJ-1800.3300-600.04 Art Sharing Web Services
TJ-1800.3300-600.10 Blogging/Microblogging Web Services
TJ-1800.3300-600.50 Music/Audio Downloading Web Services
TJ-1800.3300-600.60 Personal Web Pages/Sites
TJ-1800.3300-600.64 Photo Sharing Web Services
TJ-1800.3300-600.68 Podcasting Web Services
TJ-1800.3300-600.75 RSS Feeds
TJ-1800.3300-600.82 Social Bookmarking Web Services
TJ-1800.3300-600.84 Social Networking Web Services
TJ-1800.3300-600.90 Video Sharing Web Services
TJ-1800.3300-600.93 Web Based Consumer Review Services
TJ-1800.3300-600.96 Wikis
TJ-1800.3300-700 Usenet Newsgroups
TJ-1800.3300-750 Virtual Marketplaces
TJ-1800.3300-800 Web Based Discussion Groups/Live Chat
TJ-1800.3300-850 Web Directories
TJ-1800.3300-900 Web Guides
TJ-1800.3300-930 Web Indexes
TJ-1800.3300-950 Websites
TJ-1800.6500 Online Connection Services
TJ-1800.6500-180 Computer Bulletin Board Systems
TJ-1800.6500-200 Electronic Community Networks
TJ-1800.6500-330 Internet Service Providers
TJ-1800.6650 Public Access Computers/Tools
TJ-1800.6700 Public Internet Access Sites
TJ-1800.6800 Public Wi-Fi Sites
TJ-3000 Information and Referral
TJ-3000.1500 Comprehensive Information and Referral
TJ-3000.8000 Specialized Information and Referral
TJ-3000.8500 211 Systems
TJ-3000.8500-800 211 Collaborative Members
TJ-3000.8500-850 211 Lead Agencies
TJ-3200 Information Lines
TJ-3200.1500 Census Questionnaire Information Lines
TJ-3200.1600 Directory Assistance
TJ-3200.1750 Energy Information Lines
TJ-3200.1800 Event and Entertainment Lines
TJ-3200.2000 Financial Information Lines
TJ-3200.2500 Government Information Lines
TJ-3200.2500-140 City Government Information Lines
TJ-3200.2500-160 County Government Information Lines
TJ-3200.2500-200 Federal Government Information Lines
TJ-3200.2500-800 State Government Information Lines
TJ-3200.2500-850 311 Services
TJ-3200.4500 Legal Information Lines
TJ-3200.5000 Medical Information Lines
TJ-3200.6500 Public Affairs Lines
TJ-3200.8000 Shelter Information Lines
TJ-3200.9000 Time/Temperature/Weather Information Lines
TJ-3200.9500 Youth Issues Lines
TJ-3200.9990 ZIP Code Information Lines
TJ-4400 Libraries
TJ-4400.0500 Academic Libraries
TJ-4400.5000 Municipal Libraries
TJ-4400.6000 National Libraries
TJ-4400.6500 Public Libraries
TJ-4400.8000 School Library Media Centers
TJ-4400.8100 Special Libraries
TJ-4400.8100-050 Agency Based Libraries/Resource Centers
TJ-4400.8100-060 Art Libraries
TJ-4400.8100-100 Business Libraries
TJ-4400.8100-150 Corporate Libraries
TJ-4400.8100-180 Disability Related Libraries
TJ-4400.8100-450 Law Libraries
TJ-4400.8100-500 Medical Libraries
TJ-4400.8100-550 Military Base Libraries
TJ-4400.8100-560 Music Libraries
TJ-4400.8100-650 Presidential Libraries
TJ-4400.8100-700 Religious Libraries
TJ-4400.8200 State Libraries
TJ-4500 Library Services
TJ-4500.0500 Art Loan/Rental
TJ-4500.1000 Book Loan
TJ-4500.1200 Bookmobiles
TJ-4500.1500 Children's Library Services
TJ-4500.1500-450 Children's Reading Clubs
TJ-4500.1500-800 Story Hour
TJ-4500.2900 Home Library Services
TJ-4500.3000 Information Clearinghouses
TJ-4500.3300 Instructional Materials Centers
TJ-4500.3500 Interlibrary Loan
TJ-4500.4400 Legislative Reference Services
TJ-4500.4500 Library Audiovisual Services
TJ-4500.4500-120 Captioned Film Collections
TJ-4500.4500-150 Captioned Video/DVD Collections
TJ-4500.4500-180 Described Video/DVD/Film Collections
TJ-4500.4500-200 Film Collections
TJ-4500.4500-500 Media Equipment Loan
TJ-4500.4500-700 Recording/Tape/CD Collections
TJ-4500.4500-750 Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic
TJ-4500.4500-900 Videotape/DVD Collections
TJ-4500.6500 Online Databases
TJ-4500.7000 Reference/Information
TJ-4500.8300 Special Library Collections
TJ-4500.8300-050 Archives
TJ-4500.8300-100 Braille Materials/Collections
TJ-4500.8300-180 Ethnic Collections
TJ-4500.8300-200 Foreign Language Collections
TJ-4500.8300-230 Genealogical Collections
TJ-4500.8300-250 Government Publications
TJ-4500.8300-270 Grants Research Collections
TJ-4500.8300-300 High Interest/Low Vocabulary Collections
TJ-4500.8300-450 Large Print Materials/Collections
TJ-4500.8300-850 Telephone Book Collections
TJ-5000 Maps
TJ-5500 Media/Communications
TJ-5500.1000 Book Publishing/Distribution
TJ-5500.2000 Film Production/Distribution
TJ-5500.6000 Newspaper Publishing/Distribution
TJ-5500.6000-200 Foreign Language Newspapers
TJ-5500.6000-400 Local/Regional Newspapers
TJ-5500.6000-600 National Newspapers
TJ-5500.6000-650 Out of Town Newspapers
TJ-5500.6000-800 Student Newspapers
TJ-5500.7000 Radio Stations
TJ-5500.7000-050 AM Radio Stations
TJ-5500.7000-150 Campus Radio Stations
TJ-5500.7000-200 FM Radio Stations
TJ-5500.7000-750 Religious Radio
TJ-5500.7200 Recording Studios
TJ-5500.8500 Television Stations/Access Systems
TJ-5500.8500-150 Cable Television Companies
TJ-5500.8500-180 Campus Television Stations
TJ-5500.8500-200 Community Access Channels
TJ-5500.8500-450 Local Broadcast Television Stations
TJ-5500.8500-700 Religious Television
TJ-5500.8500-800 Satellite Television Companies
TJ-5500.9000 Video Production/Distribution
TJ-6500 Public Awareness/Education
TJ-6500.1000 Community Calendars
TJ-6500.1700 Directory/Resource List Publication
TJ-6500.1800 Displays/Exhibits
TJ-6500.4950 Mailing Labels/Spreadsheets
TJ-6500.5000 Media Materials
TJ-6500.5100 Media Presentations
TJ-6500.5100-600 Newspaper Columns
TJ-6500.5100-700 Radio Shows
TJ-6500.5100-800 Television Shows
TJ-6500.6000 Newsletters
TJ-6500.6300 Outreach Programs
TJ-6500.6700 Printed Materials
TJ-6500.8000 Speakers/Speakers Bureaus
TJ-6500.8500 Subject Specific Public Awareness/Education
TJ-6500.9500 Workshops/Symposiums
TJ-6750 Reading Services for People With Disabilities
TJ-7500 Rumor Control
TJ-8000 Service Sector/Industry Statistics
TJ-8000.0400 Agricultural Statistics
TJ-8000.1500 Census Data
TJ-8000.1600 Crime Statistics
TJ-8000.1800 Economic Statistics
TJ-8000.1850 Education Statistics
TJ-8000.1900 Energy Statistics
TJ-8000.3000 Health Statistics
TJ-8000.3100 Human Services Statistics
TJ-8000.3300 Immigration Statistics
TJ-8000.3400 Income and Poverty Statistics
TJ-8000.4500 Labor Statistics
TJ-8000.8000 Safety Statistics
TJ-8000.8500 Transportation Statistics
TL International Affairs
TL-1900 Embassies/Consulates Abroad
TL-2000 Foreign Policy Planning/Implementation
TL-3300 International Development Programs
TL-3300.3450 International Agricultural Development
TL-3300.3470 International Arts Development Programs
TL-3300.3500 International Economic Development
TL-3300.3550 International Educational Development
TL-3300.3600 International Environmental Resource Management
TL-3300.3650 International Health Programs
TL-3300.3900 International Science and Technology Development
TL-3400 International Human Rights Programs
TL-3400.3500 International Children's Rights
TL-3400.3600 International Migration Studies/Advocacy
TL-3400.3700 International Prisoner's Rights
TL-3400.3800 International Reproductive Rights
TL-3400.3900 International Women's Rights
TL-3500 International Justice Programs
TL-3500.3300 International Court of Justice
TL-3500.3500 International Law
TL-3500.3600 International Prisoner Transfer
TL-3650 International Relief
TL-3650.2000 Foreign Disaster Services
TL-3650.2000-200 Foreign Disaster Information
TL-3650.2000-250 Foreign Disaster Relief
TL-3650.2000-300 Foreign Disaster Welfare Inquiries
TL-3650.3500 International Refugee Relief
TL-3700 International Trade Promotion
TL-3800 International Understanding/Peace Programs
TL-3800.0500 Arms Control Advocacy Programs
TL-3800.1800 Democracy and Civil Society Development
TL-3800.1900 Educational Exchange Programs
TL-3800.1900-200 Faculty Exchange Programs
TL-3800.1900-800 Student Exchange Programs
TL-3800.2400 International Child Sponsorship
TL-3800.3450 International Conflict Resolution/Mediation
TL-3800.3500 International Cultural Exchange
TL-3800.6500 Peace/Anti War Advocacy Programs
TL-3800.8000 Sister Cities Programs
TL-3800.9000 United Nations Associations
TL-6000 National Security Organizations
TL-6000.1500 Central Intelligence Agency
TL-6000.6000 National Security Policy Research/Analysis
TM Military Service
TM-0480 Armed Forces Civilian Auxiliaries
TM-0500 Armed Forces Emergency Services
TM-0590 Armories
TM-5000 Military Bases/Forts
TM-5050 Military Chaplaincy Services
TM-5100 Military Family Service/Support Centers
TM-5150 Military Recruitment Programs
TM-5175 Military Service Branches
TM-5175.0200 Air Force
TM-5175.0300 Army
TM-5175.1500 Coast Guard
TM-5175.5000 Marine Corps
TM-5175.5800 National Guard
TM-5175.6000 Navy
TM-5200 Military Transition Assistance Programs
TM-8000 Selective Service System
TM-8200 Social Services for Military Personnel
TN Occupational/Professional Associations
TN-0200 Aging Associations
TN-0300 Aging/Long Term Care Facility Associations
TN-0350 Architectural Associations
TN-0400 Arts Associations
TN-0500 Athletic Associations
TN-0500.0500 Amateur Athletic Associations
TN-0500.1400 Coaches/Trainers Associations
TN-0500.1500 College/University Athletic Associations
TN-0500.3000 High School Athletic Associations
TN-0500.6500 Professional Sports Associations
TN-0500.8000 Sports Officials Associations
TN-0500.8200 Sports Writers Associations
TN-1000 Business Associations
TN-1000.1000 Business Networking Groups
TN-1000.1500 Chambers of Commerce
TN-1000.8500 Trade Associations
TN-1400 Child Care Provider Associations
TN-1450 Child Welfare/Family Services Associations
TN-1500 Criminal Justice Associations
TN-1700 Disability Associations
TN-1800 Education Associations
TN-1800.1500 Charter School Associations
TN-1800.1700 Educational Administration Associations
TN-1800.2800 Higher Education Associations
TN-1800.3000 Homeschooling Associations
TN-1800.6500 PTA Groups
TN-1800.8500 Teacher Associations
TN-1870 Emergency Management Associations
TN-1900 Engineering Associations
TN-2000 Farm Associations
TN-2500 Government Associations
TN-2900 Home Care/Hospice Associations
TN-3000 Hospital Associations
TN-3300 Information and Referral Associations
TN-3400 Interpretation/Translation Associations
TN-4400 Labor Organizations
TN-4600 Legal Associations
TN-4800 Library Associations
TN-4900 Management Associations
TN-5000 Medical Associations
TN-5000.0100 Alternative Medicine Associations
TN-5000.1500 Chiropractic Associations
TN-5000.1800 Dental Associations
TN-5000.1900 Dietitian Associations
TN-5000.1950 Eye Care Specialist Associations
TN-5000.4900 Medical Support Personnel Associations
TN-5000.5000 Midwifery Associations
TN-5000.6300 Nursing Associations
TN-5000.6400 Pharmacist Associations
TN-5000.6500 Physician/Surgeon Associations
TN-5000.7000 Rehabilitative/Habilitative Medicine Associations
TN-5020 Medical Clinic Associations
TN-5500 Mental Health Practitioner Associations
TN-5500.3000 Hypnotist Associations
TN-5500.8500 Therapist Associations
TN-5500.8500-450 Licensed Professional Counselor Associations
TN-5500.8500-500 Marriage and Family Therapist Associations
TN-5500.8500-650 Psychiatric Associations
TN-5500.8500-680 Psychological Associations
TN-5500.8500-800 Social Worker Associations
TN-6500 Nonprofit/Philanthropic Associations
TN-8000 Sales and Marketing Professional Associations
TN-8100 Science and Mathematics Associations
TN-8100.4500 Life Sciences Associations
TN-8100.5000 Mathematics Associations
TN-8100.6500 Physical Sciences Associations
TN-8100.8000 Social Sciences Associations
TN-9000 Veterinary Associations
TN-9300 Volunteer Administration Associations
TO Organizational Development and Management Delivery Methods
TO-6000 Organizational Consultation/Technical Assistance
TO-6200 Organizational Development and Management Publications
TO-6400 Organizational Development and Management Research
TO-6600 Organizational Training Services
TO-6800 Outsourcing/Contracted Services
TP Organizational Development and Management Services
TP-1000 Board Development Support
TP-1000.0700 Board Evaluation/Self Assessment
TP-1000.0800 Board Leadership Development
TP-1000.0800-100 Board/CEO Relationship Evaluation/Enhancement
TP-1000.0900 Board Meeting Enhancement
TP-1000.0900-100 Board Meeting Facilitation
TP-1000.0900-200 Board Retreat Facilitation
TP-1000.2000 Board Member Development
TP-1000.2000-100 Board Connecting Programs
TP-1000.2000-200 Board Member Recruitment Assistance
TP-1000.2000-250 Board Preparation Training Assistance
TP-1000.2000-600 New Board Member Orientation Assistance
TP-1000.2000-650 Ongoing Board Training Assistance
TP-1000.2150 Board Member Removal Assistance
TP-1000.2500 Board Organization Assistance
TP-1000.2500-150 Board Committee Structure Development
TP-1000.2500-250 Board Membership Needs Assessment
TP-1000.2500-300 Board Policy Development
TP-1000.2500-350 Board Roles/Responsibilities Definition
TP-1750 Conference/Convention Planning Support
TP-1750.1300 Conference Communications/Publicity
TP-1750.1350 Conference Evaluation
TP-1750.1400 Conference Location Selection
TP-1750.1500 Conference Logistics Planning/Contract Negotiation
TP-1750.1600 Conference Program Development
TP-1750.1700 Conference Registration/On-Site Management
TP-1850 Credentialing Program Development and Management Support
TP-1850.1500 Credentialing Program Application Assistance
TP-1850.1500-050 Accreditation Program Application Assistance
TP-1850.1500-150 Certification Program Application Assistance
TP-1850.1500-200 Facility Licensing Application Assistance
TP-1850.1500-600 Occupational/Professional Licensing Application Assistance
TP-1850.1600 Credentialing Program Development
TP-1850.1600-050 Accreditation Program Development
TP-1850.1600-150 Certification Program Development
TP-1850.1600-200 Facility Licensing Program Development
TP-1850.1600-600 Occupational/Professional Licensing Development
TP-1850.1700 Credentialing Program Evaluation
TP-1950 Ethics in Organizational Management
TP-1950.1000 Bioethics
TP-1950.1200 Board Compensation Policy Development
TP-1950.1400 Code of Ethics Development/Implementation/Monitoring
TP-1950.1500 Conflict of Interest Policy Development
TP-1950.1800 Disclosure Requirement Implementation
TP-1950.1900 Financial/Fundraising Ethics
TP-1950.1900-150 Donation/Restricted Gift Acceptance
TP-1950.1900-200 Donor Bill of Rights Implementation
TP-1950.2500 General Organizational Accountability Assistance
TP-2000 Facility Administration/General Operations Support
TP-2000.2000 Facility Management Assistance
TP-2000.2100 Facility Planning Assistance
TP-2000.3300 Inventory Control Assistance
TP-2000.5000 Multiple Location Coordination Assistance
TP-2000.6600 Office Management Support
TP-2000.6700 Purchasing Assistance
TP-2000.7000 Real Estate Acquisition Assistance
TP-2100 Financial Management Support
TP-2100.0250 Accounting/Reporting Services
TP-2100.0250-050 Accounting System Selection/Implementation
TP-2100.0250-150 Contract Management Assistance
TP-2100.0250-200 Financial Statement Development
TP-2100.0250-250 Financial Tools Development
TP-2100.0250-300 Fund Disbursement/Allocations Assistance
TP-2100.0250-350 Government Financial Report Filing Assistance
TP-2100.0250-400 Grant Administration Assistance
TP-2100.1050 Business Income Determination
TP-2100.1500 Compensation Management Services
TP-2100.1500-150 Compensation Plan Development
TP-2100.1500-600 Payroll Service Selection
TP-2100.2000 Financial Audit Services
TP-2100.2000-050 Audit Firm Selection
TP-2100.2000-200 Financial Audit Preparation/Utilization
TP-2100.2200 Financial Policies and Procedures Development
TP-2100.2200-050 Accounting Procedures Manual Development
TP-2100.2200-330 Internal Financial Controls Development
TP-2100.6000 Organizational Financial Planning Services
TP-2100.6000-120 Business Insurance Services
TP-2100.6000-150 Cash Flow Management Services
TP-2100.6000-200 Financial Management Review Services
TP-2100.6000-560 Organizational Budgeting Assistance
TP-2100.6000-600 Organizational Investment Management Services
TP-2100.6000-700 Risk Management Services
TP-2300 Fundraising and Resource Development Support
TP-2300.1500 Charitable Solicitations Regulations Compliance
TP-2300.1900 Fiscal Sponsorship Development
TP-2300.1950 Foundation Relationship Development
TP-2300.2000 Fundraising Campaign Development
TP-2300.2000-050 Annual Fundraising Campaign Development
TP-2300.2000-100 Capital Fundraising Campaign Development
TP-2300.2000-130 Cause Related Fundraising Campaign Development
TP-2300.2000-150 Corporate Fundraising Campaign Development
TP-2300.2000-180 Direct Mail Fundraising Campaign Development
TP-2300.2000-210 Endowment Campaign Development
TP-2300.2000-250 Gifts In Kind Acquisitions
TP-2300.2000-300 Government Funding Acquisitions
TP-2300.2000-500 Major Gifts Acquisitions
TP-2300.2000-660 Planned Giving Program Development
TP-2300.2000-800 Special Events Planning/Management
TP-2300.2150 Fundraising Planning
TP-2300.2200 Fundraising Prospects Research
TP-2300.6500 Proposal/Grant Writing Services
TP-3000 Human Resources Management Support
TP-3000.1800 Employee Handbook Development
TP-3000.3000 Human Resources Audits
TP-3000.6200 Organizational Conflict Resolution Services
TP-3000.6300 Organizational Design Services
TP-3000.6300-300 Job Analysis Assistance
TP-3000.6300-350 Job Description Development
TP-3000.6300-600 Organization Chart Development
TP-3000.6400 Personnel Policies and Procedures Development
TP-3000.6600 Personnel Recruitment/Hiring/Retention
TP-3000.6600-120 Consultant Utilization Assistance
TP-3000.6600-150 Employee Incentive Program Development
TP-3000.6600-180 Executive Search Assistance
TP-3000.6600-220 Executive Transition/Succession Planning
TP-3000.6600-350 Job Interview Protocol Development
TP-3000.6600-800 Staff Recruitment Assistance
TP-3000.6600-900 Staff Retreat Facilitation
TP-3000.6600-950 Workforce Diversity Planning
TP-3000.8000 Staff Development Services
TP-3000.8000-200 Executive Coaching Services
TP-3000.8000-600 Organizational Leadership Development
TP-3000.8000-650 Organizational Team Building
TP-3000.8000-750 Staff Orientation and Training Development
TP-3000.8000-800 Staff Performance Review Assistance
TP-3000.8000-950 Workplace Diversity Management Programs
TP-3350 Information Technology Management Support
TP-3350.1800 Database Development/Maintenance Assistance
TP-3350.1800-250 Geographic Information System Development/Management
TP-3350.1800-330 Information and Referral Database Management Assistance
TP-3350.1800-600 Nonprofit Database Management Assistance
TP-3350.3000 Hardware Selection Assistance
TP-3350.3000-150 Digital Projection Display System Selection
TP-3350.3000-200 Fax Equipment Selection
TP-3350.3000-500 Mass Storage Device Selection
TP-3350.3000-550 Monitor Selection
TP-3350.3000-600 Optical Scanning Equipment Selection
TP-3350.3000-630 Personal Digital Assistant Selection
TP-3350.3000-650 Printer Selection
TP-3350.3000-800 Server Selection
TP-3350.3000-900 Workstation Selection
TP-3350.3300 Information Technology Maintenance/Support
TP-3350.3300-100 Backup System Selection
TP-3350.3300-300 Hardware Maintenance/Support
TP-3350.3300-800 Software Maintenance/Support
TP-3350.3300-850 Telecommunications System Maintenance/Support
TP-3350.3350 Information Technology Needs Assessment
TP-3350.3450 Internet Access/Security
TP-3350.3450-170 Electronic Mail Implementation
TP-3350.3450-200 Firewall Development
TP-3350.3450-330 Internet Service Provider Selection
TP-3350.3500 Intranet Planning/Implementation
TP-3350.6000 Network Configuration/Management Services
TP-3350.6000-450 Local Area Network Implementation
TP-3350.6000-500 Network Administration Assistance
TP-3350.6000-550 Network Cabling Installation/Implementation
TP-3350.6000-600 Network Topology Selection
TP-3350.6000-750 Router Installation/Implementation
TP-3350.6000-800 Server/Workstation Configuration Services
TP-3350.6000-850 Switches/Hubs Installation/Implementation
TP-3350.6000-900 Wide Area Network Implementation
TP-3350.6500 Operating System Selection/Support Services
TP-3350.6500-500 Macintosh Support Services
TP-3350.6500-650 Novell NetWare Installation/Support Services
TP-3350.6500-900 Unix/Linux Installation/Support Services
TP-3350.6500-950 Windows Installation/Support Services
TP-3350.8000 Software Selection/Development
TP-3350.8000-030 Antivirus Protection
TP-3350.8000-070 Client Tracking Software Selection
TP-3350.8000-100 Customer Relationship Management Software Selection
TP-3350.8000-130 Database Creation/Management Software Selection
TP-3350.8000-150 Document Management System Selection
TP-3350.8000-170 Donation Management Software Selection
TP-3350.8000-200 Fax Automation Assistance
TP-3350.8000-250 Fundraising Software Selection
TP-3350.8000-330 Information and Referral Software Selection
TP-3350.8000-500 Membership Management Software Selection
TP-3350.8000-650 Office Automation Assistance
TP-3350.8000-700 Payroll Software Selection
TP-3350.8000-750 Project Management Software Selection
TP-3350.8000-780 Reporting Software
TP-3350.8000-800 Staff Scheduling Software Selection
TP-3350.8000-900 Volunteer Management Software Selection
TP-3350.8500 Telecommunications System Development/Management
TP-3350.8500-050 Automated Attendant Implementation
TP-3350.8500-080 Call Accounting Implementation
TP-3350.8500-110 Call Management System Implementation
TP-3350.8500-150 Computer Telephony Integration
TP-3350.8500-330 Interactive Voice Response Implementation
TP-3350.8500-550 PBX Selection/Implementation
TP-3350.8500-600 TDD/TTY Implementation
TP-3350.8500-650 Telephone Access Analysis/Selection
TP-3350.8500-700 Telephone Cabling Installation/Implementation
TP-3350.8500-800 Telephone Service Provider Selection
TP-3350.8500-850 Telephone System Vendor Selection
TP-3350.8500-900 Voice Over IP Implementation
TP-3350.8500-930 Voicemail System Selection
TP-3350.9000 Website Development Services
TP-3350.9000-650 Website Accessibility Standards Implementation Assistance
TP-3350.9000-750 Website Content Management
TP-3350.9000-800 Website Design Services
TP-3350.9000-850 Website E-Commerce Development
TP-3350.9000-900 Website Hosting
TP-3350.9000-930 Website Portal Development
TP-3350.9000-950 Website Promotion
TP-3350.9300 Wireless Technology Selection/Implementation
TP-3350.9300-150 Cell/Satellite Phone Selection
TP-3350.9300-250 Global Positioning System Selection
TP-3350.9300-500 Mobile Computing Implementation
TP-3350.9300-900 Wireless LAN Implementation
TP-4000 Legal Decision Making Support
TP-4000.1500 Consultant Contract Development and Management
TP-4000.3250 Implementation of Legislative Mandates
TP-4000.3250-050 ADA Implementation Assistance
TP-4000.3250-330 IDEA Implementation Assistance
TP-4000.3300 Intellectual Property Law Training/General Information
TP-4000.3300-150 Copyright Law Training/General Information
TP-4000.3300-600 Patent Law Training/General Information
TP-4000.3300-800 Trademark Law Training/General Information
TP-4000.6800 Organizational Start Up Services
TP-4000.6800-100 Bylaws Development/Review
TP-4000.6800-330 Incorporation Assistance
TP-4000.6800-650 Organizational Structure Determination
TP-4000.6800-850 Tax Exempt Status Application/Filing Assistance
TP-4000.8000 Strategic Restructuring Services
TP-4000.8000-050 Affiliate Relationships Development
TP-4000.8000-200 For Profit Subsidiary Development
TP-4000.8000-350 Joint Venture Development
TP-4000.8000-500 Merger Planning/Implementation
TP-4000.8000-650 Organizational Consolidation Services
TP-4000.8000-700 Parent/Subsidiary Development
TP-5000 Marketing Support
TP-5000.0200 Advertising/Media Buying
TP-5000.0500 Annual Report Development
TP-5000.1000 Brand/Image Development
TP-5000.1500 Cause Related Marketing
TP-5000.1700 Customer/Client Relationship Management
TP-5000.5000 Market Research and Analysis
TP-5000.5000-100 Competitive Analysis
TP-5000.5000-150 Comprehensive Market Research Services
TP-5000.5000-550 Product/Service Distribution
TP-5000.5000-600 Product/Service Pricing
TP-5000.5000-650 Product/Service Sales Forecasting
TP-5000.5100 Marketing Materials Development
TP-5000.5200 Marketing Plan Development
TP-5000.6500 Product/Service Development Management
TP-5900 Networking/Relationship Building Support
TP-5900.1300 Coalition Building
TP-5900.1600 Collaboration Development
TP-5900.1650 Community Meeting Facilitation
TP-5900.6500 Organizational Advocacy Program Development
TP-5900.6500-100 Community Engagement Program Development
TP-5900.6500-150 Community Organizing Assistance
TP-5900.6500-200 Direct Lobbying Assistance
TP-5900.6500-250 Grassroots Lobbying Assistance
TP-5900.6500-350 Nonprofit Lobbying Laws Compliance
TP-5900.6500-450 Public Policy Development Assistance
TP-5900.8000 Strategic Alliance Development
TP-6500 Organizational Assessment and Evaluation Support
TP-6500.1800 Evaluation Design/Implementation Services
TP-6500.1800-100 Benchmarking
TP-6500.1800-150 Customer Satisfaction Surveys
TP-6500.1800-180 Employee Satisfaction Surveys
TP-6500.1800-200 External Organizational Evaluation
TP-6500.1800-500 Organizational Assets and Needs Assessment
TP-6500.1800-550 Organizational Performance Assessment
TP-6500.1800-600 Outcome Measurements Development
TP-6500.1800-650 Program Audits
TP-6500.1800-700 Program Evaluation
TP-6500.1900 Evaluation Tools Development
TP-6500.1900-120 Evaluation Case Study Development
TP-6500.1900-150 Evaluation Interview Development
TP-6500.1900-180 Evaluation Questionnaire Development
TP-6500.1900-210 Focus Group Facilitation
TP-6500.1900-230 Focus Group Protocol Development
TP-6500.1900-800 Secret Shopper Study Development
TP-6600 Organizational Planning and Development Support
TP-6600.0900 Business Diversification Assistance
TP-6600.1000 Business Plan Development
TP-6600.2000 Feasibility Study Development/Implementation
TP-6600.3300 Internal Communications Development/Enhancement
TP-6600.6550 Organizational Capacity Building
TP-6600.6600 Organizational Change Management
TP-6600.6800 Project Management
TP-6600.6800-600 Project Planning
TP-6600.6800-650 Project Tracking and Control
TP-6600.6900 Promising Practices Identification/Utilization
TP-6600.7500 Roundtable Development
TP-6600.8000 Service Planning and Delivery Assistance
TP-6600.8300 Strategic Planning
TP-6600.8300-150 Core Competencies Identification
TP-6600.8300-200 Environmental Assessment
TP-6600.8300-250 Goals and Objectives Development
TP-6600.8300-500 Mission/Vision Statement Development
TP-6600.8300-750 Stakeholder Identification
TP-6600.8300-800 Strategic Planning Facilitation
TP-6600.8300-850 Strategic Planning Training
TP-6600.8300-900 Work Plan Development
TP-6650 Professional Skills Development Support
TP-6650.0500 Active Listening Skills Development
TP-6650.1400 Coaching Skills Development
TP-6650.1450 Communicating With Difficult People Skills Development
TP-6650.1500 Consulting Skills Development
TP-6650.1900 Delegation Skills Development
TP-6650.2000 Facilitation Skills Development
TP-6650.4000 Learning Styles Analysis
TP-6650.5100 Meeting Leadership Skills Development
TP-6650.5200 Mentoring Skills Development
TP-6650.6000 Negotiation Skills Development
TP-6650.6400 Personality Type Analysis
TP-6650.6450 Presentation Skills Development
TP-6650.6500 Problem Solving/Decision Making Skills Development
TP-6650.8000 Supervision Skills Development
TP-6650.8500 Time Management Skills Development
TP-6650.8600 Training of Trainers Dissemination Programs
TP-6650.8700 Training Skills Development
TP-6650.9000 Values Clarification Assistance
TP-6700 Public Relations Support
TP-6700.1400 Communications Plan Development
TP-6700.1500 Community Relations Services
TP-6700.2500 Government Relations Services
TP-6700.5200 Media Relations Services
TP-6700.5200-300 Media Coverage Assistance
TP-6700.5200-350 Media Crisis Management
TP-6700.5200-370 Media Interview Skills Development
TP-6700.5200-380 Media Kit Development
TP-6700.5200-400 Media Plan Development
TP-6700.5200-450 Media Relations Development
TP-6700.5200-600 News Conference Planning/Implementation
TP-6700.5200-650 News Release Development/Issuance
TP-6700.5200-700 Opinion/Editorial Development
TP-6700.5200-750 Public Service Announcement Development
TP-9000 Volunteer Program Development/Implementation Support
TP-9000.8900 Volunteer Orientation and Training Development
TP-9000.9000 Volunteer Program Management Assistance
TP-9000.9100 Volunteer Program Readiness Assessment
TP-9000.9200 Volunteer Program Recruitment Assistance
TP-9000.9300 Volunteer Recognition Program Development
TQ Political Organization and Participation
TQ-1500 Community Involvement Programs
TQ-1800 Elections/Election Campaigns
TQ-1800.0500 Absentee Ballots
TQ-1800.1200 Campaign Finance Reporting
TQ-1800.1400 Election Challenges
TQ-1800.1500 Election Forecasting
TQ-1800.1600 Election Information
TQ-1800.1800 Election Results
TQ-1800.2000 Filing Procedures for Candidates
TQ-1800.2600 Get Out the Vote Drives
TQ-1800.3300 Initiative and Referendum Procedures
TQ-1800.6500 Polling Places
TQ-1800.8800 Voter Registration Drives